The next day, Kark went to see the concierge at his desk. He smiled as he handed the envelope with his name on it. He opened it up to see that there were a couple of New York subway tickets, as well as a few very odd looking train tickets. He also found a letter that read:

Good morning, Kark!

As promised, this is my "little surprise" from me to you. I know you're going to love it! I'd love to come with you; but like I said, being the New York Islanders' mascot is a tireless job!

See you at the game tonight!

Your friend,


There was also a sheet of instructions as to where to go and how to use the tickets in the envelope. Armed with this envelope, Kark walked out of the hotel lobby and out onto the sidewalk wondering where this adventure will take him.

A short time later, he arrived at the subway station. According to the instruction sheet Sparky left him, he was supposed to go to a specifically numbered booth and give the boarding subway ticket to the attendant that was there. The usher smiled as he punched a hole in the ticket and directed him to the waiting subway train behind him.

From there, the next part of the instructions told him to get off at the third stop and to proceed up a flight of steps on his left.

A short time later, Kark arrived at the top of said steps where the next part of Sparky's instruction sheet said: You'll see a set of wide double doors in front of you. Just walk through them.

He checked the instructions sheet again to reread the last part: Don't forget to change into your dragon form before you enter!

Kark muttered something in French which would translate to "What is all this!" Breathing a sigh, Kark did as Sparky asked. After making sure the area was deserted, he looked up towards the ceiling and closed his eyes. He then extended his arms to either side of him, and began his transformation. A swirl of light rose up slowly from the floor to surround him. A few seconds later, it lowered back down to disappear beneath the floor. Kark has just finished changing into his weredragon form. Sighing again, he opened up the large double doors and walked on through.

He was walking down a tunnel with fluorescent lights hanging from the ceiling. A closer look told him that this wasn't a manmade tunnel, it looked more like a naturally formed cave that would've been pitch black, were it not for the lights on the ceiling!

He saw the light of an opening up ahead that told him he was almost at the entrance to the cave. When he emerged, he looked around and was deeply surprised to see that the area around him was heavily forested and filled with lush vegetation. He certainly never expected this! He thought he'd arrive in some obscure part of New York City and be led to some important landmark that was far off the beaten path. Somehow, I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore! He thought to himself. This'd better be good, Sparky!

He saw a building off in the distance. He realized it looked familiar. He took out one of the train tickets inside the envelope and compared it the building. He realized it was exactly the same! They imprinted the image of the building on the ticket, and he realized that what he saw was the train station he had to get to! He estimated it was probably a kilometer and a half away. Not wanting to waste any more time, he started walking towards it.