Sunsets and Moonlight

"Hey, Pony," said Johnny Cade as he sat next to his friend, who was busy watching the sunset.

"Hey, Johnny," Ponyboy looked over at the other boy, "Your parents fighting again?"

Johnny almost smirked at the first two words of that question, 'Your parents…', "Yeah, man, same as usual. Figured I'd stay clear until they either pass out or my dad leaves for the bar."

They sat in silence watching the rest of the sunset. When the sun had finally dipped out of the sky, Ponyboy stood up, "I better get home before Darry skins me alive. You wanna come with?"

"Maybe later, I'm gonna sit here a while longer," said Johnny, not looking up from the ground.

Pony almost insisted, not wanting to leave him there alone, but then thought against it. He'd probably be by later, "Okay, see ya 'round."

When he was sure Ponyboy was gone in the direction of his own house, Johnny pulled a bunch of folded papers out of his pocket, and a picture. He looked at these for a long time, especially the picture, as the last of the sunlight gave way to starlight.

"Hey Johnny, man," said Dallas, startling the younger boy, "What's that you're lookin' at?"

"N-nothing," said Johnny, trying to stow the items. Unfortunately, Dally snatched them up before he could put them away.

There was still enough light for him to just make out the wording on the pages. They were obviously old, with cracks in the creases where they had been folded. The first page was a birth certificate: Johnny's birth certificate. Dally thought nothing of it, until he read he names listed as his mother and father: Steve Trevor and Diana Prince-Trevor. The rest of the papers were stapled together but he could tell from the top page that they were adoption papers.

"Johnny- Where'd you get these?"

"I found 'em in my parents' room one time, a couple years ago when I was looking for lunch money," he looked away ashamed for some reason, "I suppose I'd get my skull cracked open if they knew I had 'em."

"And what's that?" Dally meant the picture that was still in Johnny's hand.

Johnny handed the picture over, "It's a picture of my real parents."

In the picture was a very pretty, no a beautiful woman, with long black hair, but not the kind that just lay flat; it kind of poofed up slightly, but in a good way. The picture was black and white, but Dally could tell her eyes were a light color, and they were filled with warmth and kindness. Her smile looked as if it could brighten the morning sky. The man standing next to her, holding her hand, was wearing an old air force uniform. He was a handsome man with slight wrinkles around his eyes and mouth, made more prominent by the grin on his face. They seemed to be very happy.

"Nice lookin' couple. But why you keepin' this stuff, Johnny?"

Johnny wouldn't meet his eye, "Same reason I stayed with the Cades all these years, I'm hoping that one day they might come and find me and…"

"Stop right there, Johnny," Dally said. He paused for a minute to think of his words. He had to be blunt, but he didn't wanna hurt the kid, "Why do you keep doin' this to yourself, man? It was bad enough with those people that you live with, but now you're getting' your hopes up about these people. If you're adopted, that means that they gave you up. They- they didn't want you, man. But you don't need them. You got me, and Ponyboy and Soda, and the rest of 'em. You understand?"

Johnny finally looked at Dally, with a frown, "yeah, Dally, I get it."

Dally looked at him a minute longer before standing up. He handed the papers and the pictures back to Johnny and said, "I'm off to the Curtis', you comin'?"

"Yeah, might as well," said Johnny, standing up as well and pocketing the papers. He then followed Dally toward the Curtis house.

Johnny knew that Dally meant well, and that he made sense on some level. But the thought of his parents gave him a type of comfort that he couldn't really get from his friends.

The comfort that they brought him, however, conflicted greatly with the emptiness he felt whenever another day passes and they haven't come yet. It was silly for him to believe that they would at all, but it was the only thing that kept him sane in the crazy world that he lived in.

These depressing thought were cut short when he and Dally made it to the Curtis house.

While Johnny was greeting his friends, thousands of miles away, on a hidden island within the Bermuda Triangle, Princess Diana gazed out across the crashing waves in the night, with nothing but a torch in her hand and the moonlight shining off the water for light.

"Diana," she heard a voice from behind her. She turned to the blonde Amazon behind her, "The queen requests an audience with you."

"Thank you, Evadne," said Diana as she made her way back across the beach.

The queen sat on a comfortable sofa in her sitting room when her eldest daughter came in, "You wanted to see me mother," not a question, a statement, given a bland tone that is completely unlike the warm, lively woman that everyone knows of.

"Yes, daughter; sit," she gestured the chair directly across from her. Diana took the seat as the queen pulled her gossamer roes tighter around herself, "You've been unhappy, distant, lately. The rest of us have taken notice and are concerned."

Diana's blank mask fell and her voice cracked as she spoke, "I don't know if I can fight it anymore, this yearning,"

"To be back in the outside world?" asked the queen, sitting up a bit straighter.

"No, it's not that. You see, I've kept something from you since I last returned from the outside world."

"What is it, Diana?" she got up and moved to her daughter's side and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Shortly after Steve died, I- I had a child," she let out a deep breath as if that breath was weighing heavily in her chest and she had just now chosen to relieve it.

"A child? How did that happen?"

Diana gave her mother a look and said, "I know it's been several thousand years for you mother, but need I really explain it to you?"

In that time, the queen was feeling several emotions at once. Shock was the most prominent. Behind that, however was worry of how this news would affect her people. Many of the Amazons were childless. Then there was joy that she had a grandchild. Lastly there was confusion, "where is the child?"

"I left him in the care of someone I felt was more suited to raise him," she said, beginning to sob slightly, "After Steve died, I was distraught and- and confused. I felt I had no business taking care of a baby in that state. I didn't think I could give him everything he needed."

"And now you regret your decision?"

Diana looked her mother in the eye, "Yes."

The queen began pacing, thinking about her daughter's confession.

"Mother, I want to go back into the outside world," the queen looked at her daughter, surprised, "I need to know that I made the right choice in leaving him. And I want to meet him. I want to see what kind of person he has become. He is a part of both me and Steve. He was raised by another, but I feel that the bond between us has not yet broken. I don't think that I will ever be whole again until I do this. But I need your blessing first." She looked anxiously to her mother.

"What kind of grandmother would I be if I denied you this," she said, a slight smile making it's way onto her face.

"Oh, mother!" Diana jumped up to wrap her arms around her mother, "I will leave at dawn's first light." She stepped back, her usual smile back on her face. She turned and left, walking back to her chambers to prepare for the journey.

The queen muttered to herself as her daughter left the room, "Perhaps this will be a good thing for you, seeing as how you now know what it's like to have your child out in the cruel world all alone."