Lily Evans POV

Day One

Why is my life such a bloody mess? I spend my winter vacation with my boyfriend (James Potter, who would have thought?) and his mates (Remus Lupin and Sirius Black, Peter is with his mother) since my sister doesn't want me around for her wedding. My other friends Alice and Marlene are off on vacation with their families. When James found out that I was thinking of spending vacation at Hogwarts he pounced and told me to spend it at his house. I agreed, but I didn't know that meant spending it with his mates. It has been nothing but chaos since I stepped through the door. The strange thing is, today, nothing's happened. James and I are sitting on the couch (flirting), Remus is reading a book in another room because he couldn't stand listening to us anymore, and Sirius is off doing something…probably harassing my cat, again. That is until I hear him yelling from some other part of the house…

"Moony! Prongs! You'll never guess what I found in the attic!" Sirius bellows running down the stairs and into Remus as he enters the room causing whatever the object is to smash on the ground and shatter into many different pieces. All of the sudden the room started spinning. Remus and Sirius run over to James and I and we quickly huddle together. The next thing I know we're falling through the air and smash onto hardwood floor.

"Padfoot, what did you do?" James hisses at his best mate. While the Marauders argue I take in my surroundings. It seems that we landed in someone else's house. It's rather large considering this leads off into three other rooms.

"Who's there?" questions a young woman leaning on one of the doorways, wand in her hand. She is dressed in muggle attire, loose jeans, and loose green top. She isn't exactly tall, more or less average in height. She doesn't seem like anyone I would know, until I look up at her face. It is like looking into a mirror! We have the same hair, facial structure, and nose. The only thing different are her eyes. Those are the eyes I look into constantly, they're James'. Bloody hell, I marry James.

I quickly snap out of my stupor and answer, "I'm Lily Evans. These boys are James Potter, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin. I'm very sorry for intruding, but we just ended up here after Sirius broke something."

She tilts her head to the side and thinks for a moment. "I'm Lily Luna Potter. Well, actually I just married…but that isn't that point. You guys have traveled sixty years into the future. I have to make some calls. Make your selves at home and please don't break anything," she tells us sprinting out of the room.

I turn to James to see a giant grin on his face. "Looks like you marry me, Evans," he says and I blush a bright red.

"You can't know that, James," I say stubbornly turning around and seeing a cabinet full of little awards. I motion for the boys to follow. There were two shelves each with Hogwarts badges and awards on them. One of them must have been her husbands because there's a Head Boy badge next to quidditch pictures a list of what he graduated with. There're also some music awards.

On the next shelf down are Lily Luna's awards. She was a prefect, quidditch captain and Head Girl. She also graduated out of a famous healer's academy with the highest honors. "Bloody hell, these two are smart. It looks like she marries someone two years older than her. Oh, look photo albums!" Sirius exclaims grabbing an album sitting on the couch.

We crowd around Sirius and look at the album. They were mostly of Lily and her husband during their Hogwarts years. He seems to be a very handsome man. His light blonde hair brushing his forehead, only looking slightly windswept, he's well-muscled, and on the taller side. From the picture I can see that he has very bright grey eyes, they almost have a silver tint to them. In every photo they're smiling.

"Enjoying the pictures?" she asks once again from the doorway, but this time instead of a wand she is holding a tray of tea with some biscuits on it.

"Sorry, we didn't mean to pry, but we were curious," Remus apologizes quickly and she rolls her/James' hazel eyes. She walks over to us and places down the tray. In the blink of an eyes Sirius has three biscuits in his hand and is stuffing one in his mouth. Lily Luna quickly takes the photo album from the couch and places it back on the shelf we took it from.

"It's perfectly fine. I would have done the same thing in your position. I mean it's only marauder curiosity, after all," she replies winking at the boys. The boys turn red and quickly go back to eating.

"Do you have any idea on how we got here?" James asks Lily Luna. Lily Luna takes the tea kettle and pours herself a cup before answering.

"I believe the device Sirius grabbed was a time turner. When he dropped and broke it, it caused the device to keep turning in the direction it fell on until the magic ran out. I've already contacted my older brother and his friends. They should be trying to find another time turner as we speak," she answers simply. I guess they awards weren't lying, this girl is intelligent.

Right before Remus asks her something, a patronus flies into the room. It looks like a raven and its beak opens and a woman's voice comes out, "We're working on the time turner, James, Kyle, and I have alerted parts of the family about this. Soon enough it will get around. Scorpius knows as well. He is coming home early from the music shop and Astoria understands. See you in about an hour."

"That was my friend Izzy. She's three years older than me and a high ranking Auror. The time turner business should be cleared much faster now that she knows about the problem. Though, pulling Scorpius from work was a bit much," Lily Luna trails off checking the clock and then continuing, "I better start dinner. Does anyone want to help? I'm going to be making dinner for nine."


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