Title: Fighting

Summary: Merlin has become gravely ill, and there is only one explanation:magic. Without his annoying, idiotic servant, Arthur finds that life just isn't the same. While Merlin is fighting for his life, Arthur must fight the forces of darkness that are at work in Camelot. But, fighting off evil sorceress's without his own sorcerer proves to be more difficult than expected. Can Arthur defeat his enemies? Can Merlin cling to life long enough to save Arthur?

Rating: T, for some violence and the occasional swears. Better safe than sorry, eh?

Disclaimer: I own my ideas. Thats about it. Sadly, I don't own Merlin. If I did, I'd be the happiest person on EARTH! But i don't. So...yeah.

"What is wrong with you today Merlin?" Arthur asked impatiently, addressing his servant.

"What?" Merlin replied, his voice tired and horse. Arthur held up a muddy jacket.

"Does this look clean to you?"

"No," Merlin mumbled, shaking his head. "Not really."

Arthur threw the jacket to Merlin who just barely caught it and went behind the changing-screen, pulling off his dirty shirt. "I told you to clean it this morning. I have an important dinner to attend tonight, and must look presentable. I can't look like someone who doesn't care about how they look. Like you." Arthur waited for an annoying and witty comment to be shot back at him. None such thing came. Arthur stopped in the middle of taking off his grimy shirt. "Merlin?" Arthur stepped out from behind the screen to check if Merlin was still there. His servant had a habit of leaving his duties unannounced.

Merlin stood by Arthur's bed, gripping the bed post so hard his knuckles were white. All color had drained from his face and he looked like he might collapse any second.

Arthur rolled his eyes. "For god sakes, Merlin. You look like you might-" As if on cue, Merlin fell to the ground, fast asleep."-faint."

Arthur made a mental note to tell Gaius to prepare Merlin a sleeping draft. More and more often he found himself with a sleeping servant. He knelt over Merlin and gently slapped his face. Merlin let out a girly-moan, but didn't wake. 'Odd...' Arthur thought. 'Usually, that would have woken him.'

"Merlin, you are definitely the worst servant I've ever had." Arthur said loudly, slapping Merlin harder. "I'm going to have to start counting the times you fall asleep while working." A tiny smirk flashed across Arthur's face as he thought of the many, many, MANY times Merlin fell asleep while sitting down, waiting for something, or even riding on horseback. Merlin really was and idiot sometime-

Arthur's smile vanished as he saw something familiar staining Merlin's shirt. Something wet, sticky, and red. And the stain was swelling. Fast.

"Guards!" Arthur called out, hoping someone was nearby. He draped Merlin's arm over his shoulder and began dragging him to the door. Gwaine stood on the doorway, directly in Arthur's way.

"What do you need, Princess? Heard you calling for guards-"

"MOVE!" Arthur shouted with such intensity that Gwaine actually shut up and did as he was asked. Gwaine noticed the unconscious Merlin and began to ask "What-?" But then he noticed the growing spot on Merlin's shirt.

Without even asking what had happened, Gwaine took Merlin's other arm and supported his other side, helping Arthur drag Merlin to Gaius' chambers.

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