Author Note- This is a prequel to my story The Wielder of the Wind. You do not need to read that one to understand this one. Please review and enjoy the story. I love having feedback.

"No!" I screamed, dashing to take the first stone.

"Get out of here insolent wench!" screamed the village head.

"I will not let others die for my actions!" I cut her wrist bindings. "Go."

She obeyed me, only afraid of my fury.

"I am not afraid of death now… For now I know that death is only a new beginning."

An angry villager came up to me and thrust a dagger into my heart. I did not cry out. I did not quiver. I didn't even scream. I just stared into those blood-red eyes and expressionless face.

"I… d..died t-t-to pro-pro-ttect." Then I fell dead.

Em (Emerald)

Age- four

Height- 3 feet 4 inches

Hair- blonde at shoulder length

Eyes- emerald green

Clothes- a fine navy blue yukata with a light blue obi. There is a tanto in the sash (normal weapon).

Chapter Two

I smelled the dirt felt the cool icy blash of air.

"Is she alive?" asked a boy's voice.

"What do you think baka!" came a girl's voice.

"Hey, I didn't ask you to keep me from being caught!"

I groaned softly and attempted to push myself up, but my arms just gave out and I fell to the dirt again. I felt so weak… and hungry… and thirsty for that matter. I cracked open my eyes to see a girl crouching down next to me.

"Who… are… you…" I gasped.

"I am Rukia," she said. "Do you know where you are?"

"The soul society," I relied. "Looks like the Rukongai deeper districts"

"Are you thirsty?" Rukia asked.

I nodded as she helped me sit up. She appeared to be a few years older than me. The boy had bright red hair that was up in a ponytail and he appeared to be the same age as the girl.

"She looks like a misplaced noble to me," he scoffed.

"Renji!" Rukia kicked his shin.

"My name is Emerald," I said as Rukia handed me some water.

"Do you have a family name?" Renji asked.

No more…

"No," I stared at the ground. "I have no name but Emerald. Why would a mere peasant soul, like me, have a family name?"

"That is fine silk," I heard someone further off say.

"I was murdered, for a sacrifice," I looked at the ground with extreme fascination.

"Let's get you something that blends in," Rukia took my hand and we got to our feet.

I grasped her hand firmly with my own. She led me away from there. I was not alone…

"Hey there's the girl who stole the water!"

"Stop her!"

"Look at the kimono that the little girl is wearing."

"Run Emerald," Rukia told me.

I did not hesitate. I ran as fast as I could but a strong man caught my right wrist and dragged me away. I screamed at the top of my lungs as I was dragged away. I thrashed and fought as hard as I could. Then I remembered the tanto that I had in my obi. I drew it and forced it into the man's side. He dropped me in surprise as I sprinted away as fast as I could. My ankle twisted in a hole in the road. Tears ran down my face as I stood again. All of the sudden I was scooped up. I began to struggle until I looked up at my captor.

"Is that a way to treat the person who is saving you?" Renji asked.

"No," I replied.

"Good, now let's hide."