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This is a Herculean Thing

Chapter 9

-Parking lot, 10 pm-

Jacob watched fondly as Harry ate his sandwich while trying to tell him how awesome the movie was. Harry looked like a kid who never went to a movie before. He kept looking around the cinema's room before the movie was played and staring at the wide screen in awe. Jacob had to drag him to their seats because Harry was blocking the entry.

Now, they were sitting on the hood of Jacob's car, eating sandwich and enjoying the night together.

"And you see the final fight between Bane and Batman? That was awesome. The way they fought was so tense and really showed that they were really amazing fighter. I felt bad for Batman when Bane broke his back. I felt like I could feel the pain." Harry trailed. Jacob just hummed in agreement. He was to busy listening to Harry's voice to reply or give a comment.

"And he totally sacrificed himself by carrying that bomb with his... plane thing. He sacrificed himself to a city that never appreciate his work, branded him as a murder and wanted to put him on the jail. That's very unusual, you know? Because usually people sacrificed for something they love and those things love them back. Family for example. I haven't found a case where a son/daughter or a family member totally sacrifice himself for the whole family who despite and hate him" Harry's voice changed from excited to sad. Jacob turned his head to the boy.

"It really takes a great person with golden heart to be able to give such sacrifice." Haary finished.

"He loved his city. That was why he did that." Jacob commented for the first time. Harry turned to him and smiled. A gesture that was so infectious for Jacob.

"Yes, and that's the actual love. It's always demand a sacrifice from the people who are trapped in it. All kind of loves need sacrifice, Jake. There's nothing easy when it comes to love. There will be always something you have to fight for and that's not only fighting with yourself, but also fighting with society, future and everything. A real love will lead to a real challenge and only people who have a sincere love can endure. Love doesn't have to posses. Loving someone doesn't mean we have to be selfish person. Sulking when something goes bad will do no good. Always demanding everything to go our way will never happen.

An unselfish person who sincerely loves someone will always try to make the person he loves happy, no matter what. Doesn't care if the person he loves will hate him or anything, he will always do everything for her and be there to help her. Does everything even it means he has to let her go for someone else or sacrifice his live for her"

"Do you know someone like that in real life?" Jacob asked. Harry smiled sadly.

"I know three people. My parents and my teacher"

Jacob pulled Harry into his arms as tears began to threaten to fall. He knew that Harry's past was very sensitive topic. Harry blinked his tears away. He had cried in front of Jacob before and he didn't want to do it twice. He needed to be strong and, although crying wasn't a symbol of weakness, he wanted to be able to talk about his past without producing any tears from his eyes.

"My teacher, Severus Snape, was in love with my mother since they were kid. My mother is the only person who was nice to him so I understand why he fell in love with her. He was so broken when my mother fell in love with my father, his biggest enemy. You see, my father and uncles liked to put some pranks at him. But he knew that my father is my mother's happiness, so he let her go. He joined Voldemort though, something that he regretted because my mother despised him. But he was a good person inside that cold and evil like figure. He immediately informed my mentor when Voldemort planned to kill me and my parents. He also became a silent guardian for me. He loves my mother, that's the reason he put his life as a spy for the Order and my safety. His love for my mother never died. Until the end, he still loved my mother and because of his love for my mother, he protected me from harm although my face reminded him of my father."

"You know that my parents were killed when I was baby, right? My parents protect me with their lives. They didn't care about themselves as long as I live. My mother even begged to the killer to kill her instead. Their main concern was me. They didn't care that maybe after they dead, I would be dead too. Their main concern was me, only me. Because they loved me so bad that they protect me until they died. To protect me, their fruit of love, they sacrificed their lives"

"They didn't care if maybe you would die too after them dead?" Jacob asked confused with they way Harry put his words together.

"Yes, you see the wizard was one of the most powerful wizards in Wizarding World History. No one could beat him. People who are under that kind of situation will immediately feel so hopeless. They know they can't overpower their enemy with such label and if they don't have a strong will and heart, it will lead to desperation. In their mind, everything will mix together.

A thought of "Why should we do this? All of us will die. When we die, our son can be killed too. So why we fight this hard when we know that in the end, our son will die too? Why we fight someone who is far superior to us that only cause us to die or hurt?" All weak people only beg for the person to not do it. They will only scream "Please No! Don't do it!" But they don't do anything to stop it. Only worthless yells.

My parents and Professor Snape weren't like that. They knew they couldn't overpower Voldemort, the evil wizard, but they did their best to prevent him to come near me. They don't care that they were completely out level. In their mind only one thing: protecting me. They would do anything to save the person they love, not only beg but also an action. A move. They did anything came into their mind even it meant that they have to die. Sacrifice, Jacob."

Jacob smiled at the words that come out from Harry's mouth. He loosened his grip and took Harry's face to his hands.

"Then I will do that for you too. Sacrifice." Without warning, Jacob kissed him.

Harry felt fireworks exploded inside his head when electricity run from their joining lips into his head. He closed his eyes and wrapped his hands around Jacob's neck, trying to get closer to the bigger and warmer body. Harry felt two strong hands moved from his face to his waist. He opened his mouth and both their tongues battled to dominant.

Harry's face flushed when both of them broke for air. Harry lowered his head in embarrassment when Jacob smiled lovingly at him. Harry felt a finger under his chin that forced him to look at Jacob's face. Harry didn't notice before but Jacob has a handsome face. Harry's green eyes wandered from Jacob's forehead down to his eyes, nose, cheeks, chin and finally lips.

"What?" Harry's eyes snapped to Jacob's. He smiled shyly and shook his head. Jacob chuckled and leaned his forehead to Harry's. Their eyes locked.

"I love you Harry" Jacob whispered. Harry's eyes widen in shock. He bit his lips and broke away. Jacob looked at him in concern.

"Harry, what's wrong?" Harry took a deep breath before face him.


"It's okay if you don't love me, I-"Jacob started.

"It's not that!" Harry cut him. Harry took a deep breath again.

" you. A lot."


"But... I have never felt this way for a boy before. I-I feel weird" Jacob chuckled. He wrapped his hands around Harry and pulled him into a comforting hug.

"It's okay. I'm feel weird too when I realized that I love you. I know it's so confusing but I'm willing to take a chance. A chance to love you with everything I have. A chance to be happy together" Jacob broke his hug and took Harry's face into his hands. This time, he wasn't going to kiss him. Instead, he looked deep into Harry's eyes.

"I promise I will not hurt you, Harry. I know this whole love thing between us is so confusing and everything but I want to take this chance. Will you allow me to love you? Will you take this chance?"

Harry looked deep into Jacob' brown eyes. Should he take this chance? He had never has any real relationship before. Only a very short moment together with Cho and Ginny. Now, did he ready to have a real relationship with someone? Even though everything was alright, Even though there was no war, no fight, no Horcrux hunt. Did he really ready? A relationship with a boy?

Harry felt his heart swelled up, however, when he saw love, sincerity and seriousness in Jacob's eyes. Harry might be not ready to be in relationship with a boy, but he was sure one thing. He was ready to be happy with THIS boy. Only this boy.


"Okay?" Jacob raised his eyebrows, not really understand what Harry was talking about. Harry chuckled.

"Okay, I will take this chance with you" Jacob grinned brightly, effectively lightened up his face. Harry laughed when Jacob hugged him and showered his face with kisses.

"Let's go home. It's almost midnight!" Harry said, walking to the red car.

-Malfoy's house-

Harry hummed cheerfully when he entered the house. The house was dark already so he assumed Draco and Hermione had gone to bed. He walked into the kitchen and took a glass of water.

"So, how's the date going?" Harry jumped when Hermione's voice was heard. He turned around and saw Hermione leaning on the doorway, a pillow in her arms. A smile was on her face.

"You haven't slept yet?" Hermione walked to the dinning table.

"I have. Draco and I had our own date in front of the TV. We fell asleep after that"

"How come I didn't see you when I passed the family room?" Hermione shrugged, smiling.

"So?" Harry asked back, a playful smile on his lips.

"Just tell her, Potter before she starts throwing tantrum" Draco's voice was heard as he entered the kitchen. Harry chuckled when Hermione threw him the pillow and pouted.

"Come one, Harry? Was it nice?" Harry nodded and began his tale.

Harry and Hermione were giggling when they talked about the kiss. Harry inwardly kicked himself because he was acting like girl.

"Aww... I'm happy for you, Harry" Hermione said sincerely.

"Thank you..."

"What about you, Draco?" Hermione asked. Both of them looked at the silent young wizard. Draco didn't acknowledge them since he was looking out the window with an alarm look on his face.

"Draco, what's wrong?" Hermione stood up and walked to him. She looked out and frowned as she mimicked his action.

'Something is wrong...'

Harry stood up as well but before he managed to stood beside Hermione-

Draco grabbed Hermione and ducked down. A red light came through the window in a light speed and hit the dinning table, causing a loud explosion in the house. Harry quickly took out his wand and ran to the door. Three familiar black clouds were flying toward the house. Draco grabbed his hand and pushed him to the floor as another curse flew into the house.

Harry, Draco and Hermione ran out the house and began to shout the curses or hexes they knew. Harry, Draco and Hermione separated from each other in order to make the three Death Eaters moved away fro the house.

'How could they find us here? After we finally have break after the war. After we finally have a good time here' Harry screamed in his mind. He ran as fast as he could.


'God, hope they're just targeting us here. Hope they're not murdering Muggle here too. Jacob...'

"Stupefy!" He screamed now and then.

"Shit!" He muttered when he tripped on a root on the ground. He turned around and saw the black cloud was moving quickly to him.

"STUPEFY!" It hit the Death Eater. Harry stood up and began to run as another black cloud passed him. Harry ducked as a red light passes over his head. He crawled as fast as he could to a large tree on his left. He stood up and quickly scanned around for a movement.


Harry snapped his head to his right. His green eyes found a shadow moved fast in the dark forest. Harry ran to the shadow as fast as he could. The moon light shone the dark forest, allows glints of light to appear. Harry gasped as he caught two figures duelled as they run to deeper to the forest. Harry ran faster when he caught a sight of Draco and Fenrir Greyback in the middle of a meadow.

"Stupefy!" Harry pointed his wand to the bigger figure of the two in front of him. Greyback ducked and threw the Boy Who Lived an angry look.

"Avada Kedavra" Harry ran behind the tree and gasped when the green light passed just centimetres away from his head. He peeked as quite as he could only to find the werewolf shouted the similar curse to Draco.

"DRACO!" Harry shouted in shock as the green light hit Draco on the chest. Harry felt his went cold. His legs felt numb as he tried to run to the blond haired boy. He fell to the ground as he saw Draco's body went limp and fell to the ground. His silver-blue eyes were staring to the night sky. They were empty and blank.

Greyback's laugh reached Harry's ears. It was full with cruelty and satisfaction that made Harry wanted to cover his ears. That Bastard had a gut to laugh in front of him. Didn't he realize who was in front of him now?

Harry turned around and gave the laughing Death Eater a death look. He saw red as the Death Eater gave him his cruel smile.

"STUPEFY!" Harry screamed. Greyback laughed as he avoided the attack.

"STUPEFY!" Harry kept trying to hit the werewolf the curse, only to have him laughed more and more as he avoided the attack. Harry gritted his teeth and ran after Greyback. Greyback was laughing happily at his success killing the Malfoy's heir.

"Harry!" Hermione voice was heard from far. Harry ignored it as he continued chasing Greyback. His mind was trying to figure out why did Greyback run? Why didn't he fight him?

"Harry!" Hermione's voice was close. She must have seen him and ran after him. Harry continued moving his legs. He needed to get Greyback.

"Harry!" Hermione was right behind him now. He could hear her panting as she tried to keep up with him. Harry stopped suddenly when Greyback suddenly turned around. His eyes widen when he saw dozen of Death Eaters were standing in the middle of the forest, waiting for him. Two of them had a crying Teddy in his arm and the unconscious Death Eater Harry stupefied earlier. He felt Hermione bumped onto his back and gasped.

"Stupefy" Two different voices calmly said from behind before the two youngest wizards among them could do anything. Harry saw his mother's face and heard her voice before everything went black.

Jacob ran around the forest with his patrol mates when he noticed some burned trees. He threw a confused look to his friends before walked and sniffed around, in case there were some human beings in the area who could explain everything. He was sure it wasn't a vampire. He would have smelt it.

His sharp eyes caught the sound of Embry's howling and he quickly took off. He stopped in the middle of the forest where his friends were gathering around something. He walked closer and saw that it wasn't something. It was someone. Someone he knew. Draco Malfoy.

'Jake, there's Teddy's, Harry's and Hermione's scent here' Embry said.

'And a bunch of unfamiliar ones. God, what's happening?' Jacob looked around. He moved closer to Draco and nudged him with his nose.

'Come one, Draco...'

Draco didn't move at all.

'Jake, do you think he's-'

"Mr. Malfoy, come here!" Jacob and friends turned sharply when an unfamiliar voice broke the silence among the shape shifters. He growled when he saw a bunch of people ran to them.

"Draco! My son!" A tall man with long silver hair screamed as he saw his son lying on the ground. A young man with red hair raised his wand to the wolves. His blue eyes eyed the silence big animals in alarm.

"They hurt him!" The man roared and raised his wand. Jacob's eyes widen when he realized that the men in front of them were wizard. He quickly changed into his human form, followed by Embry and Quil.

"Wait! We didn't do anything to him" Jacob said.

"Who are you?" The red haired man walked closer, wand was still pointing to the big teenagers.

"We're local citizen... We're Draco's friends!" Jacob said. The men narrowed his eyes.

"We're also Harry Potter's friend" Jacob added. It seemed to convince the red haired men because he lowered his hand but his eyes were still glaring at them. The tall man, Mr. Malfoy as Jacob assumed, was running to the lying boy and cried immediately.

"Draco...!" He shook Draco hard but received nothing.

"William" Another red haired man, much older now, appeared from the darkness with a black skinned guy.

"We found these" The black skinned guy showed two wands on his hands.

"They're Harry's and Hermione's" The red haired man said before looking at the young man. His eyes moved from him to Jacob's and friends.

"Who are you? I'm Arthur Weasley and this is my son William. That's Lucius Malfoy" He asked calmly. He knew these guys weren't dangerous from the confusion in their eyes and also a glint of feeling useless just gave a sign.

"We're local shape shifter. We're patrolling here and found Draco lied here. We don't know anything" Embry said.

"We have to go" Lucius said, standing up. His face was soaked with tears and a lifeless Draco in his arms.

"You go ahead" Arthur Weasley said, sadness was thick in his voice as he looked at the Malfoy's heir. Lucius didn't say anything but apparated immediately.

'What's happen to Harry? Did he hurt?" Jacob asked in panic. If there was something happen to his imprint, he wouldn't forgive himself. He knew he should walk him home.

"What do you know about him?"

"I know he's a wizard. As well as Draco and Hermione. That's all." Jacob said.

"Do you care about them?"

"Of course!" Jacob said offended. "They are my friends."

"Listen kids, in our world, Wizarding world, it broke the law if a Muggle know that wizard exist. You're not a Muggle, you're shape shifter but you live among Muggle. There's a chance that Muggle will know our existence from you"

"What's a Muggle?" Quil asked, confused. His eyes were looking at the two red haired wizards in curious.

"Muggle is non-wizard. A normal human being"

"What do you want from us?" Jacob asked. He would do anything for Harry. His imprint.

"If you care about them, make sure you don't tell anyone about wizard. I want you to stay out of everything that involves Harry and Wizarding world. I know they're your friends but you will risk, not only you and your friends here but maybe the entire citizen around here." Arthur said.

"I will not tell anyone about wizard and the Wizarding world. They won't believe me and think I'm crazy anyway, but I want to help Harry. I want to know if he's alright and I will do anything to help him" Jacob said. His eyes were looking straight to Arthur.

"Boy, you don't know what you're getting into. You maybe a strong shape-shifter but that doesn't enough to help them."

"I don't care. I want to make sure Harry's okay and I want to help!"

"If you want to help him, just do what I have asked. Don't tell anyone and don't get involve." Arthur said in final tone before turned around.

"I WANT TO HELP. DO YOU HEAR ME?" Jacob roared but the two wizards had gone from his sight. Jacob growled and punched the nearby tree.


"Shut up, Quil" Jacob growled. He felt useless. He didn't know what happening. He didn't know if Harry was alright. He was useless.

To Be Continued.