Agreeing and Disagreeing

For the one hundredth time in the last hour, Tsuna sighed.

"They say a happiness escapes every time you sigh, so you'd better stop sighing if you want to have any happiness left, Dame-Tsuna," said Reborn. Tsuna glared at her tutor.

"I don't know how," she said in a growl. "But this is your fault somehow."

"What's my fault?" asked Reborn. Tsuna decided not to answer that question and got a kick to the head for her silence. "Best to tell your loving guardian everything."

Tsuna scoffed. Loving guardian her foot and leg. Unfortunately, she had no one else to go to. Both her best friends were male, and she knew that Gokudera would blow something up if he ever found out what happened between her and Hibari. And she couldn't calm her storm guardian down because she couldn't explain the situation when she didn't understand it herself.

"Hibari kissed me," she whispered, the words sounding worse out loud than in her head.

"He moves fast," said Reborn approvingly. "So tell me about your first kiss."

"It wasn't that kind of kiss," said Tsuna, the heat in her cheeks worsening. She needed to get some more girl friends. Talking about this with her father/mentor figure was mortifying, and that Reborn was amusing himself with her suffering didn't help. "He kissed me on my forehead."

"If he had done more, I would have shot him in the head," said Reborn.

"You were watching?"

"It's the duty of every parent to keep a close eye on their child."

"I'm sure what you do can be classified as stalking," mumbled Tsuna.

"If you like him, you should go out with him," said Reborn. Tsuna sighed.

"I can't," she said in almost a whine. "I don't want him to involve him in the mafia."

"He's already involved," said the hitman. He didn't even wait for Tsuna's glare to turn on hims before continuing. "He has fallen for the Vongola's tenth generation boss. He won't leave you alone now, so he's involved with the mafia whether you like it or not. It would be best to just invite him into your familigia and be done with it."

"Why do you want him in the familigia anyway?" asked Tsuna angrily. She knew that the infant hitman had planned this, probably from the start. And she hated how helpless she was to stop his plans. And she felt worse that she was always glad that he won in the end.

"Because he'll be able to protect you when I can no longer do so," said Reborn. "He has the potential to be your strongest guardian one day."

"I never said he'd be my Cloud guardian," said Tsuna defiantly, though the words warmed her. Her tutor rarely spoke so openly about his affection for Tsuna. He probably did it to manipulate her further into the situation, but she couldn't help but feel touched. "I…I just like him more than I thought now…"

"Then go out on a date with him," said Reborn. "And don't worry, your dear guardian will be keeping an eye on you two."

"That doesn't make me feel better at all!"


When the cute brunette had entered the Disciplinary Committee room, Kusakabe had had to remind himself that enthusiastically greeting her would scare the girl off. He guided her into a couch in Kyoya's office that was rarely used by anyone but the head prefect. She sat ramrod straight and kept glancing at the door. She looked adorable and strangely perfect for his little bro as she fidgeted with her skirt. If Kyoya didn't come in soon, Kusakabe might risk the head prefect's displeasure and start a conversation with the cute girl. Fortunately for Kusakabe's ribs, Kyoya entered just as Kuskabe opened his mouth to ask the girl what she was doing here.

"Hibari," said the brunette girl. "I-I…u-um, hello…"

"…Sawada Tsunayoshi."

The two stared at each other. Kusakabe had never experienced this silence from Kyoya. The head prefect's normal silences were filled with a refusal to speak. Kyoya demanded to be understood. But this silence held no such demands. Kusakabe had never been able to label one of Kyoya's silences as awkward before.

"I-I wanted to…to…to m-meet with you after school today," said the brunette, blushing bright red.

"...Namimori café," said Kyoya.

"Namimori café?" asked the girl, the blush replaced by confusion.

"We will meet at Namimori café."

"O-oh, a-alright," said the girl, as she stood from the little worn sofa. "I'll see you then."

"Where are you going?" demanded Kyoya.

"To go back to class," she said as she headed for the door. He grabbed her hand.

"Do not talk to those herbivores," he growled.

"Who? My classmates?" asked the girl. Kyoya continued to glare. She lifted her eyebrows in surprise. "Gokudera and Yamamoto?"

Somehow, the girl understood the "yes" in Kyoya's silence.

"No," she said. The girl no longer resembled the timid brunette that had entered the room. "They're my friends, and I won't abandon them. Not for anyone."

The silence that followed that statement contained more than Kusakabe could understand, from both sides. Neither wanted to back down, and if the light brunette was not a girl, Kusakabe would expect the silence to end in blows. This girl, the one who stood firmly across from the Hibari Kyoya, this was the girl that Kusakabe could see his little brother falling in love with. So that is one mystery down and about a dozen more formed.

"…don't let them touch you," said Kyoya at last. Kusakabe wondered why he wasn't more surprised that the taciturn teen had broken the silence first, but that formerly timid girl had something about her that made refusing to yield a bad idea.

"Yamamoto doesn't mean anything by it," said the girl, this Sawada Tsunayoshi. "It's the way he shows affection. Gokudera would not touch me. He feels too unworthy for that. Every time I so much as try to hug him, he freaks out, and we've been together for years now."

"Sasagawa Ryohei," said Kyoya.

"Unless it's for a spar, I doubt Nii-san would be interested."

"6PM. Don't be late," said Kyoya, giving that girl his back. She nodded, though she knew he couldn't see her.

"See you then, Kyoya." When that last word slipped off the girl's tongue, the timid brunette returned with a bright blush. She opened and closed her mouth and looked back and forth from the door to Kyoya. Was Kyoya…no, the light from the window must be playing tricks. The Hibari Kyoya did not blush.

"I will bite you to death if you are late," said Kyoya as he headed for the window. He opened it and exited the room, ignoring the fact that this room was on the third floor as usual. The younger teen's gait appeared rushed, but Kusakabe was probably reading too much into his little brother's movements. The girl gave a sigh and turned to leave before catching sight of Kusakabe. The fading blush on her cheeks kicked into a new gear. Kusakabe smiled and said what he had wanted to say from the beginning.

"Take good care of Kyoya."