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"Hey, are you okay?"

"I'm fine."

The words slipped out of his mouth before he could process them. It was habit, natural for him to ask her that. He didn't like seeing her like this.

The phrase came out without thought. Her automatic response that would keep things so, so much simpler between them, not that things were simple.

He knew it was a lie.

She knew it wasn't true.

But he didn't call her out on it, didn't try to get her to tell him what was really going on, didn't try to help her bring those suppressed emotions to the surface and let her cry herself out on his shoulder.

Like he wanted to.

And she just kept the fa├žade going, didn't say anything, didn't fall into his arms and let him hold her until the shaking stopped, until the pain stopped, until the world became only them.

Like she wished she could.

He knew he was in no position to do so after she had moved on and all the trouble he caused her.

She knew that she had no right to do so after all she put him through and the fact that she had a boyfriend now.

They had broken up, and on some of the worse of terms.

And he hated himself for it.

And she hated herself for it.

But he had moved on, nearly completely.

But she had moved on, almost entirely.

And things would be so much safer if they just stayed away from each other and kept up the little lies.

That he didn't love her.

That she didn't love him.

That they both had an aching in their chest whenever they saw the other.

Because things stayed simple if they did that. If they pretended the other didn't exist.

Because that was the only way they knew how to deal.

And she knew it.

And he knew it.

But they would never say it.