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Crumble Like Sand


drabble 7: nanopokemon

His eyes were dark, dark like stormfire.

"I specialize in the study of NanoPokemon."

… Or so he says.

I don't really understand it, so I ask him again. "Nah-noh Pokemon?"

The Winter Man laughs at me, mussing my hair. I shrieked angrily, swatting at his hand. "Were you even paying attention to me before?" He asks.

"I was, I was! But I don't understand…." I trailed off as I watched that steely look come over his face, the look he always gets when he talks about his profession. His tone was light, but his face wasn't, which fasinates me to no end, cuz I don't know how he does it. Every time I try, I just look silly.

"I study NanoPokemon; Pokemon too small to have or simply don't have the capability to fighting." He says, and as always his serious tone lulls me into complete attention.

"But if they can't fight, what use are they?" I hear myself ask, even though I'm not quite conscious of my actions.

He turns to look at me with his stormfire eyes, making me shiver. "Just because they cannot do flashy and harmful things does not mean that they are useless. They are the beings that make this world go round; they are the food supply of some fighting Pokemon, who scientists call the 'Alpha Pokemon,' or simply 'Alphas.' They also collect energy and store it into the earth, where we can collect it later in mines and other remote places like mountains."

I pursed my lips. "Hmmm…" Winter Man uses big words, so I can't understand him sometimes. "Where are Nah-noh Pokemon?"

He chuckled, and moved his hand to muss my hair again. Thankfully, I dodged out of his dangerous reach, having kept an eye on it the whole time. "It's Nano, Little Cry. Nano." "I dun' care 'bout how to pro-nawnce it! I wanna find one!" I exclaimed in annoyance, partly because he had used that stupid nickname he gave me when he found out my favorite Pokemon was a Cryogonal, and partly because he didn't answer my question.

"You may not see them, but that's just because they do not want to be seen, because they're everywhere, Little Cry! In fact, there are more NanoPokemon out there than Alphas! Amazing, right? There are 649 types of Pokemon that we have studied, and they are not even the majority!" The seriousness was gone from his voice, and instead he was filled with excitement. I smiled real wide.

"I wanna see one! I wanna see!" I exclaimed, launching myself at him. He laughed again, and mussed up my hair again, though I didn't care cuz I was too excited; because if Winter Man said that they were awesome, they must be something amazing!

"Maybe you'll be the first to make contact with them then. Some say that they can give you the ability to speak to Pokemon. So why don't you, when you get older, meet some Nano Pokemon, and you can tell me all about it."

I smiled again, my eyes mere slits on my face. "Yep!"