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Crumble Like Sand

drabble 2: the winter man

We called him the Winter Man.

He came out of the snow, during what was probably the worst snowstorm Sandgem had experienced in what Mommy and Daddy had said was forever. Even before they were born.

We were snuggled as a family before the warm fireplace, Mommy and Daddy sandwiching Maya and I. They told little stories; silly, scary, amazing. We felt so happy then. Even with the loud wind and snow that kept hitting our house and causing everything to creak, it was such a warm time…

It was interrupted though, when the Winter Man came, knocking on our door, startling us real bad. Mommy jumped, causing all of us to fall over as the blankets got tangled up into knots. A hushed silence fell over our small house as everyone stared at the door like it was something out of the fairytales Mommy liked to tell us.

I shifted slightly, discarding the blankets. "Aren't you gonna get the door?" Daddy didn't say anything, and Mommy had a deathgrip on Maya. I shrugged slightly, wondering why they were so scared. People knocked on doors all the time-sure, there was a blizzard outside, but that didn't mean other people couldn't come over and join our family. I started to walk to the door.

"Little lady, get right back here this instant!" I froze, before turning around with a look of confusion on my face, getting ready for another argument. "I will not take any sass from you right now." She cut off my complaint before it could be voiced, like she always does. Pouting slightly, I plodded back over.

And then the knocking came again.

I felt it then, an intense desire to turn around and open the door. Before I knew it, I was doing just that.

And before my parents could do anything else, my hand was on the handle, and I opened the door…

The ferocious wind blew the door wide open, snatching it from my weak grip and causing me to fall down. Looking up despite that, I saw him-a tall figure, whose features were disguised by the snowy haze that raged behind him, save ethereal eyes that bored into my mismatched ones.

A vindictive angel, cold and merciless.

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We've always been rather impatient, so as soon as we could, we left for Jubilife. Without any Pokemon.

"Maybe if we back away reaaallly slowwwly it will ignore us."