Sam Evans, the nerd, walked into his first day of his senior year at McKinley High. He smiles then the next moment he sees Rachel Berry, the diva of New Directions, get slushied by Dave Karofsky, the jock and jerk. Then the next moment he knows, he gets slushied, by the one and only Finn Hudson, the star quarterback and the biggest jerk in the school. The bell rings and Finn and Dave run off laughing. 'Great,' Sam thinks, 'I don't have time to wash off the slushie.' Sure, Sam got the slushie facial once in a while, but glee club got it worse, including Artie Abrams, the only person in a wheelchair at school. Sam took off his glasses and wiped the slushie away from his eyes. The next moment Sam knows, someone pulls his hand and the second bell rung. Once Sam opened his eyes, he realized he was in a restroom. The girls' restroom, Sam thought. Sam put his head down in the sink and the person washed out his hair. "Are you alright?" Sam heard.

"Yeah," Sam replied, looking up, but seeing nothing but a blur.

"Do you have my glasses?" Sam asked.

"Here," the person said, handing him back his glasses.

"Thanks," Sam said, putting his glasses back on. Once he did, he saw a pretty girl standing in front of him. "Wow," Sam said, shocked by how pretty she looked.

The girl laughed and pushed his bangs out of his face. Wow, Sam thought, She has a beautiful laugh.

"Are you new here?" Sam asks, coming out of nowhere.

"Yeah, I'm moved here from Florida," the girl said, "My name's Quinn."

"Sam," Sam replied, holding out his hand to shake. Once Quinn touched his hand, Sam felt a spark. Sam pulled away quickly, embarrassed. "Um… I got to go to class," Sam said lying.

"Okay. It was nice meeting you," Quinn said. She went up to him and kissed him on the cheek. Sam started reddening and Quinn left the restroom with a smile on her face. Wow, Sam thought, The new girl kissed me on the cheek…

Sam went to English class and apologized to the teacher for being late. In the corner of his eye, he saw Finn smirking in the corner. Sam ignored him and went to sit down. During the whole lesson, Sam couldn't stop thinking about Quinn. She had pretty eyes, no wait, beautiful eyes, pale skin, a pretty smile….. She was gorgeous. Then his thoughts were interrupted by Finn whispering to him, "What are you thinking of Evans?"

"None of your business, Hudson," Sam whispered back. Finn was about to curse at him, but then Sam was saved by the bell. Once the bell rung, Sam rushed out of the room.

Sam rushed to his next class, Spanish, with Mr. Shuester, also the choir teacher for New Directions. Once he got there, Sam sat down at an empty table. He waited patiently for the other students to arrive. A bunch of people walked in, but then Sam only noticed one person standing out from the crowd. Quinn. Quinn noticed him and walked over to him. Quinn asked, "Is there anyone sitting here?"

"Not at the moment," Sam said with a goofy smile. Quinn smiled back and sat down next to him. Then the last person coming in, whose last name was Hudson, sat down behind the two of them. Finn didn't notice her at first, but then noticed her when she went to face Sam. Sam knew Finn would fall for her fast, once he saw her face. Finn smiled at her, but Quinn didn't notice him. She was still talking to Sam about how he was the only one who she knew. Sam smiled at her when she was talking and saw Finn glare at him. Bring it on Hudson, Sam thought.

After Spanish was finished, Sam asked Quinn, "Can I walk you to your locker?"

"That would be great," Quinn said smiling. Sam took her books and Quinn was confused at first, then smiled once she figured out Sam was doing. Sam asked her while walking out of the classroom with her, "What are you planning to do for clubs or anything?"

"I might join glee," Quinn said.

"Why?" Sam asked curious. Mostly the new kids would steer clear away from glee.

"I like to sing," Quinn revealed. Usually with people she wouldn't reveal this much. But with Sam, she really liked him, so she didn't have a problem telling him about herself.

Sam looked at her and smiled. Finn was behind them and was listening to what Sam and Quinn were talking about. Finn and Sam were thinking the same thing. I have to join glee club.

hi! here's my new fic, with sam as the loser, and finn as the popular kid.

if you have any ideas just r&r. thanks! and please don't tell me there isn't a lot of words. i seem to already know that.