And Daniel

Will return in…


A mega-crossover anthology series starring characters from films, books, shows, comics, plays, and video games.

Coming in 2018.

*Also, the new-and-improved "Chapter 1: Birth" is up.

**The updated "Chapter 2: 626" is up. Fun fact: the original version was 14,000 words long. This one is only 8000. Perhaps the most drastic edit that there will be. I ended up basically re-writing almost three quarters of it. I forgot how much small talk I used to clot up my writing with. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this version more than the old one, and I promise that future updated chapters will not take quite as long, or be as severe. (Chapter 3 will be a bit different, but I'm fairly happy with the core details of the story thereafter, so the rest will just be updates to make my current writing style consistent throughout, and occasionally adding or changing a scene. Expect a new Pig scene, Chopsuey eating chop suey, and a more epic first confrontation with Hamsterviel.)

Also, I've decided that I'm going to alternate between editing Stitch's Revolution and writing episodes of Justice League Infinite. I already have the whole first act for episode one written on paper during the slow hours at the cinema I work at, so you can expect that to be out sometime in the middle of February. I've already put teasers for the season one characters on that story's page, but just for fun, I'll reveal here that episode one will crossover Marvel and DC Comics. Which specific heroes will be featured, however, I will withhold.

I may also start posting some short "bite-sized" stories about the Pelekais as well, for those of you wanting a sequel to Stitch's Revolution.

And speaking of sequels to Stitch's Revolution, while I don't have one planned (unless you count the characters' appearances in Justice League Infinite.), I do have plans for something on an epilogue, about the length of the average chapter. I won't say much, but I will say that it would be told from the perspective of a character from the original Lilo & Stitch film who did not appear in Stitch's Revolution. Let's see who can guess...

Alright, that's enough for now. See you very soon.