Author Note- This is a prequel to my story Lost Friend and Unknown Soul Reaper. You do not need to read that one to understand this one. Please review and enjoy the story. I love having feedback.

"No!" I screamed, dashing to take the first stone.

"Get out of here insolent wench!" screamed the village head.

"I will not let others die for my actions!" I cut her wrist bindings. "Go."

She obeyed me, only afraid of my fury.

"I am not afraid of death now… For now I know that death is only a new beginning."

An angry villager came up to me and thrust a dagger into my heart. I did not cry out. I did not quiver. I didn't even scream. I just stared into those blood-red eyes and expressionless face.

"I… d..died t-t-to pro-pro-ttect." Then I fell dead.

Rain poured down as a mother sobbed over the body of her dead four-year old daughter. She was alone except for a lone soul. Not that mother would actually see me. I in fact was the lone soul and daughter of that woman. I stood observing the scene with no emotion, no feeling. The woman scooped up the bruised and bloody body of the girl and rushed home. There was a chain attached to my chest now and it clinked and rattled as I walked. I walked around the villages, making many continuous laps. I did not tire, I did not hunger, and I did not stop. A week later I saw a small group of soul reapers. I saw one of them was captain, I could tell by his white hoari. He had white hair and was very tall, or at least it seemed to me. Not far behind him was a lieutenant, he had black hair that was very spiky. There were several others behind the captain and the lieutenant.

"Captain Ukitake, this whole situation doesn't sit right with me," the lieutenant said. "Several months ago there was a menos attack but now there has been nothing until a week ago, that vanished too. There are no souls around here. This just seems odd."

"I agree with you Kaien. With the events of the past few days in the soul society…" The captain started.

I stepped from the shadows, no more than ten feet from them. I knew they would see me. I have saw people, soul reapers, my whole pitiful existence.

"You are soul reapers," I said in an innocent tone. "Daddy told me about them."

The wind suddenly picked up and it was very harsh and cold. I was approached by the captain and he crouched down in front of me.

"Hello, what is your name?" he asked.

"My name is Em," I said softly. "About a week ago… I died. There have been other soul reapers around here… I don't remember his name but he had a Lieutenant's badge. That is all I remember about him. There hasn't been a hollow around since I died and it has been really windy. Souls have been vanishing for months around here and I don't know why. Daddy said to tell everything to soul reapers. He said they good people. Are you going to bury me, now?"

The captain seem taken aback by knowledge.

"Do you want to be?" he asked softly.

"I don't want to see mommy cry anymore…" I whispered. "Yes."

He drew his zanpakuto and gently stamped my forehead and I went to the soul society.

Em (Emerald)

Age- four

Height- 3 feet 4 inches

Hair- blonde at shoulder length

Eyes- emerald green

Clothes- a fine navy blue yukata with a light blue obi. There is a tanto in the sash (normal weapon).