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Okay. So, hi. Long time, no see, huh. I am sure there are more than a few people who have despaired of ever seeing this fic ever updated or even completed. I always promised that I would finish this fic, no matter what. I never thought it would take so long, really. I guess I just ran out of inspiration somewhere along the way. However, I swore to myself and to many of you that I would, without a doubt, finish this story.

And I have.

I want to thank each and every person who has at some point given this fic a chance. Thank you for taking time to read it. Thank you so everyone who has rec'd it. Thank you for taking time to review and tell me how this fic has touched you. It has meant so much to me and words cannot truly express just how much.

I hope that this is a fitting ending to this fic. It's short and sweet, and hopefully satisfying. I never dreamed AMOS would be received the way it has been. As I post this, it has close to a thousand reviews, which still blows my mind. This was my first foray into writing again after a period of many years, and I hope that it reflects some growth and improvement as a writer along the way. This has been a labor of love for me, and even though I do not plan to watch the final season of Glee for personal reasons, I remain a die hard Klaine shipper.

Imperfectly yours,


Blaine yawned and stretched, opening his eyes to sleepily look around. He felt disoriented for a brief moment before remembering he was on the couch in the Hummel living room. The fire in the fireplace had burned down to just glowing coals and the lights of the Christmas tree bathed the room in a soft glow. The house was quiet, indicating that Burt and Carol had not yet returned from the annual Christmas party at the governor's mansion.

Kurt was asleep at the other end of the couch, lips slightly parted and hair slightly mussed from the perfect coif it had been styled in earlier when they went out caroling with their friends. Blaine felt his heart give a little clench as it always did when he looked at his gorgeous boyfriend. He sighed softly, sure he looked utterly besotted and not caring in the slightest.

So much had happened since that night long ago when he had first been bewitched by a beautiful stranger from across a crowded room.

His first Christmas in this house had been nothing short of amazing. Burt and Carol had accepted him with open arms and he had been amazed by the love he had felt in the household. It had been so different from many Christmases past, he had been nearly overwhelmed. On Christmas Eve Carol had presented him with pajamas to match the rest of the family for Christmas morning, and he had such a sense of belonging that it still made his heart swell.

Kurt had presented him with a silver name bracelet, his name engraved on the thick plate and Kurt's name on the opposite side that was against his skin. Blaine rubbed his thumb over the letters tenderly, the heavy links warm from his body heat. He had worn it ever since, through the rest of their junior year and then their senior year at Dalton. He wore it still, even now, as a sophomore at Columbia University, where he was planning to study entertainment law.

Burt had won his suit against the school board, the resulting payout enabling them to keep Kurt at Dalton for the remainder of high school, as well as helping him supplement his scholarship to Parsons. The fact that the two universities they were accepted to and decided on were so close to each other had been an additional bonus to studying in New York. Their first year had been busy, full of studying and meeting new people, expanding their horizons. Yet they managed to make time for each other as well, alternating weekends at each other's dorm room. Blaine's mother had insisted this year that he have his own apartment, rather than staying in the dorms after the required freshman year was done, stating that he needed privacy so that his studies wouldn't be interrupted as often and he would be less distracted. So he had found a small loft apartment between the two schools that his parents happily paid for on the condition that he maintain his excellent GPA. If they were perturbed by Kurt moving in a few months later, they kept it to themselves. Blaine was grateful that he and his father had reached a sort of understanding, and while they still didn't see eye to eye on certain things, his father seemed to have finally accepted that his son was gay. Blaine had a sneaking suspicion that he had Burt to thank for that.

Kurt stirred in his sleep, mumbling something that sounded suspiciously like "Mizrahi." Blaine shook his head fondly. Twisting carefully so as not to wake Kurt, he reached over and patted the pocket of his jacket. The slight but solid weight of the ring box he had hidden for weeks under an old sweatshirt that Kurt would never deign to touch, then carefully packed inside a pair of socks so Kurt wouldn't see it in the suitcase, and had carried around with him all day today was enough to make his insides quiver with nerves and excitement. He had picked out the perfect ring for Kurt and had it engraved on the inside. After struggling and trying to figure out what to say, he finally settled on "The Love Of My Life."

It seemed to say it all.

Kurt seemed to be moving around more. He would probably wake up soon, and Blaine planned to suggest building the fire back up while soft Christmas music played. Carol had given him a mischievous wink earlier when she casually pointed out the mistletoe she'd hung over the doorway. He would playfully drag Kurt under the mistletoe for a kiss, then drop to one knee to pop the big question. Blaine hoped Kurt would say yes. He was pretty sure he would. The love they had was eternal, and all he wanted to do was spend the rest of this lifetime and any others after that loving the man who was more than his love, but also his best friend.

Just one look. That's all it took.


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