"What am I going to do?" Sam asked frustrated.

"Can't help you," Puck said.


"Cause I'm going to sing with Berry."

"I confronted Berry yesterday," Puck answered.

S & Q


Puck walked up to Rachel and Quinn while they were talking. Puck cleared his throat so Quinn and Rachel could hear him. Quinn and Rachel looked at him and Puck finally said, "Can I talk to Rachel alone?"

"Sure," Quinn said and then looked at Rachel with a knowing smile, "Good luck Rach."

"What do you want Puck?" Rachel asked facing Puck.

Puck took a deep breath and finally asked, "Will you do the duet competition with me?"

"What? I already did the duet with Quinn!"

"You can say that was a practice run," Puck said, "Then you could do the duet with me."

Rachel looked at him with thought. She was wondering what she should do. But she knew Quinn would want her to do.

Rachel looked Puck in the eyes and smiled replying to him, "Okay."

S & Q


"Lucky…" Sam muttered.

"I know right!" Puck smiled widely.

"What am I going to do?" Sam asked him.

"Go get Artie," Puck instructed. "Then I will tell you what to do."

"Fine!" Sam said throwing his hands in the air.

S & Q

"So you're going sing with Puck now?" Quinn asked.

"Yeah, what about you?" Rachel asked.

"What about me?" Quinn asked.

"You and Sam," Rachel said.

"He hasn't talked to me about duets or really he hasn't really talked to me at all," Quinn confessed.


"He's embarrassed," Quinn said looking down.

"About what?" Rachel asked curious.

"Our kiss," Quinn said, still looking down.


"We kissed while we were practicing. He leaned in and we kissed."

"So Sam hasn't talk to you since?"

"Yeah," Quinn said sadly.

"So what are going to do?" Rachel said.

"I'll wait," Quinn said confidently, "I'll wait forever, for him to just tell me he loved me."

Quinn started crying and Rachel started patting her head and said to her, "He'll tell you, sooner or later. Don't worry."

Quinn nodded her head and tried to believe it. She just wondered how long it would take though.

S & Q

Sam and Artie walked in confidently the next day at school. All the girls were staring at them and Sam heard Brittany ask Santana, "What happened to Sam's glasses?"

"I don't know Britt, but I know that I have to get Froggy Lips on me."

Sam ignored her and kept walking on. He saw pretty much every guy stare at him, just like he was some god or something. But only one pair of eyes stood out. Quinn. She looked at him and gave him a look saying, 'This doesn't seem like you.'

Sam looked at her once last time before heading to his next class.

S & Q

Quinn looked at her full lunch plate while Sam was being surrounded by a bunch of girls at another table. "Hey Q," Santana said while sitting down at Quinn's table, "What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing," Quinn replied, "It just seems so different, without Sam sitting with me. He's like my best friend."

"That makes sense. You and Trouty-Mouth would make a cute couple," Santana said.

"Santana!" Quinn said blushing.

"Everyone knows that," Santana said before pausing, "Except Finnessa. He's too stupid for his own good. And Trouty-Mouth."

"What about Sam?" Quinn asked curious.

"He's too… what's the word?" Santana asked.

"Flustered about what he does with me?" Quinn asked.

Santana looked at her and nodded her head. "I bet that Trouty-Mouth will confess to you today or next week."

"Nah," Quinn said blushing.

"Come on Q! Have you seen the way Liana Rissa looks at you? He stares at you at every second he gets!"

Quinn looked at where Sam was sitting and caught him staring at her. Sam looked away embarrassed. Quinn started blushing furiously. "See Q? He's blushing because of you! Not because of those stupid girls who look like nerds and don't have the talent to look pretty. Not like us girls in glee. Only me, you, Berry, and Britt. I don't know about Mercedes or Asian 1. You have to be confident that Lisa Riana wants you!"

Quinn thought for a minute and said to Santana, "You're right. I can't let any of those other girls beat me. I need…. I need to… what do think I should do?"

"A makeover," Santana said, "A new style."

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