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One week later

"How you feeling?"

"Oh leave me alone will ya.."

"But Raph, you -"

"I'm totally fine," Raph looked his oldest brother. Raph's arm was still in bandages and would be for several more weeks to heal enough for using. His ankles were looking better but he needed to be still as much as he could, which was a lot to ask.

The brothers sat on the sofa, watching some crappy cartoons Mikey had been looking before falling asleep. The youngest snored between the two, Donny had gone to sleep earlier. No one said anything, they just remained silent, secretly enjoying each others precious present.

It had been very close to Raph to loose too much blood under the surgery. They had all been worried about their brother and after he had woken up from the anaesthetic, they had tried to help him to recover. Which of course irritated Raph a lot.

But now, Raph was lost in his thoughts. He couldn't do his ordinary trainings or anything, he didn't like to be doing nothing. Leo had told him to stay home at least for the next week, just in case the Dragons would be near.

And the first time in his life, Raph agreed with Leo in that kind of thing. He was so tired and the little aching was still existing so he hadn't the strength to fight with his brother.

Raph's eyes had shut and Leo was now the only one who was awake. He had watched his sleeping brothers for a while. He turned off the tv and picked up two blankets. He covered his younger brothers with them and smiled.

"Sleep tight," Leo whispered in the silent room and walked away. Raph's mouth twisted into a smile.

"You too, bro," he whispered back to his recedeing brother and cuddled better into the soft, warm sofa.

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