'Crap!' Envy thought nervously. He'd heard she had a disease, but didn't think it would be this bad. 'Shoot. Dante's gonna kill me!'

Lynne shifted and whimpered quietly. "Ed…ward…I'm…sor…ry…"

'Dammit!' Envy thought, as he stood up, supporting Lynne gingerly. "You sure are heavy, Lynne." He smirked, "I feel bad for the Fullmetal Pipsqueak."

He took the automail hand he had at the moment, and knocked her legs out from under her, mindful of the force used to keep her uninjured, which caused her to fall, allowing him to catch her, and carry her bridal style out from underneath the building. 'I hope Dante knows what she's doing…'

"Aahh!" Lynne jolted up, panting and sweating. She looked around, surveying her surroundings. 'I'm not at the shack...'

'A wise observation, Captain Obvious.'

'Shut up, Apathy. I wasn't talking to you.' Lynne thought, annoyed.

'You're forgetting I'm in your head. Whenever you talk to yourself, you're technically talking to me, smart one.'

'I hate you.' Lynne sweatdropped, 'Can't you go to sleep, or something?' she thought desperately.


"Oh, you're awake." A green-haired teen stated, leaning against the doorframe.

"Ah!" Lynne gasped, and clutched at her chest, as the burning tugging feeling on her consciousness increased, as Apathy recognized the voice. 'D-Dammit…Apathy…too hard…stop…'

She fell backwards onto the bed, panting hard, and closed her eyes. 'No…not…not now…'

"Hey, you okay? You can't die on me, dammit!" the green-head was leaning over her, his head so close, she could feel his warm breath on her face.

"Y-AH!" she screamed. It was starting to hurt badly, veins pulsing with liquid fire it seemed, rather than the blood a human normally would have. She couldn't hold it in anymore, it was hurting too much...

'LET ME OUT!' Apathy seemed to be screaming.

'N-No.' Lynne tried to protest, but her thoughts were suppressed the second she entered her head. She felt the familiar sensation of being sucked into a vacuum, and instantly realized what was happening. 'A-Apathy! N-NO!' she screamed internally, but it was too late. She was imprisoned in the metal cage that was her mind.

"Ah…" Apathy sighed. 'That sure took a while, Lynne. You're getting stronger.' She thought, smirking internally.

'Damn you.' Lynne thought back, getting extremely pissed off.

'Love you too, Lynne.'

"Um…Excuse me?" the green- head said, "Lady. I asked you a question."

"What?" Apathy replied in a monotone.

"What's your name?" the green-head said asked.

"That depends."

"Depends on what?" the green-heads said, clearly getting annoyed.

"Who you're talking to."

"Meaning?!" the green-head asked, exasperated.

"Well, are you talking to me or my host? My name is Apathy. My host's is Lynne." Apathy stated, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "And I know you. You're Envy."

Envy smirked, "Yeah, I do know you. It's been a while, so I'm afraid I didn't recognize you there for a second. Come with me, kay?"

Apathy nodded, and stood up, only to start swaying.

"Whoa there!" Envy said, holding her arm to steady her. "Don't kill yourself by standing up. My mistress- Dante -would like to meet you."

Apathy yanked her arm away. "I'm fine."

Envy rolled his eyes, but opened the door, and led her down the stairs. "This way."

They walked into a room below ground. A black haired woman stood there with another woman there too. A brunette with pink bangs.

The black-haired woman smiled and said, "Hello, Apathy, Lynne or whatever you want to be called. My name is Dante. This is Rose. I'd like to give you a proposition. Help me make a Philosopher's Stone, and I'll reward you handsomely.

'Isn't that what Ed's looking for?' Lynne asked Apathy.

'Well, well. Good morning Lynne. And yeah, I'm pretty sure he's looking for it. After all, it's all he talks about.'

'I don't like the sound of this...I don't trust her.'

'Oh relax. She just wants our help. Maybe we should.'

'N-No! A-Apat-!' Lynne was cut off by Apathy blocking her.

"We'll help. What do you need?" Apathy asked, crossing her arms.

"We need you spy on the Fullmetal Alchemist for us."

Something inside Apathy broke at that point, and the walls holding Lynne captive inside her head were weakened, as she screamed and cried out in protest. 'NO! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!'

Apathy collapsed, holding her head and gasping for air.


Roy winced, "I told you, Fullmetal, she never came home last night. Nobody's seen her. I just hope she didn't have an attack…" he trailed off.

"Oh really? "Nobody's seen her", eh?"

Ed turned around. "You! What the fuck are you doing here?!"

Envy smirked, "I can tell you where she is. All I need…is…well...a…favor…"

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