I will forever and always think that the manga is better than the anime. I was so confused when this subject came up in the anime. It's stuck so much pointless drama into Roy's life. Somehow, I got this idea and it stuck. It's a bit AU, Roy a bit older than I think he was at the time. I think Roy was a serious soldier while he was younger and then loosened into a womanizer and all that front as he grew out of his issues.

Rain playfully battered against the small house. An unknowing child, it pleaded and begged inappropriately. Pinako Rockbell remained sipping tea at her kitchen table, refusing to acknowledge her intrusive company.

The representative droned on.

"-aiding insurgent forces-"

Behind him stood a weary young man.

"found harboring unlawful Ishvalans-"

Her jaw set. Her eyes closed.

"-in their treasonous deeds-"

No. There wasn't a trace of the serious, composed young man. In his place was a haunted adolescent, his soul leaking from his eyes.

"-nonetheless, Urey and Sara Rockbel- "

An aged, withered hand clenched.

"- previous offenses and subsequent warnings-"

The light buzzed, fluctuating. Hiss. Crackle. Roar. The smell of burning flesh that he knew still clung to his being.

"-for their offense of aiding the enemy-"

The clock ticked its unerring beat. Bang. Bang. Bang.

"-interfering with Amestrian action and fraternizing with the enemy-"

"That's enough."

The officer fell silent upon registering the gravelly voice.

"My son and daughter-in-law did me proud. Leave."

The ruffled petty officer cleared his throat. His chair screeched back. He bowed, turned and left.

The fire popped.

Roy Mustang's chair screeched back.

Pinako let out a breath of smoke.

Roy sat on his knees. His head slumped but his shoulders were straight. Trembling, but straight.

Words wouldn't be appropriate. Courtesy dictated that he try.

She remained silent.

General Roy Mustang recalled this table. The kerosene lamp had frightened him more than any fine of his own manipulation. It had felt damning.

Behind him stood his ever-present blonde hayate. She remained at attention, focused on the eerily silent ceiling and the lull of the rain.

He nodded his head to his tired host as thanks for the mug of tea. His steady, cold hands warmed immediately. He tightened his grasp on the burning porcelain.

Den nuzzled into his legs. Roy patted his head with affection.

The wrinkled old-timer sighed.

"Hoenheim, huh... He used to be a drinking buddy of mine."

Whatever she was about to say next, Roy didn't hear it. He exchanged glances with Hawkeye who was fingering her pistol, eyes darting from his to the door.

Through the lighting and storm, the echos of a horrifying scream rent the night air. A second and equally impressive scream echoed a few minutes later.

Roy dropped Hoenheim's letter as Pinako did her pipe.

Dramatically, a large metal foot kicked down the door and crashed onto the floor in a tumultuous heap.

"Granny! You've got to...you've got to save brother!"