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Chapter 10: Legendary Heroes

A giant machine bird lifted in the sky carrying Yugi, Joey, Mai, and Sonya on it.

"Wow, we're flying." Joey said looking around in amazement.

"You did it." Mai yelled excitedly grabbing Joey.

"Get off of me!" Joey yelled, blushing.

Beneath them they heard the crowd of the kingdom below them. The four ran to the railing and Yugi waved down to them.

They show the small fairy Illru come flying to them.

"I guess this means you want to come with us?" asked Yugi as Illru flew around him.

Illru nodded.

"Well then let's go." he said and the four turned towards the castle.

Sonya looked towards the front of the bird where the head was and smirked.

"Hey Joey you want to drive?" she said pointing.

Joey looked and quickly began running.

"I'm driving! I called it." Once he got there he grabbed the wheel and spun it making the wheels turn.

As they got closer they saw a giant horde of flying monsters waiting.

"Here they come." Joey said, tightening his grip on the wheel.

"And I couldn't be more ready." Mai replied. "Go Harpy Lady!"

"Go Fierce Knight!"

"Go Dark Magician!"

"Go Soul of Purity and Light!"

As the monsters fought Sonya and the others felt the machine shake by bombs. Yugi fell as one of them stuck and the monster came flying at him.

"Yugi!" Sonya ran knowing the Dark Magician wouldn't make it in time and blocked Yugi.

Illru was suddenly in front of her but the monster jerked her away reaching out a clawed hand towards Sonya.

Dark Magician attacked the monster, destroying it.

Sonya quickly turned to Yugi and helped him up.

"Swords of Revealing Light!" Yugi yelled, stopping the monsters from attacking.

Once done Sonya handed a injured Illru to Yugi with an sad expression.

"Are you okay?" Yugi asked holding back tears that were already appearing.

Illru just let out a small giggle before closing her eyes and disappearing.

"No, she just turned into dust." Yugi said clenching his fist he stood up. "I have had enough!"

A beam of light engulfed Yugi before Yami stood in front of Sonya.

"Alright Joey charge ahead!" Yami said with a determined tone.

They passed through a magical barrier then got hit by a fire monster which set the machine in flames.

"Ah nuts we've been hit." Joey said.

The fire caused a part of the wing to explode making a piece fly right towards them.

"Abandon ship!" Joey yelled.

Yami grabbed Sonya by the waist, startling her and summon a monster.

"Winged Guardian of the Fortress."

Just in time the machine began to collapse and they all made their escape on the dragon.

"Quick thinking Yug." Joey said relieved.

The ship exploded and while they were riding on the dragon. The non-flying monsters were being carried by Mai's Harpy Ladies.

"Kaiba here we come." Joey said.

After entering a forest filled with bug monsters, which Yami defeated, they entered a dark cavern and walked till they discovered a what looked like a portal on the ceiling.

As they got closer a beam of white light came shooting out of it and suddenly a Blue Eyes White Dragon's head stuck out of it.

"A Blue Eyes!" Yami said in surprise.

Then Seto and Mokuba came down and landed on the floor in front of them.

"Kaiba, Mokuba. It great to see you we've been worried." Joey said.

Seto smirked.

"Well you just look like an overgrown monkey in that outfit." he replied back.

"Overgrown monkey!" Joey said angrily. "That's the thanks I get for trying to help-"

His voice was cut off by an evil sounding laughter coming from behind Seto and Mokuba.

"Congratulation players. You made it to the final level." the voice said as another portal began opening up.

Seto turned to the voice with a smirk. "Correction, you slime ball we've beaten the game."

"Oh is that what you think, Seto Kaiba?" the voice said.

"That's right I escaped the lava pool so the Mythic Dragon wasn't summoned. That means this game is over." Seto explained angrily.

More laughter.

"It'll be game over alright." a different voice said. "But not us."

Suddenly the scene changed into a computer scene.

"No way. They reprogrammed the system." Seto said. "Summoning the Mythic Dragon themselves."

A giant dragon appeared before them with five different heads of the elements.

"Hold on everyone. We defeat it together or together we'll fall." Yami said.

"Ah man, I have had it with this virtual reality stuff." Joey said.

Sonya sent a scowl his way.

"Joey we can defeat it and will."

Joey looked at her with a doubtful expression.

"If you say so."

"Oh suck it up. There's only one way to defeat it." Seto said.

"I agree." Yami said.

"Let's go!" all five duelers said.

"I'll start us off by summoning my Harpy Ladies." Mai said.

When the three sisters came out they were destroyed.

"What happened?" Mai said surprised.

The voices laughed.

"Just a little more reprogramming. Its called a seal where only dragon type monsters are allowed to fight." the voice explained.

Seto chuckled then laughed loudly.

"You dare challenge me to a battle of dragons?" he said. "You five should know better than that. I call the Blue Eyes White Dragon!"
"Only dragons huh?" Joey said. "Go Red Eyes!"

"Harpy's Pet Dragon!" Mai called.

"Red Eyes White Dragon!" Sonya called. (Her prize card she got from defeating Pegasus, only one of it's kind like the Ties of Friendship.)

"And I summon Curse of Dragon!" Yami called.

"Attack!" all dueler commanded.

All dragons obeyed but the attacks got canceled out.

"So they did but one of your team mates doesn't have a dragon to attack or defend." the voice said. "Isn't that right Mokuba?"

"Wait, he wouldn't." Seto said.

Laughter. Then the middle dragon attacked.

"NO!" Seto and Sonya yelled at the same time.

"Block it Red Eyes!" Joey commanded.

The Dragon obeyed and took the attack instead of Mokuba, destroying it.

"Joey made his dragon take the hit but that means…" Mai said.

Joey's life points went out and he collapsed to one knee trembling.

"No Joey." Mai said running and kneeling by Joey, Yami doing the same.

"Yugi I'm done for." Joey said to Yami already starting to turn to dust.

"Don't say that!" Yami said.

"Stay with us please." Mai pleaded.

"You can't go." Mokuba said.

Joey replied by giving them a thumbs up and smile before disappearing completely.

"He's left us." Mai said. Suddenly she stood looking with angry and tears in her eyes.

"You creeps! What kind of sick twisted game you turn this into?!"

"Game?" the voice said laughing. "This ended being a game long ago."
"We need a new tactic." Seto said gritting his teeth.

"Yes." Yami said standing up from his kneeling position. "With our dragons alone we won't win this. But I think I know how we can."
"What do you mean?" Seto asked.

"As strong as the Mythic Dragon might be there is one creature who can beat it."

"Huh?" all but Sonya said.

Sonya looked at Yami with concern.

"It could be dangerous." She said.

He turned to her with a determined expression.

"It's a risk we must take."

Sonya stared at Yami for a few moments before sighing. Then she abruptly got her smirk back.

"Then allow me to bestow my king with a good luck charm." she said before kissing Yami on the cheek like she did at duelist kingdom.

Yami's face swiftly turned a pink shade before clearing his throat and turned away.

"Black Luster Soldier, I summon you!" Yami called. "By scarifying Gaia the Fierce Knight and my Curse of Dragon."

A beam of light shone and the monster appeared but the seal of no non-dragon types weighed it down.

"Haha Your Black Luster Soldier is not a dragon therefore it cannot attack." a voice said.

"But on the other hand we can still attack him" another voice said.

"No you can't my Pet Dragon will stop you!" Mai said making her dragon attack.

Sadly the powerful dragon wasn't powerful enough and got destroyed causing the rest of Mai's life points to go down.

Mai collapsed in pain and Yami and Sonya kneeled at her side.

"Yugi, it looks like I'm not going to be around to see how this all plays out." Mai said before turning to Sonya. "I really enjoyed our time Sonya but I'm sorry. It's all up to you guys now."

Then she was gone.

Yami and Sonya stood up on shaky legs both clenching their fists.

"We will avenge you Mai and Joey as well." Sonya said through gritted teeth.

"Now Kaiba this may be our one chance we have to work as a team." Yami said.

"No way." Seto said. "You don't even know what you're doing."

"You just have to trust me Kaiba."

"I don't have to do anything. I can win this battle in my own way."

"You'll win nothing." the voice said. "You've already lost two members now we'll make a third."

The middle head dragon began to attack.

"Kaiba call your Ultimate Dragon!" Yami yelled.

"Silence!" Seto said.

The blast got closer. Sonya ran and so did Mokuba.

"Seto its got your dragon he's attacking its-" Mokuba and Sonya started screaming after they pushed Seto out of the way and got hit by the blast directly.

"NOO!" Yami and Seto yelled both hearing the other two's piercing cries.

Both Sonya and Mokuba's life points dropped to zero and Seto caught Mokuba while Yami caught Sonya.

"Seto…" Mokuba whispered before disappearing.

"Sonya?!" Yami yelled.

Sonya just did a sad smirk before letting out a sigh and closing her violet eyes and then also disappearing.

No time skip this time. This part is way to awesome!

"Kaiba. Sonya and Mokuba's sacrifice doesn't have to be in vain." Yami said in a pain filled voice. "We can still win this but we have to work together. I have a plan to defeat this monster and you're going to have to trust me. It's the only way we can avenge our friends. Bring out you Ultimate Dragon."

Seto suddenly looked up with a determined expression.

"Alright then. Come out Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon!" Seto called out. "I hope you know what you're doing Yugi."

The three dragons combine providing a strong dragon.

"That dragon may be strong but ours is the ultimate dragon." the voice said.

"For now maybe." Yami said. "But once it's combined with another your rein is through. According to legend when heroes are united they will create a power strong enough to destroy the Mythic Dragon. We will fulfill that prophecy now!"

"Go polymerization! Go Soldier!" Yami yelled.

"Go Ultimate Dragon!" Seto called.

"Dragon obliterate them!" the voice said while the two monsters were still merging but nothing happened.

"What?! Nothing happened." the voice said.

"Oh something has happened." Yami said. "Behold the Supreme Dragon Master Knight! Now see his awesome powers.

A beam of light shone around the Knight.

"What's going on?" the voice said.

Suddenly the Red Eyes, Pet Dragon and Red Eyes White Dragon could be seen.

"All those dragons were sent to the graveyard." the voice said. "How could they be back?"
"Look." Another voice said. "What's happening to our Mythic Dragon?!"

Purple light could be seen going out of the Dragon and entering the Knight.

"My Knight absorbs all power of all the dragons played. Including ones that were already destroyed." Yami explained. "Now in memory of Joey, Mai, Mokuba, and… Sonya we will destroy your beast."

"Attack Dragon Master Knight!" Seto yelled.

"Dark Saber Slash!" Yami yelled.

Both the dragon and the knight attacked destroying the Mythic Dragon.

Suddenly the scene before them turned dark and they felt themselves falling. Both yelling as they fell through the abyss.

They woke up to the sound of cheering. They stood up seeing that they were on a platform and the kingdom's people were cheering at them.

"Oh our heroes." a voice called out excitedly.

Both turned to see Adina coming towards them with a big smile. "Both our kingdom and people are safe forever more."

"We're not the ones they should be cheering." Yami said dejectedly.

"There shouldn't be any cheering." Seto said with clench fist. "I lost my brother in there and my closet friend."

"Fear not." Adina said. "The loss's you have suffered are to great for anyone to bear no matter how strong they are."

Both turned to her as Adina suddenly laughed and went into the air and changed into the Mystical Elf.

"Remarkable." Yami said. "The princess is actually the Mystical Elf. She's casting a spell to bring back our friends!"
A single beam of light shone down from the sky in front of the two and when it disappeared Joey, Mai, Mokuba, Sonya, and even Illru were all lying on the platform.

"Look they're back!" Yami said smiling.

"Whoa what happened to us?" Joey asked as they all sat up.

"Big brother!" Mokuba said going to Seto and the crowd started cheering once again.

Sonya also went to Seto with a smirk on her lips.

"You know I should punch you for being so stubborn." She said.

Seto looked back at her with a relieved smile.

"Yes but then I wouldn't be me if I wasn't." He replied back.

Sonya cocked her head to the side in mock innocence.

"You make that sound as if that'll be a bad thing."


Sonya turned and met Yami's relieve filled purple eyes.

Her smirk made it's appearance.

"Hey, I see you did it." then she sigh suddenly crossing her arms across her chest. "You know Yami no one likes a show off."

But she turn back to him with a smile letting him know she was joking and he laughed.

A black portal appeared next to them and they all turned to it.

"The exit portal." Seto explained starting toward the portal. "Let's go Mokuba."

"Hey hold on a second Kaiba. Don't you think you should at least say thank you or something." Joey said.

Seto didn't turn back when he replied.

"I never asked for your help and as far as I'm concern I never needed it."

"Oh come on." Joey said angrily.

Seto turned his head towards Yami.

"Yugi, you on the other hand I'll give some gratitude to." Seto said, causing Yami to blink. "We make a good team, you and I. But don't think it means we'll be partnering up again."

"Very well." Yami said with a smirk. "But whatever grudge you still hold against me and the others maybe you can start seeing us as more than just adversaries and more as friends."
Seto just grunted before going through the portal with Mokuba.

"He's a pretty cheery guy isn't he." Mai said sarcastically.

"Thank you heroes." Adina said. "Your braveness will always be remembered here."
"And we shall never forget you as well." Yami said.

The four said good bye and walked to the portal.

Sonya slowly opened her eyes, letting them adjust. Her pod opened up and she sat up stretching. She turned to see Seto doing the same and smiled.

Getting up she walked to him and wrapped her arms around his neck in a hug.

Seto hugs her back before they split apart with smiles on their faces.

"Ready to go meet up with Mokuba and Angel?" Sonya asked.

Seto nodded his head and they walked out together.

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