I know, I know. It's literally been like 6 months since I updated. I'm sorry, but I just started a goal to write everyday during the summer so hopefully I will be better. *crosses fingers* Anyway, I was reading reviews and I guess a lot of you think that my Artemis is OOC, which I think he was in the earlier chapters but I hope I'm getting better. So if you have any input on how to make him more in character, I'm totally open to constructive criticism. Enjoy, and make sure to review! :)

A tall man in a black trench coat slipped into the kitchen of Pizza Hut. He strode confidently through the bustling activity, paying no attention to anyone else. Likewise, no one seemed to be able to see him, so he was able to go straight to a counter where the pizzas were sitting, about to be delivered to the tables.

He glanced briefly at the order slips above the counter, then reached into his coat and pulled out a small vial. He deftly shook a few drops out onto one of the pizzas, topped the vial, and then strode away.

The drops of mysterious liquid sizzled a bit as they hit the hot pizza, and then they quickly soaked into the cheese, leaving no trace.

A minute later, a waiter came by the counter and picked up the pizza. He then carefully walked out of the kitchen and made his way through the busy restaurant. When he reached his destination, a table where a very large man and two teens were sitting, he promptly set down the pizza.

"I will have the other two pizzas out in a moment." The teenage boy nodded at him, then looked hungrily at his pizza.

As the waiter walked away, Minerva smirked at Artemis. "You look famished. Go ahead, it won't kill you to eat first."

Artemis looked up from his pizza guiltily. "I couldn't. I can wait till your pizzas arrive."

Holly rolled her eyes. "Does it really matter? And aren't you going to check for poison, Artemis? It seems like you've grown a bit lax in the security department."

Butler snorted. "Considering that I'm his security department, I take offense. Just take a bite, Artemis. If you drop dead I'll make sure to check for poison next time. Honestly, Holly, I think you're getting a bit paranoid in your old age."

Artemis looked at the pizza again and shrugged. "Alright then." He lifted a piece and then took a large bite, savoring the cheesy taste. Everyone at the table stared at him a moment while he chewed, and he laughed after he swallowed. "I guess it's not poisoned, I feel fine."

Holly raised an eyebrow and teased, "Well, most poisons take a bit to affect you. We'll have to see. Anyway, we need to get back to the matter at hand."

Yes, that was pretty short, but in my defense my sister is trying to get me off the computer. Sorry!