Sam went to talk to Mr. Shuester the next day. He asked, "Hi Mr. Shuester."

"Hi Sam. How can I help you?" Mr. Shuester asked.

"Can I join.." Sam trailed off, "Join glee club?"

"Sure Sam," Mr. Shuester said, "Practice is tomorrow, be there okay?"

"Yes, sir," Sam said, "Thanks."

"No problem Sam." Sam walked out of the classroom, hoping he could impress Quinn.

Sam arrived at school the next day to find Quinn, only to see Finn talking to her. Sam overheard her, "Umm… Finn that's great and all but I think I hear Rachel calling me. I gotta go. Nice talking to you Finn." Finn looked devastated once Quinn left him. But then Finn left, walking towards Santana. Quinn went walking towards him and Sam asked almost instantly, "What did Finn want?"

"Nothing. He wanted to take me on a date and he even told me he joined glee."

"What?" Sam asked shocked.

"He said he joined glee yesterday."

"What about you?" Sam wondered, even though he was upset about Finn joining.

"Yesterday, at free-period," Quinn said heading to her locker.

"Um…..Quinn?" Sam asked nervously.

"Yeah Sam?"

"I joined glee too," Sam said.

"That's great!" Quinn exclaimed, "I won't be alone. You're the only person I know the most. And you're my best friend."

Sam started blushing and replied back to her, "And you're mine."

"That's great," Quinn said, also blushing but Sam didn't notice. Quinn pressed her lips against his cheek and Sam started blushing furiously. The bell rang and Quinn gave him a smile and walked off to her next class. Sam pushed his glasses up and smiled, then walked off in the opposite direction. Once Sam wasn't looking Finn was giving him looks, angry that Quinn kissed Sam on the cheek.

Quinn and Sam met up later to walk to glee together. When Sam and Quinn entered the room, Mr. Shuester said, "Let's welcome, our newest members, Quinn Fabray and Sam Evans!" People started clapping, and Quinn and Sam chose to sit near the very end of the row. Rachel said, "Now I-"

Mr. Shue cut her off, "Our next assignment is duets. What's a duet?"

Rachel raised her hand but then the cheerio, Brittany, said, "A blanket."

"A duet is sung by two people and I want you to pair up and sing a duet!" Sam was looking at Quinn, when he heard they could sing duets in glee. Never mind about glee being uncool, this could be fun, Sam thought. Then Finn walked into the room and ruined it for Sam. Mr. Shuester noticed him and said, "Now, welcoming our other new member, Finn Hudson!"

"This can't be happening," Mercedes Jones said aloud.

The boy in the wheelchair, Artie Abrams said to an Asian girl, Tina Cohen-Chang, "Pinch me." Sam heard Lauren Zizes and Mike Chang groan. Kurt Hummel, gasped. Sam looked over at Quinn, and saw she had a frown on her face.

Sam asked her, "Are you alright?"

Quinn looked at him and said, "I'm fine."

Sam asked her, "Do you want to do the duet with me?"

Quinn smiled and said, "I thought you'd never ask." Sam smiled back. Sam could have told her his feelings or kissed her, but he was too afraid. Sam asked, "Do you want to work on the duet tomorrow? In the astronomy room?"

"Sure," Quinn said with a huge grin. The bell rang and Quinn and Sam had to depart to their next classes.

Quinn walked out of the choir room and knew someone was following her. Finn. She walked to her locker and knew he would he would stop there. Quinn found her locker and put in the number, when Finn asked, "Quinn, do you want to do the duet with me?"

"No thank you," Quinn said, getting out her stuff for her next class.

"Why not?" Finn questioned her.

"Because I already have one," Quinn answered still not looking at him.

"Who is it?"

"None of your business, Finn."

"It's Nerdy Sam isn't it?" Finn said.

Quinn closed her locker door, and said to him with her voice rising, "Yes he is, but you have no right to call him that! He's like you, me, and even Rachel! We're all living beings here!"

"Sorry," Finn said looking offended.

"Maybe that's why I don't want to work with you. Because you're a jerk," Quinn said walking off.

Finn had his mouth opened and everyone around him rushed to their next class.

(Next day at school, Astronomy Room)

Sam was nervous and excited. He was going to meet Quinn in his favorite place at school. And he brought his guitar with him also. He never told anyone, except his family knew. And Quinn was going to find out first. He waited patiently and Quinn finally showed up. "Hey," she said with a weak smile.

"Hey," Sam said with the heat rising up to cheeks, "What took you so long?"

"Finn kept following me. Again. Trying to get me to be his partner," Quinn replied and Sam groaned.

"But that doesn't matter right now," Sam said, "It's going to be me and you singing the duet. And that's all that matters." Sam didn't notice, but Quinn was blushing. Sam slung the guitar over his shoulder and started playing the chords for the song he planned to sing. "You play guitar?" Quinn asked.

"Yeah," Sam replied, "I never told anyone, but you're the only one who knows, besides my family." Quinn smiled.

"So what song did you plan on singing?" Quinn asked.

"Lucky, by Jason Mraz," Sam said sheepishly.

"Really?" Quinn said, "That's my favorite song!"

"Really?" Sam asked shocked. He didn't know that Quinn liked this song.

"Yeah," Quinn said.

"So we should start with the choreography. Singing should be easy so I'll start playing," Sam said smiling. Quinn smiled back.

"Now put your hands on my hips, and start swaying," Sam joked. Quinn laughed and then put her hand on his shoulder. Sam asked her, "Do you know how to play?"

"No," Quinn said quietly.

"Just put your hand there," Sam said taking her hand, " And move in back and forth." Quinn looked up at Sam and Sam stared into her eyes. Then he leaned in to kiss her. She didn't move. That's good, Sam thought. And their lips met in the middle.

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Should Sam tell Quinn he likes her? Or should Quinn tell him?Or should Finn ruin it for them?