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Case Number 14


The case was like none I had ever dealt with. I was a master at finding people, for a price. I just never thought such a young person would be so hard to find. I had been given a case file and a copy of his last school picture. On a normal day I would be off and searching right away, but this was not a normal day. The case I had been handed was a decade old and had long been labeled a cold case. How does a seven year old just vanish off the face of the earth.

"Lavi this is a pointless case, why did you accept it?"

"Because we need the money Yuu."

"Don't call me by that name, unless you want to die?"

"We been through this for the last two years. I'm still alive aren't I."

"Not for long if you keep it up!"

"Sure, sure now about this case?"

"It's ten f*cking years old and it's cold, what the hell do you think we can do?"

"Well we have to give our best effort if we want to keep our retainer."

"F*ck my life!"

It's not like I'm not into a challenge, but the kid in question vanished ten years ago without a trace. At seven years old he watched in terror as his foster father burned to death. Well as far as the case notes suggest. Apparently his adoptive father was a biochemist who worked for NOAH and during a lab accident he burned to death.

"How did he burn to death in a lab, and how did the kid see it happen?"

"I don't know."

"You're a useless rabbit."

"Hey no need to be mean."

"He was a biochemist, where does the fire connect?"

"Well as a chemist he could have been working with a buncen burner."

"It has classified next to what he was working on, in fact they never released any information on his work."

"They may have had a government contract that stuff stays hush, hush."

"So what would the government need with a biochemist?"

"Yuu, I think the main point is why would they incinerate there biochemist?"

"Maybe what he was working on was a biological weapon."

"Were jumping to conclusions and you know it."

"Who paid us to find the kid?"

"Let me see…"

Lavi started to dig into the contract he worked up for our retainer.

"His name was Tiki Miki I remember he was tall, dark and handsome."

"You would remember that."

"Aw be nice Yuu, just because I swing both way's doesn't mean I don't think you're hot too."

"You just keep narrowing you life down rabbit."

"I know you love me why else would you give me a cute nick-name and not kill me."

"It's not cute it's an insult, and you're only around to do the paperwork that I hate more then you!"

"Sure keep telling yourself that."

The fact of the matter was Lavi was brilliant in the research department, he could stay up for day's reading if he needed to. In the two years we have been working together we have solved cases and found people that no one else could. Even though we argued a lot and Lavi flirted to much, when it came down to work we always clicked. I would be hard pressed to find someone as good as Lavi, but I would never tell him that.

"Just shut up and run the photo."

"Okay ten years older coming up!"

Lavi placed the photo onto a scanner and uploaded it to a special program that Lavi had written. Anyone could scan a criminal database for a photo match, but not everyone is a criminal. Then there was the fact that the ten year old picture wouldn't match the kid now. So what do you do? Well Lavi created a program that would age a person to what they should look like in a certain time span. Then once that's completed he runs it through what he calls the social machine. This program takes the new composite photo of a now estimated seventeen year old and compares it to photos on face book, smug mug, shutter fly and so on thousands of social sites are scoured for are missing kid. The whole search takes about twenty four hours from start to finish.

"Is that the composite your running?"

"Yah, why?"

"Nothing, no reason."

Lavi looked back at the composite then shifted his eyes back to me.

"He may just be a real looker about now, don't cha think?"

"Che, if he's still alive you mean."

Lavi gazed back at the photo for a minute and sighed.

"Well I don't know about Yuu since you're a-sexual and all, but I would so bang him!"

I had Mugen to his neck so fast even I was surprised. Lavi looked equally shocked at my quick threat.

"Do not say anything like that in front of me again, the kid watch his only father burn to death, surly even you have more respect then that."

"Sorry Yuu I was just…"

"Save it I'm not in the mood!"

I stormed out in need of fresher air. It was strange my head hurt, it was pounding. Why did that picture stay glued to my retinas?






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