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Case Number 14.2


Lenalee knew Allen hated getting his picture taken, but she wasn't letting him get out of a graduation picture. When the summer comes to its end Allen will be off to a different college then Lenalee. So right now she was saving as many memories as possible. Allen complained, and made her promise to keep the picture to herself. He was always worried about his picture floating around in public. That meant no facebook update was to feature Allen. She never really understood why he was like that. He seem paranoid about everything, but she loved him like a brother. So for the two years they have been best friends she respected his picture rule. Until graduation day. She just had to have a picture of the two of them uploaded to her page. What harm could it do?

Lavi was finished packing up the car to head for the airport. Kanda was postmarking a package to be sent to their destination as overnight priority.

"Kanda, do you really need to send Mugen overnight?"

Kanda replied with a glare.

"It's f*ucking expensive as shit!"

"Well if the post office let me ship a certain rabbit I would. The flight would be less annoying."

Lavi sulked for a minute, then grabbed his car key's and flight ticket. Kanda grabbed his ticket as well and moved out of the house to the car with Lavi in tow.

They arrived at the airport after their brief stop at the post office. Lavi thought $22.95 to ship a sword to yourself was robbery. Whatever happened to 25 cents for a stamp?

After they got through airport security which took almost two hours, Lavi found a starbucks and made his way to the coffee god. Kanda mumbled something about $6.00 coffees being worse then shipping costs. And something along the lines of starbucks had terrible tea.

Over the loudspeaker system they heard the announcement to board for their flight.

"Flight 36 to California now boarding first class."

Kanda handed his ticket to the man behind the counter. After a quick scan he was sent onto the plane. Lavi follow a minute after. They found their seats and made quick work of putting their carry on away. This was not the first flight they had ever taken. Just in the last year the two had banked more frequent flyer miles then John Travolta.

"Hey Yuu, do you think this Lenalee girl can tell us where Walker's at?"

"Don't call me by that name! How should I know."

"I wish she had answered my friend request. She looks really cute in her pictures."

"Did you ever stop to think she may have a life off the internet. Besides who would want to be friends with you?"

Lavi gave a pout with a fake sniffle to boot. "But two day's is way to long to ignore a request." He emphasized it with his fingers in Kanda's face.

"How should I know. I don't have a facebook, it's a waist of time."

"Don't say that Yuu. If you keep trying then one day, maybe you'll be social."

"Shut up." Kanda pulled out his book for the flight, and tuned Lavi out with the best noise canceling headphones money could buy.

Shortly after flight 36 arrived at LA-X Kanda was renting a car for the week. Once that was situated the pair drove to the Hilton where they booked a room for the night. After checking in and moving luggage Kanda was ready for a shower, and Lavi was already asleep on the couch. After his shower Kanda took a short nap on one of the twin beds in their room. He hated jetlag almost as much as Lavi.

Lavi being the genius he was found out the name of the high school Allen's picture was taken at. After a little Google search he was able to get the address of the school with ease. They would have a good drive tomorrow into Mid-to-Northern California where they booked a room at another hotel just down the street from the school. If all went as planned they would locate Allen sometime in the next two days.

Kanda awoke after an hour of sleep to find Lavi on the twin bed next to his. He wondered when the other had moved from the couch. Stretching his arms out and cracking his back Kanda went to open his luggage. He pulled out some tea he packed and went to the small kitchen to prepare a cup. Afterwards he sat on the couch and turned on the TV and got the weather channel. Sunny. That was a big surprise. He changed the channel.

Lavi stumbled in during Kanda's furious channel surfing. "Easy champ you might break the remote."

"Like I give a shit." Kanda cursed in response.

He wondered how he could be in tinsel town, and also be unable to find good programming.

Lavi put a pot of coffee on despite the time. Kanda hated the taste of coffee, but loved the smell. He secretly liked it when Lavi brewed the black substance.

Kanda felt restless now that he was closer to Allen Walkers location. Maybe Lavi was right for once. Maybe he did like the white haired teen. He had no idea what it felt like to be interested in someone. It simply never happened to him before. How could he possibly like someone he has never met? It was crazy. It made no sense. But he couldn't explain it any other way. He was attracted to Allen Walker. Now whether that remained after meeting the teen Kanda had no answer. The kid could be a total prick for all Kanda knew. He would just have to wait and see.



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