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Scorpius' POV

To say that they look horrified at the thought of a Potter being named after Severus Snape, it would be an understatement. James looks like he wants to punch something, Remus looks like he's going to sprout a tale and some fangs without a moon, Sirius looks murderous, Lily Senior looks surprised and yet she isn't repulsed, and Severus doesn't look surprised in the least. Considering that he lives in a castle portrait, he shouldn't. Al's been in there to be yelled at on more than one occasion.

"Look, you may not believe this, but Severus Snape saved my father more times than he can count. He's one of the bravest men that he ever knew and I think that you should respect what we say since we're in the future," Al chastises them like he would a young child. The teens look a little ashamed at first, but they shake it off without saying a word of apology. I guess coming from a different generation makes some prejudices stay no matter what you tell them.

"It would have been better if you sent an owl first. I wasn't expecting you to come back for another few weeks. With you and Hugo in your inventors mind frame, I never know what you're thinking. Is there a specific reason you popped in?" Lily asks him and he pulls out a device that looks a lot like a time turner.

"I finished it when dad told me about the unsuspected guests. It was a surprise, but Hugo and I have been working on this time turner for years. It might as well be tested now," Albus explains sheepishly. That's not the entire truth, because his ears are turning a light shade of pink.

"Really, Al, do you think I would believe that rubbish? How badly did Izzy threaten you until you finally gave the time turner up?" Lily snaps at him reading my mind exactly.

"I bet she hung you by your ankles and waited until the blood started going to your head before you said anything," I say grinning. I know the way Izzy operates and it's normally through slow torture and ignoring pleas until all her questions are answered. That's one of the many reasons why she is such a good Auror.

I hear a crack in the distance and Kyle, James, and Izzy come from around the corner. It looks like a family reunion of sorts. "Severus, Hugo fixed your painting-Oh, Albus you actually finished it, good job," Izzy says to my brother and Severus looks at the others and gives them all curt nods before turning around and leaving the others.

He takes on last look back at Lily senior that she doesn't return and walks away behind James and Kyle into the distance before they apperate away.

"Alright, is there anything you lot would like to say to Lily and Scorpius for having you for all this time? As you can probably understand, babysitting a bunch of teenagers when their expecting their first child is probably a little bit more than overwhelming," Izzy says to them and they turn to me and my wife. I wrap my arms around her waist comforting her because I know she hates being the center of attention.

"I'll speak for all of us when saying that it is really a surprise to see how much the world has changed since we were young. Even if we all die in tragic deaths, to see your generation happy is the best thing that we could possibly know. Thank you so much for taking us into your home in this hectic time for you and thank you for opening our eyes too what the world can become," Lily senior say thanking us kindly.

"Sadly, you don't get to keep those memories," I hear Izzy mutter behind me. I see Remus' eyes widen at this, but he doesn't comment to it. I guess he realize that this they wouldn't get to keep their memories of this adventure, it just wouldn't make sense.

"You're all very welcome, but I actually have a question for you," Lily asks them all quietly. Everyone turns their heads to her curiously. Even I'm a bit confused and I know her the best out of all of us.

"What do you think that I should name the baby? I've always wanted the input of my grandparents," Lily is asking for their input before they leave? She's always so unpredictable, but she has brought that up more than once that she wishes she could ask her grandmother from her dad's side what she should name the baby. We both knew it wouldn't have been possible till now.

"I think that you should name you child something that stands out, but not too much. What names are you thinking of?" Lily senior answers her sweetly.

"We were thinking of Elizabeth or Giselle for a girl and for a boy either Liam or Xavier for a boy…" Lily trails over absently putting her hand on her slightly swollen stomach.

"I think Giselle or Xavier would work. That way there can't be any embarrassing nicknames from boys that'll stalk her for years at a time," Lily senior says playfully glaring at the marauders behind her.

"Thank you, this means a lot to me," Lily tells her gratefully. I think this has made Lily's day for a long time.

"Alright, you lot, it's time for you to go," Izzy says herding them together. James senior naturally puts him arms protectively around Lily senior as they clump together. Izzy sadly raises her wand and the males of the group prepare for an attack, but it doesn't come, just a memory altering one that they won't remember getting up on them in the first place.

"Al, activate the time turner," Izzy orders after the spell is finished and transfigures their clothes back to the ones they were wearing the day they arrived. Then she casts a sleeping spell on them. It'll probably wear off after they get back in the past. The time turner activates and they disappear as quickly as they'd come.

"I think I might miss them," Izzy admits before she and Al apperate away. I turn to Lily who is silently looking at the sport where her grandparents used to be.

"Yea, I think that we'll miss them too," Lily says quietly grabbing my hand and taking me back in the house. The time stream is absolute, and an endless paradox of confusion…that's what makes time travel so dangerous.

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