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AN1: I am using some races, abilities, and other stuff from Phantasy Star Universe, but many of the characters will be original.

AN2: this will not be a self insert.

Prologue One: An Explosive Exit.

A young five foot ten woman with chocolate colored skin, red eyes, short blue hair, and long pointed ears looked out the window of her room, deep in thought. This lasted until a buzzer sounded at her door.

Touching a button on her computer to activate the door's communication system, and asked in a calm voice, "Who is it?"

"It's me, Diana," the voice on the other end replied.

Diana smiled as she recognized the voice on the other end. She shook her head to clear her thoughts, and then walked to the door. She touched the control panel on the door causing it to open, revealing a four foot tall woman clad in what looks like blue armor with what looks like small thrusters on her shoulders and back. The two lines that ran from under her eyes to her jaw belied her nature.

"We were supposed to go to the graduation ceremony for the new guardians today. Did you forget, Diana?" the blue clad woman asked.

Diana sighed and replied, "Sorry mom I got lost in thought."

Her 'mom' smiled and shook her head. "That's what I thought, good thing I came over to remind you." She glanced over at Diana and continued, "You weren't brooding over that again were you?" The look on her 'daughters' face told her what she needed to know. She sighed, and hugged her looking more like a daughter hugging her mother than a mother hugging her daughter with her arms around Diana's waist. "Don't worry I'm proud of you. You showed the rest of the guardians that a Newman doesn't need techs to be a good guardian. Remember you are considered to be one of the best fortfighters of the guardians. This is all due to your hard work," The blue clad woman said soothingly.

Suddenly Diana felt an impact at her back and another pair of arms was encircling her waist. A higher pitched voice said, "That's right! Although, you have to get ready if you want to catch your flight, unless you want to leave in your pajamas.

"Oops, I'll get ready right away," Diana said as she dashed into the changing chamber. She came out wearing a top that looked like a miniature kimono that is colored a dark orange and black. There is a glowing flower design on the left hip of the shirt. She is also wearing a pair of tight black shorts and dark orange pair of comfortable and easy to move around in sandals. A cloth belt with a large flowerlike design that settled on the back of the outfit completed the outfit.

Her 'mom' smiled when she came out. "Nice your boyfriend Nathan…"

Diana interrupted her 'mother' "Please, don't EVER mention him again. If I ever see him again it will be too soon."

"What happened?" her 'mother' asked in shock. "Last time I heard you two where getting along great."

"I was having lunch yesterday, when I overheard him talking to a human girl. He was bragging to her that he would win their bet. The bet was that he could lead me on and get into my pants before the month was out. Before I left I heard him say 'who could ever love a freak like her.'" She then sat on the bed as tears slid down her cheek.

Her 'mom' sat beside her and hugged her. On her other side another small woman slightly shorter than Diana's 'mom' also sat down and hugged her. This woman was wearing clothes similar to what Chun-Li was wearing in street fighter three with the addition of two wing like objects coming out of her back.

Her 'mom' replied sadly, "I'm sorry for introducing him to you; I thought that he would be able to see your true self." Her expression hardened in anger as she continued, "I will have a 'talk' with him AND Nav. I know a few missions that Nav needs done that he would be perfect for." She was smiling nastily as she finished

"Mom we should go. Val do you want to come?"

The yet unnamed girl smiled and exclaimed "Sure!"

"By the way Val, Is my axe done?" Diana asked.

"Yup, here it is," As the winged girl said this she produced a huge axe in a flash of light, the axe looked like a giant horn with a glowing white edge. She then handed the axe to Diana.

"Thanks," the red eyed woman replied, as she took the axe and stored it in her nanotransformer.

Definition: Nanotransformer- a storage device worn at the back of the neck that is approximately the size of a quarter. It can store up to sixty unique Items by miniaturizing said items.

Her 'mom' looked at her strangely and asked, "Why are you going to the graduation ceremony armed to the teeth? Not to mention that you are probably fully supplied."

"Yup, she had me store away over two hundred trimates yesterday!" Val said excitedly.

"Let's just say I have a bad feeling about today," Diana replied.

"Meet me at the shuttle pad Diana. I need to pick my equipment up from my room, I have learned my lesson about your 'feelings,'" her 'mom' said.

"'kay, mom."

Ten minutes later outside the Parum shuttle port…

"Diana!" a small woman in blue armor yelled as she ran up to her. She now had a glowing mark on her chest plate.

"You made it just in time, our shuttle is boarding right now," Diana said.

The three of them boarded the interplanetary shuttle without incident. The shuttle smoothly took off, passing through the clouds on its way to space. Once in space the shuttle passed through a series of rings, it accelerated as it passed through them. Once it reached the last ring the shuttle vanished in a flash of light.

A few seconds later the shuttle reappears in the last of another set of rings. These rings are in front of a massive space colony. The shuttle smoothly docked with the colony, but as soon as they did a computer counsel started beeping in front of our trio. Being closest to the control Diana hit a button and said, "Guardians Diana and Dementia here, what's the problem?"

A screen pops up (think of Washu's computer screen) showing an old man with a long white beard and goggles that look to have an airplane propeller in each eye piece. The old man replied, "Diana and Dementia, good to see you, but no time for pleasantries, we have multiple seed incursions we need the two of you…"

"Three sir!" Val declared cheerfully.

"Err right, I didn't see you there Val. Well anyway we need the three of you to make your way to A-photon reactor one." After he said that his face assumed a suspicious expression. He then asked, "Did you have a bad feeling today? I know you consider Val a friend, but you usually don't bring her with you to these events."

"Yes headmaster Nav, I did," Diana replied.

Nav sighed and said, "We need to register you bad feelings as an early warning device, the last ten times you have had them they have been right."

"Sorry, sir" Diana replied dejectedly.

"Don't apologize it's a gift."

"Yes sir, we will now head to the problem A-photon reactor one. Diana out," after she said that she hit the off switch.

Dementia stood up and said, "Let's get going Diana, Val."

"Yes mom."


The three of them took off at a run. Three quarters of the way to the reactor they ran into a group of two foot almost humanoid monsters.

"Damn seed," Diana cursed. Then she continued, "Dark types, time to try out my new axe." The axe appeared in her hands.

"I'll give you fire support Diana!" Dementia called out while shooting light infused photon bullets at the seed… from a rifle longer than she was tall.

"I'm heading in!" Val shouted excitedly. Her fist weapons appeared and glowed green.

The battle was short and brutal…

Diana charged in swinging her axe, and cut three enemies apart in a single swing. Blood, guts, and bits of flesh splattered against the walls. Val's fists caved in skulls as if they were rotten melons, ribcages shattered like glass, and limbs broke like sticks. All the while bullet holes the size of a fist appeared wherever Dementia's bullets hit.

"What the HELL! Why are they sending us against such WEAKLINGS?" Diana yelled as she cut through two more like a hot knife through butter.

Dementia continued to make Swiss cheese out of the seed as she shouted back, "I don't know, but it does seem odd that they would send us when a couple of rookies would be sufficient. Perhaps they are stronger further in."

"I hope so!" Val chimed in cheerfully, as she decorated the walls with the contents of the last seed's head.

As the last seed fell the blast doors to the next section opened, and the two guardians and partner dashed through.

They rushed through the corridors and rooms… all of them either empty of seed, or seed so weak it ended in a slaughter. They stopped outside the reactor doors to ketch their breath from their running (or to let Diana do so.)

"Goddammit! They sent us here for this? Two rooms of weaklings, and a bunch of empty rooms?" Diana swore angrily.

"Calm down Diana there are probably more at the reactor," Dementia said soothingly.

"I hope so mom, if not I'm going to be pissed, and the headmaster will definitely know," Diana took a deep breath to calm down. "Well let's get in there," Diana said as she hit the button to open the doors.

The door opened to reveal a ten foot humanoid monster. The monster had large swords for arms and a nasty disposition.

Diana smiled and said, "Nice this one looks strong. Okay ugly here I come." She charges in screaming her battle cry, "I am Diana the Dark Diamond of the Alliance of Honor prepare to DIE!" she swung her axe at its waist.

"Wait for me!" Val yelled charging in with her fists swinging.

"Be careful Diana!" Dementia called out while providing covering fire with her rifle.

The bullets make finger width sized holes. The axe made a cut that the monster looked like it might need a Band-Aid for. The monster also received a light bruise from Val's fists. The seed knocks Val and Diana away

"Damn, it's strong!" Diana comments with a manic smile on her face. The smile is the type of smile that says 'I'm fighting for my life and loving every minute of it.' She uses a star atomizer on Val and herself to heal them of their wounds. She then shouts, "Mom, we'll keep it occupied, get a bigger gun out, and hit it from behind."

"Got it!" Dementia said as she switched her rifle out for something that is not only longer than she is tall but also nearly as tall as she is wide. It's roughly oval in shape with the handles on the top of the weapon.

Diana switched her axe out for a two handed sword that glowed red. The sword was four feet long and half a foot wide. It looked like an energy version of Cloud's weapon from final fantasy seven. "All right monster, let's go!" she said as she dashed in. She activated her photon art with a cry of, "Gravity Break!" Three powerful consecutive slashes later, she looked at the result of her handiwork. She pales as she sees that the monster only has three shallow slashes on its leg, deeper than what she did with the axe, but only slightly bothering the monster.

"Diana, LOOK OUT!" Val cried as she ran toward her. The little girl jumped in front her just in time to take the blow for Diana. The blow knocked her into the red eyed woman and sent them both slamming into the generator, and at the same time sending both of them into dreamland. Diana's sword sank into the ground by Dementia.

Dementia fired her grenade launcher until it was out of energy. Each shot caused an explosion at the seed's feet. The seed was obscured in smoke by the third shot. When the smoke cleared the seed was slightly scorched but still standing. On closer examination the slightly scorched look was simply soot from the explosion covering the monster. And the seed was relatively unharmed from the assault. The seed continued to advance until it was standing in front of the generator. "Damn, Diana! Val! Get up!"Diana shouted as the seed lifted its up, and brought it down… getting it stuck in the generator. Warning lights started flashing along with holographic display screens warning Dementia that the reactor was about to blow. Just as the reactor was about to blow up a white globe appeared right next to Diana and Val. The reactor exploded in a brilliant flash frying one of Dementia's mechanical eyes and temporarily. When her vision half recovered she saw pieces of seed distributed around the room but the only evidence that Diana had existed in the room was her sword embedded in the ground at her side…

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Prologue 2

Ranma's Departure.

AN3: yes I purposely made Diana a bit bipolar with a battle personality and a civilian personality

AN4: Diana's not psychic she just has a sense of when the fecal matter's going to hit the rotating air circulation device.