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Chapter 1: The Heart of the Cards

Sonya walked down halls of Domino High School. She ignored the love-struck eyes she got from the male students and even some of the teachers and continued her pace without stopping. She was wearing a long button white shirt and a red skirt with matching high heels. Her long purple hair was in a high ponytail and her rectangle shaped glasses that made her large purple eyes smaller. She had pale white skin but not so pale that it looked sickly. Obviously she was a beauty but she really didn't care about her looks. They drew unwanted attention. Like now as she walked through the halls towards the classroom she was assigned to. When she got to the door and slides it open. First thing she sees is a group of kids huddle together over their desks. Sony noticed they were playing duel monsters and by the looks of things the sandy blond haired boy was losing to the tri-colored spiky hair boy big time.

Sonya smirked and approached the group. The blond boy pushed back a brown haired boy with a weird hair style and he settled next to a shoulder length brown haired female.

"They've been at it for hours." The female said. "Joey is getting better every time he duels Yugi." Sonya figured the blond was Joey and the spiky kid who looked like a middle schooler was Yugi. Sonya plastered a smile on her face and joined the group.

"Hey you guys play duel monsters? That's cool. I love them." The female turned towards her and beamed.

"Yes it is cool. I've never seen you before though. Are you new? Plus you don't have a uniform." Sonya nodded.

"Yes well I'm new to this school. So please be kind. Oh and I'm not—" she got cut off with a cry of frustration.

"Damn Yugi. With that attack you wipe me out. You could have at least shown a little mercy towards a newbie." Joey said placing his cards on the table. Yugi smiled.

"Aww you did fine Joey. I just have better cards since my Grandpa owns a game shop. So he's loaded with cards."

"Whoa a game shop? Let's go right after school kay Yugi?" Yugi sighed and put on a strain smile.

"Sure why not." Joey shot out his fist in the air in triumph and the female nudged Sonya forward.

"Guys we got a new student today she's…" the girl looked back at Sonya in guilty surprise. "Oh I'm sorry we never got to introduce ourselves did we? I'm Tea."

The spiky boy looked up at Sonya and blushed much to her amusement. "I'm Yugi."

The blond was next. "Names Joey."

The boy with the weird hair style said his next. "I'm Tristan."

The last one was a shy looking boy with snow hair. "I'm Bakura. Nice to meet you."

Sonya smiled at all of them. "Well it's really nice to meet such friendly students here to welcome me on my first day here." Joey snorted.

"Well you won't be too happy when our teacher shows up he can be such an ass sometimes." Sonya shook her head her smile widening.

"Your teacher has taken the day off today. He won't be here." Tea frowned.

"How do you know?" the bell rung and everyone hurried to their seats.

"You can sit by me if you want." Yugi replied, smiling friendly. Sonya waved her hand like swatting a fly and went towards the front of class and up to the board. She picks up a piece of chalk and wrote her name in big letters. Placing the chalk down she turned to the class and saw the surprise looks on Yugi and the others faces. She smirked.

"Greeting class my name is Suki Taka and I'll be your teacher today."

At the end of the day Sonya was tired and just wanted to go home. But first she had to change a few things. She took her bag into the woman's restroom and changed from her proper teacher look of Suki Taka to her real form of Sonya Yami. She traded her white blouse for a black leather vest that revealed her bellybutton and a tattoo on her left arm that was black swirl lines going around from her shoulder to her wrist. Her red skirt for a pair black leather pants, she let down her ponytail and shook her purple hair free. She removed her fake glasses and placed them in a case. She sighed in happiness that she was finally in her real style and left the school. When she got to the parking lot she found her black crotchrocket with purple flames and got on. She turned it on and sped away.

She came to a stop in front of Kaiba Corp. and turned off her cycle. She hopped off of it and entered through the double doors. As soon as she walked in she got tackled. Almost losing her balance she was able to gain it back just in time, holding her arms up she glared at the person responsible who was still holding her by the waist.

"Angel what have I told you about doing that?" the female looked up, beaming. Angel was also a true beauty. She had light skin, not lighter than Sonya's pale but still lighter than most people. She wore her long jet black hair down and had deep ocean blue eyes. She was currently wearing a plain midnight blue tank top and blue jeans with brown flip-flips.

"Aww…Sonya." She whined. "Seto went off to duel an old man and left me here by myself." Sonya sighed.

"So that means you got off your photo shoot early?" Angel nodded. Angel was a world class top model and Kaiba Corp. was her sponsor. When they had first met five years ago Angel and Seto were not really friendly towards each other but they had grown to like each other and are now engage. Angel was also Sonya's best friend. They had met in a beauty pageant when Sonya was five and Angel was three. Some of the older girls had played a trick on Angel and Sonya had stick up for her and therefore became friends. Now sixteen years later they were still close and Sonya still continued to protect Angel.

Angel nodded. "Yeah I got off just to see him and he ran off to duel with some old guy." Sonya sighed again and patted Angels back.

"It's okay. You know Seto wouldn't do that on purpose unless it was something important. Now shall we—" Suddenly Sonya froze and so did Angel they felt a presence nearby from something ancient but familiar. They both turned their heads and Sonya recognized Yugi and the others from his group running through the doors and went to the elevator. When they closed Sonya and Angel looked at each other.

"That boy. Who had the spiky hair. He had a—"

"Yes." Sonya interrupted before Angel could finish. "He has a spirit inside him." She let out a frustrated sigh. "Why didn't I notice before and he was wearing the puzzle to. Ugh! I thought it was just a toy."

Angel shook her head and pulled back. "No I guess we both realize that it is no toy."

Sonya nodded and started headed towards the elevator with Angel on her heals. "Come on we must see for ourselves."

When they entered the arena they saw that Seto was dueling and saw a familiar figure standing by the side.

"Mokuba!" Sonya and Angel called out and saw Seto's little brother turn around.

"Hey guys. Look big brother is dueling some high schooler and got the first hit." The two ran next to him and glanced at who was dueling Seto. They both froze again. It was Yugi but yet it wasn't Yugi. The boy who was dueling looked older and had sharper features. The boy turned his head to where the two were standing and their eyes met. Suddenly Sonya wasn't standing in the arena anymore. She was standing outside in what looked like and Egyptian palace hallway and was knocking on a door with one hand and carrying a bowl of water and a rag in the other.

"Come in." she heard a deep voice coming from inside and entered the chamber. There she saw a man with spiky hair sitting on his bed staring out his balcony looking deep in thought. Sonya chuckle at him and that seemed to get his attention. He turned to her and she bowed respectfully though still had a smirk on her face.

"His majesty shouldn't be looking so depress. Tomorrow you'll be accepting the throne of all of Egypt. You should be proud of the honor. It is your birth right." The man sighed.

"You know you don't have to be so formal with me Takayami. We've known each other for a very long time." Giggling she made her way to the man's side and kneeled before him. Taking his feet in her hands she began washing them with the bowl of water and rag.

"So then if we're so close you should be able to tell me what is on your mind then." She said not looking up. She heard him sigh but he began speaking.

"I'm nervous about tomorrow and the future. What will happen if I'm not a good pharaoh? What if I fail? What if—"

"What if what if." She said sarcastically. She looked up and met his eyes. "That's your problem right there. You're so worried about the future when you should only be focus on the present. And the present is me doing my job and washing your dirty feet." She said the last sentence with a smirk and the man laughed. Then after he gained control he sighs and scratched his head.

"I suppose you're right. But right now I can't get my mind off of it." Now she sighs and looks outside the balcony.

"Listen, I'll try to explain things to you so you'll understand. You see the stars outside?" the man looked then nodded. "Well let's say the people of Egypt are the stars and you're Earth. You as the earth are the center of the stars universe. Everything goes by you. You are everything. But as the stars the people of Egypt follow your will and give you strength. You'll be nothing without the stars just like they'll be nothing without you. Do you understand?" the man nodded again this time with a smile on his face.

"Yes I do. You were always so wise Takayami and I thank you for your friendship. But there's a question that I must ask you."

"What is it?" She asked going back to her work.

"What is the moon to the Earth?" She stopped her work and blushed, she had wanted to leave that part out but he had noticed that she did. Blushing harder and not looking up to meet his gaze she continued her work and responded.

"The moon is your future queen." She felt him stiffen and hurried to add, "But that is in the future and the future can wait." When the man spoke next she could hear the smile in his voice.

"Yes. Yes it can."

Sonya gasped and collapsed on the floor. She was now back in the arena and Mokuba and Angel were standing over her with their faces filled with concern. She quickly gained her composure and stood up.

"Sorry about that. I was pretty out of it all day." Mokuba frowned but took her word for it. Angel on the other hand knew exactly what happened because she felt it too though not as bad as Sonya.

"You had one too?" Angel asked, though knowing the answer. Sonya nodded and glance at the boy who was Yugi yet not Yugi. He had summoned Exzodia and had defeated Seto. The boy now spoke and had done something to Seto that the two girls haven't seen but now Seto looked different. More open minded Sonya guess. Sonya turned back to Angel and sighed.

"Yes and what I saw had that boy in it."

A couple weeks later Sonya received a package that had a glove and five gold stars and a video tape and with Angel popped the video into her VCR and pressed play. Instantly a video of Maximillion Pegasus came onto the screen and Angel leaned forward curious.

"Hey isn't that the guy who created Duel Monsters? Why did he send a tape to you Sonya?"

"Well if you'll shut up maybe we'll find out." Sonya replied.

"Good evening Sonya-girl I am Maximillion Pegasus." Angel smirked.

"Cool I was right."

"Shh!" Sonya shushed Angel.

"I have heard remarkable things about you Sonya-girl about your dueling skills and would like to test them out myself right here right now. We'll be time with a fifteen minute duel and whoever has the highest life point's wins."

Angel gaped. "Is this guy serious? This is just a video tape, how are you supposed to duel a tape?" Pegasus chuckled as if he heard Angel.

"No it's magic."

Suddenly Sonya felt a tugging feeling in her gut and when she turned see saw Angel frozen stiff not moving. All around her everything turned dark and cold. She glanced back at Pegasus.

"What have you done Pegasus?" Pegasus smirked and brushed back his hair that covered his left eye revealing a golden stone eye. Sonya gasped.

"You have the Millennium Eye? How?" Pegasus shrugged.

"It was a gift now shall we began?" Sonya gritted her teeth.

"I don't really have a choice do I. Fine then let the games begin."

Sonya stared in horror as the timer went to zero and the game ended deleting her monster as it was about to attack and wipe out the rest of Pegasus's life points. She heard him chuckled and she looked at him.

"My my, that one was a close one. Too bad that time wasn't on your side." he said. Sonya glared at him.

"Now what are you going to do then now that you tested my skills?" Pegasus chuckled.

"I've tested your skills alright and next time we meet we'll be playing for much higher stakes."

"I'm done with this. I refused to be a part of your games." Sonya hissed. Pegasus wiggled his finger at her.

"You make it sound like I'm giving you a choice but here's the thing." He lifted his hair revealing the Millennium Eye. "I'm not." It shone brightly that Sonya had to cover her eyes with her hand. When she turned back instead of seeing Pegasus in the screen it was Angel.

"Soonnnyyyyaaaaaa!" she screamed, trying to reach out to Sonya. Sonya gasped and tried to reach out to her but she was back in her living room, sitting on the floor, the TV screen fuzzing in black and white.

"Yes we will duel again Sonya-girl. How else will you save your friend Angel?" Pegasus's voice said.

Sonya clutched the TV and started crying.

"Angel. Angel. ANGEL!"

The next day Sonya got an envelope with cards in it inviting her to Duelist Kingdom for Pegasus's tournament. She gritted her teeth and shoved the cards into her back pocket before going to Domino High. There she changed into her teacher look and went to Yugi and the others class. She slides it open to see the four teenagers huddled together around Yugi's desk talking. She notices that Yugi was looking at the same cards she got in the envelope and walked over, smiling friendly.

"Hey guys. Yugi I see you got accepted into Pegasus's tournament. Congratulation." Yugi sighed sadly.

"Not really I'm kinda being forced to go." Sonya tilted her head to the side and frowned.

"Why is that? I heard the winner gets three million dollars. Being a teenager I thought that would sound nice." Joey gaped at her.

"Th-three mi-million dollars?" Sonya raised her brow and nodded. Yugi pouted at Joey.

"Joey how can you even think about money in a time like this?" startled Joey looked at Yugi and scratch the back of his head.

"Ah sorry Yugi." Sonya frowned.

"What do you mean at a time like—" just then the bell rang moving all the students to their seats. Sonya sighed and went to the front of the classroom to begin the lesson.

A couple days later was the day the duelists shipped out for Duelist Kingdom. Sonya got there in her usual outfit and she spotted Yugi among the contestants. She wanted to go talk to him seeing as shes grown quite fond of his child like charm but she remained where she was. Yugi didn't know her as her true form. Yet. A middle age man came onto the opening on the ship and said a welcoming speech which she ignored and got in line to enter the ship. When she was half way there she heard yelling from the front. She looked up and saw Joey being held by security. Then she saw a surprise Yugi come out of his spot in the line and ran over to Joey. They talked and after awhile she saw Yugi hold out his hand and on his palm were one star chip. Sonya smirked and got out of line and headed towards them.

"…but all contestants are given two star chips so you'll be at a disadvantage." Said one of the guards. Sonya had caught up to them and stood next to Yugi.

"Just let him on, will ya? If not for him then do it for me." Startled they all glanced at Sonya.

"And what makes you so special?" the guard from before said. Sonya smirked and held out her palm revealing five gold star chips.

"I'm an honor guess in this tournament. Pegasus himself made sure I received five stars so if you don't know who I am then you're even dumber then you look." The guard shook his head and Sonya scowled.

"Call Pegasus right now. Call him and let me talk to him." the guard took out his cell phone and dial a number. He talked for a little bit then handed it to her. She nodded her thanks and pressed the phone to her ear.

"Pegasus." She said, trying to remain in control for Yugi and Joey who were staring at her in surprise and hope.

"My Sonya-girl I didn't expect to hear your voice so soon. What is it that you want?" Sonya looked towards Joey and Yugi and sighed.

"I request that you let in an extra contestant on board. His friend wants him with him and is willing to sacrifice one of his own star chips to let him on board." She heard Pegasus's laughter and fought the urge to throw the phone on the floor and smash it.

"Alright Sonya-girl. I'll accept the request. Only because you asked it of me so nicely. Please give the phone back to my guard so I may tell him. Bye-bye Sonya-girl." Glaring at the phone she gave it back to the guard and he talked on it for a few more seconds before his face suddenly turned red and he stared at Sonya. Nodding frequently and speaking some more he hung up the phone and turned his full attention on Sonya.

"Please forgive me Miss Sonya. I didn't know you'll be attending this tournament. It's an honor to have you." Sonya raised her eyebrow and motioned towards Yugi and Joey.

"And them?" The guard nodded and turned towards his partner.

"It's okay Master Pegasus said to let the boy on the ship." The guard let Joey go and when he did Joey went straight to Yugi's side, beaming. Sonya wasn't about to let them off so easily though.

"You two guards ought to be more informed next time and make sure you know who you're talking to. Got it?" the two nodded and Sonya smirked.

"Now can you please have someone come and take me to my room?" the one who did the talking led her away and she ignored Yugi and Joey like they didn't exist.

Later after she settled in Sonya decided to go on the dock and see her competition. The first person she met up with was a female blond who wore purple name Mai Valentine. They became well acquitted when they made it to the dock they saw Yugi and Joey talking. Rather loudly. Or at least Joey was.

"Man I'm glad I got on. If it wasn't for that punk girl and you giving me your star chip I wouldn't even be here. But men if anyone found out that we only have one star chip each they could really take advantage of us."

Smiling Yugi replied quieter. "Then be quiet about it." Sonya saw Mai smirked and make her way towards the two bakas and sighed following her.

"Well what do we have here?" Mai said to them and the two boys turned seeing her. Joey blushed.

"So you're that Yugi kid everyone is talking about, huh?" She walked up to Yugi and leaned forward. "But I'm amazed that a squirt like you could beat Kaiba. You're famous you know." Blushing Yugi replied.

"Th-thanks I think." Sonya sighed and walked up to Mai and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Come on Mai don't bully the newbies. They probably barely know tournament rules." Mai looked back at her scowling.

"Look, here you're either a champ or a chump so I just wanted to make that clear with them." she began walking away. She stopped and looked over her shoulder.

"Oh and guys you shouldn't get too comfy being under Sonya's wing. She won't be able to protect you forever." And with that she walked away. Sighing Sonya turned back to the two bakas and saw them staring at her. She scowled.

"What are you looking at?" both snap out of their staring and Yugi stuttered.

"Sorry but we didn't get a change to thank you for your help with getting Joey on board we owe you a lot." Joey hurried to nod in agreement. Sonya rolled her eyes.

"Truly, I don't care. But since you two spark my curiosity I'll help you out along the way. The actual dueling though you're on your own." The two blinked at her then Yugi smiled.

"Thanks, I think. Oh and my name is Yugi and this is Joey." Sonya nodded then smiled.

"I'm Sonya. Nice to meet you."

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