Tuesday 11th September 2001

As the sun shone through the window, the last of the summer sun hit Tony's face. Today was a good day, so far. But he had a feeling, something was about to happen. He didn't know what, but his gut was telling him that it would be big.

It was just after 8.50 am that he knew he was right, but after knowing what had happened; he wished he been wrong. They first knew something had happened, when everyone started to gather around TV's in the office.

They too, changed channels and were shocked by what they were seeing. The World Trade Center in New York, and a plane flying into it. Straight away they knew, their country was under attack. No one spoke a word, but they were thinking the same thing. Was this an isolated attack, or were there more to follow?

As he looked around the bullpen, he couldn't see Ziva. She had gone up to Vance's office earlier, and hadn't returned to the bullpen when they learnt of the attack. He knew that Ziva had seen attacks before, especially since Tali was killed in one, but he honestly never expected to see one on American soil.

Suddenly Tony realized that Ziva was next to him, tears flowing down her cheeks. His hand quickly found hers and gave her small hand a squeeze. She had left the war behind in her home country and truly believed that in America she wouldn't have to think about her new home land being attacked. But she was wrong.

As they stood together, they saw another plane headed for the World Trade Center, and this time they had to watch live as the plane crashed straight into the building. Ziva turned away from the screen; she couldn't bear to watch any more. He pulled her into a warm, loving embrace. He whispered into her ear, that everything was going to be alright, but he already knew that it wouldn't be. He felt his own tears making tracks down his face. But he knew had had to stay strong.

When the news anchor, said all bridges and tunnels in and out of New York were closed, and that was when it hit Tony. Washington was possibly another target, and if so, who knew where they may target next. His mind quickly went to Grace. He had to go and get her. No matter what was happening in the world he knew that he had to protect her, it was his duty.

Ziva looked back at the TV; as if to make sure that was she saw was actually real then it hit her. Grace. As the name left her lips, Tony kissed her quickly on the lips.

'I'll go get her'

'No Tony, we should go together'

'Zi, it'll be easier and quicker if I go. Stay here with Gibbs and I'll be right back'

He moved to his desk and quickly gathered his gun, badge and car keys. He gave Ziva another kiss, and promised her that everything would be ok. Then he was gone, and Ziva was left all alone in her little world, hoping and praying that he was right.