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Negima! Springfield and Kuroshi Redux.

Prolouge Chapter.

Lone Night.

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Mundus Magicus

New Ostia.

Kuroshi Tsuki Manor.

A man stood over looking a balcony on the highest floor of his manor. He wore a hooded shirt with a simple pair of black pants accompanied by a pair of clogs. With him stood a woman with crimson red hair that reached her shoulders which seemed to frame her face. She also had slightly narrowed rounded eyes, a small nose and ruby red lips she had a great figure which was covered by a modest tanktop and a skirt. Both the woman and the man had cat ears on top of their heads in place of human ears. The woman turned to the man as they overlooked the festivities going on below them.

"It's almost hard to believe that this world was in danger of dying twenty something years ago huh Kenshin-nii?"

The man now known as Kenshin turned to her with a light smile. "Yeah." "The same could be said about how you've grown Yukari-Chan." "I swear me and Dad had to beat away your latest batch of admirers."

Yukari let out a short giggle. "I'm sorry." "I can't really help it."

"It's fine." Kenshin said thinking of their father Ryuushin. "Dad always knew it was going to happen." "I just shudder to think what he and Negi are gonna do when Miyuki starts to get noticed."

"Indeed." Yukari nodded. "I wonder what everyone is doing right now?"

Kenshin turned to her. "You're more than welcome go with them Yukari-Chan." "Just because Mana-Chan and Hebi-Chan didn't feel like going don't mean you need to stay."

"I know I know." "But aren't that man Gen coming to hear your story tonight?"

"Well Yeah, but I can handle that alone." Kenshin said.

"Well I wanna stay with you when that happens is that a problem Kenshin-nii?" Yukari said turning her body to face him.

Kenshin turned to her brushing her hair to the side before letting it rest on his hand as he set his hand on her collarbone while looking into her jade green eyes. "To think you used to be somewhat of a tsundere." "Your personality always confused me." "One minute you could be cheerful and upbeat the next you would be colder than the fiercest blizzard."

"Hm hm." Yukari sounded scooting up to Kenshin. "I just like keeping you on your toes Kenshin-nii." "It's so fun."

Kenshin backed away from her and shot her an annoyed glare. "Confusing little bitch."

Yukari smirked. "Gullible bastard."

The stared at each other in mock hatred before bursting out laughing. Kenshin caught his breath and sighed. "Ah that was good."

"I'll never get tired of that." Yukari giggled.

"Ken-Chan Yukari-Chan." A voice called out.

The two siblings turned and saw their mother Hikari Tsuki. Yukari and Hikari looked almost identical except for a few things. Hikari wore a red chinese button up shirt with matching red hakama pants her eyes weren't narrow and her hair reached down to her waist and was a lighter shade of red to match Kenshin's. She too had cat ears on top of her head.

"What is it Mom/Kaa-Chan?" Kenshin and Yukari both asked.

"The person that wanted to hear Ken-Chan's story is here." Hikari said. "That person is waiting downstairs with Ryuu-kun."

"Alright Yukari-Chan you ready?" Kenshin asked.

"Mmm-hm." Yukari sounded. "You aren't though."

Kenshin sent her a confused look. "What do you mean?"

"Come on Kenshin-nii you said you would let me put that long hair of yours into a couple of ponytails when they got here." Yukari said pulling out a couple of hair ties.

"I never agreed to this! !" Kenshin said backing away.

Hikari shook her head watching her daughter chase her son around the balcony. "Both of them are well into adulthood, hell Kenshin is forty-one even." "Yet the two act like their still teenagers." "Oh man I must be getting old myself if I'm realizing this." Hikari thought.

"Alright you two come on Ken-Chan let your sister tie your hair." Hikari said

"Fine." Kenshin said begrudgingly.

Yukari grabbed her brother's hair straightening it out before tying it into two separate tails. "Y'know Kenshin-nii for a man you sure do take good care of this mane of yours."

"Well duh Yukari-Chan could you imagine if I got a case of lice?" Kenshin said as the three made their way down to the ground floor.

"Point taken." "That would be quite an annoyance." Yukari said.

The three arrived to find a tall man with narrow blue eyes like Kenshin's with short crimson red hair wearing a black trenchcoat with the insignia of a roaring dragon on the back with matching dress jeans and a white shirt underneath the coat. He was standing next to a shorter man with blue hair wearing a mage's robe.

"Oh hey Kenshin Yukari." The taller man greeted.

"Hey Dad." Kenshin and Yukari said back.

"Well Ryuu-kun shall we be going?" Hikari said.

Ryuushin nodded. "Alright you two we'll be leaving you alone with this guy take care."

Ryuushin and Hikari left and Kenshin pulled out a pack of cigars, "You smoke?"

"No sir." The man said.

Kenshin nodded and lit up the cigar take a short puff while Yukari poured out some wine for the three of them. "Alright then first things first what is said here stays here." "There are some parts of my past I'd rather not have spread to the public." "If I see a tabloid detailing my past I will hunt you down is that clear Gen-San?"

Gen nodded with an Albireo-esque smile. "I swear to the gods on my name."

Yukari narrowed his eyes. "For some reason I can't trust that smile."

"Ha ha ha ha!" "I get that a lot." "I get it from my father Albireo." Gen said. "But sincerely you have my word."

"Huh so Al finally settled down?" "Must have been waiting for the shit to blow over." Kenshin said. "Alright." "Hmm...where to begin?"

"Well I suppose seeing as I'm here to hear your whole story why not start at the beginning?" Gen offered.

"Alright." "As you know those two that just left are our parents Ryuushin Kuroshi and Hikari Tsuki." "However what people don't know is what happened the night Yukari and I were born 36 years ago." "This is where my story begins."


36 years ago.

Kinsou Village.

A loud crying filled a hospital room in the village of Kinsou. A doctor held a baby boy in his arms cleaning him off before handing him off to the mother. "Congratulations Mr. Kuroshi Mrs. Tsuki it's a boy." He said.

Ryuushin set his hand on his wife's shoulder. "You alright Hikari?"

"Yes." Hikari said tiredly. "I'm just exhausted is all."

Ryuushin bent down and kissed her on the cheek. "Yes I know, but hey it's almost over right?"

Before Hikari or the doctor could answer a man came running into the room. "Ryuushin-San!" "Trouble!"

"Calm down Taka what is it?" Ryuushin said walking over to him.

"M-Megalo Knights!" "S-Senator Ricardo and Governor General Godel are leading them here looking for you!"

Ryuushin sighed. "Didn't I ask those guys to hold off their idiot friends for tonight?" "I just became a father for fucks sake."

Hikari turned to him. "Ryuu-kun what are you going to do?"

Ryuushin walked over and grabbed his trench coat throwing it on with his nodachi Kazeken and it's kodachi Ryuuga. "I'm going to go meet them." "If it's Kurt and Ric I should be able to handle it."

"Alright Ryuushin be careful." Hikari said.

Ryuushin turned back to her smiling with his eyes closed. "Aren't I always?"

"No." Hikari said in a deadpanned tone.

Ryuushin chuckled and took off. Hikari squeezed her eyes shut as another contraction hit her crying out in pain. "Will!" "The other one's coming!"

"R-Right!" Will said taking the baby in her arms and handing him to the nurse.


With Ryuushin.

Ryuushin made it out to the village outskirts and saw Kurt and Ricardo waiting for him with a platoon of knights.

"Didn't I ask you guys to lay off hunting me down just for tonight?" Ryuushin asked.

Before either Kurt or Ricardo could answer one of the knights spoke up. "Silence ShinkuRyuu!(1 )" "You know criminals such as you don't get breaks!"

"Ha ha." Ryuushin chuckled. "Ahhh if only you knew the truth." "It's no wonder the treaty your lot has with Hellas isn't worth the paper it's printed on." "You always act first before finding out the facts."

"What's there to find out you scum? !" The knight shouted. "You destroyed the entire Dragon Village in cold blood!"

"You there!" Ricardo said. "Now is not the time for personal feelings!"

"I refuse Senator Ricardo!" "This bastard killed my father!"

Ryuushin unsheathed Kazeken and pointed at him. "Well then come and claim your vengeance instead of yelling about it."

"Gladly!" The knight rushed toward Ryuushin slashing his halberd downward. Ryuushin made no move to dodge or block as the halberd hit his skin.

"Hm?" "Was that the breeze?" Ryuushin said lofting Kazeken over his head. "I know that couldn't have actually been your attack." He then spun around kicking the man across the field before his left arm mutated into that of a dragons. "Scale Shuriken!" Five scales shot out of the palm of his hand and into the knights chest killing him.

"Any other takers?" Ryuushin said sheathing Kazeken as his right arm made the same transformation."I could do this all night."

Kurt turned to the other knights. "Retreat." "Ricardo and I can handle this alone."

"Sir!" The knights said gathering up their comrade and taking off.

Ricardo turned to Kurt. "Was that exactly wise?" "When Ryuu uses this technique he's hard to defeat."

"He's hard to defeat no matter what Ricardo-San." Kurt said. "We don't exactly have the strength to carry those men back to Megalo with us after he kills them."

"Huh." Ryuushin said. "Kurt that you?" "Ain't seen you in some time." "Still trying to save the humans?"

"Yes Ryuushin-Sempai." Kurt said. "I still believe that whatever your group is trying to do is meaningless."

"Heh." "Don't you remember?" Ryuushin said. "Publicly all my ties to the Ala Rubra were cut two years ago." "However I do feel I need to say this as a fellow student of the Shinmei-Ryuu." "Those who cannot save the world without meaningless sacrifice have absolutely no business trying." "The so called illusionary residents of the magic world are just as real as you or I." "Your way of thinking is hardly different from the Cosmo Entelecheia's."

"Maybe so." Kurt said. "But I have yet to see any working plan come from your end either and time isn't exactly on our side."

"You think Arika would approve of your way as well?" "A woman who sacrificed her kingdom and nearly her life just so this world and it's denizens could continue living."

Kurt unsheathed his nodachi as Ricardo slipped into a martial arts stance. "Enough talking Sempai." "Now are you going to come quietly or do we have to take you in by force?" "I would rather it be the former for old times sake."

"Sorry Kurt I can't do that." "Hikari-Chan would have my head if I left her and the kids alone." Ryuushin said.

"I see." Kurt said. "If it means anything congratulations." "We do still consider you a friend after all."

"Thanks for that." Ryuushin said. "You sure there's no way I can talk you outta this?"

"Sorry Sempai." Kurt said. "The Senators are beginning to get irritated at our lack of effort in catching you."

"I see." Ryuushin chuckled. "I'll try not to bust your asses too hard."

"Ha ha ha!" "Same old Ryuu." Ricardo said.

Ryuushin charged forward as Kurt slashed his nodachi downward. "Zankusen!"

Ricardo darted toward Ryuushin burying his fist into the Hanyou's stomach. "Come on Ryuushin you have to do better than that!"

"Hmph." "So much for having fun." Ryuushin said shrugging as the black scales from his wings began spreading across his body. "Ryuujin's Avarice!" "Now the real fight begins!"


Back at the hospital.

Will was wiping up the second child that Hikari had given birth to before handing it off to her. "Alright Hikari-San your all done unless there is another one in there we don't know about."

"Ugh not in the mood right now Will." Hikari murmured.

"Sorry." Will said. "Just a little doctor humor." "Also what are the names going to be for this baby girl and the boy?" "I need to file their paperwork here and make their birth certificates."

Hikari smiled down at the girl in her arms. "The girl's name is Yukari." "Yukari Tsuki." "And the boy's name is Kenshin Kuroshi."

"Alright." "I'll go ahead and put Kuroshi Tsuki on their certificates." "Is this fine?" Will asked.

"That's acceptable." Hikari said.

Will nodded. "I'll send a nurse in to take Yukari into the nursery." "Then you can get some sleep."

"OK." Hikari said then looked down at the baby in her arms. "You were quite a pain to bring into the world." "Ahhh, but I'd do it again." Hikari trailed her index finger around the infant's face. "You little cutie."

The door opened and Hikari turned. "Oh the nurse is here...already...?"

A figure in a pitch black robe with the hood up walked into the room. "Long time no see Hikari Tsuki...how is that meddlesome husband of yours doing these days?"

"You...your still alive?" Hikari said in a stunned tone.

"You didn't actually think that those three fools would be able to do me in did you?" The figure took down it's hood to reveal a face familiar to Hikari.

"Zect-San? !" "You're the Life-Maker? !"

"Ha ha ha...no." "I merely possessed his body as for his soul I do not know nor do I care."

Hikari allowed as scowl to cross her features as she held Yukari close. "What do you want?"

"I want your body my lovely neko hanyou." The Life-Maker said.

"You make one step to even try anything like that and I will fucking castrate you." Hikari snapped.

"Hm hm hm." "You assume I want that you lewd woman." The Life-Maker said amused.

"Well then what?" Hikari said still scowling at the Life-Maker.

"I want to possess you." "In order to do away with your meddlesome friends!" The Life-Maker cackled.

"Forget it!" Hikari yelled out as a white energy surrounded her.

"Not good." "If she uses that then I'll be beaten for sure." "I still have not recovered from the battle five years ago." The Life-Maker thought flashing beside Hikari and chopping her in the back of the neck.

"Hu hu." "If you had not just given birth then you would have been able to put up a fight." "Oh well." The Life-Maker set Hikari's body against the bed before setting a hand on her head. Suddenly the robes he was wearing fell to the floor and Hikari's eyes opened. "Hmph... not exactly to my tastes, but it will work...oh how they will all react when their dear friend kills them." "Alterum."

A woman with light blue hair reaching past her shoulders appeared next to her. "What can I do for you Life-Maker-Sama?"

"Take this child." "She will make a good servant when she grows up."

Alterum nodded and took Yukari out of the possessed Hikari's arms. "Right." Alterum then gestured toward a set of folded up clothes. "If I may suggest you may want to wear her clothes as to avoid suspicion until the time is right." "I'll go hand this one off to the Master of the Grave."

"I know Alterum." "I heard she had twins go find the other one."

"Hai." Alterum said flashing away.


Back with Ryuushin

All three men were panting with light cuts and bruises up and down their bodies. "Heh heh." "Kurt you've been getting better." "I didn't expect you to cut through my dragon hide."

"Ah ha ha." Kurt chuckled. "I didn't expect to either." "But shouldn't you be getting back?"

"I suppose." Ryuushin said morphing back to his human form. "It's been fun." "Se-" Ryuushin was cut off as they all sensed a large power well up and suddenly vanish. "Sempai we'll come with you!" Kurt said.

"Don't!" "You know what would happen if someone saw you helping me just head back!" Ryuushin said taking off.

"What's going on? !" "Why did Hikari's power just well up and then vanish? !" Ryuushin thought. "Did those knights not listen and sneak by us? !"

"Boss calm the hell down." "Worrying about it might not be the best thing!" Ryuushin's inner demon said.

"I can't help it dammit!" "Something may have happened to Hikari and the twins!" Ryuushin thought.

Ryuushin arrived at the hospital to find the desk worker dead. "Oh no..." Ryuushin trailed off grimly taking off toward the room Hikari was supposed to be in. However he stopped when he saw someone poking around in the nursery ward. "Shouldn't the twins be in there?" "Better check it out."

Ryuushin entered and saw Alterum standing over a carriage with a baby he recognized as his son inside. "Hey!"

Alterum turned to him disinterested. "Oh it's you Kuroshi Ryuushin. The Crimson Dragon."

"Yes now who the hell are you and what are you doing with my child?" Ryuushin snapped.

"I am Alterum Averruncus." "The widow of Primum Averruncus." Altertum said.

Ryuushin closed his eyes. "I see." "Would you like to take our fight outside?"

Before Alterum could answer her eyes twitched. "Hmph as much as I would love to eviscerate you and hollow out your skull I must be leaving." "I suppose your daughter and wife should suffice." Alterum said then jumped out of the window

"Wait my daughter and my wife? !" Ryuushin chased after her. "Get back here you kidnapping bitch!"

"Flattery will get you nowhere Shinku!" Alterum shot back sarcastically.

"Shut the hell up!" Ryuushin yelled.

Suddenly a figure rushed by Alterum and kicked Ryuushin in the face. "Wh-What the hell? !" "Whoever did that is dead!"

"Hm hm." "Very well Ryuushin kill me then." The figure said.

"That voice...!" Ryuushin thought. "What are you doing Hikari? !" "They're kidnapping you and our daughter!" He said.

"Kidnapping?" "Oh no no I'm going willingly."

Ryuushin stared shocked into Hikari's eyes finding no trace of deceit. "Wh-What? !" "We have kids and your just leaving? !" Ryuushin said.

"I'm taking our daughter Yukari with me." "Now then to kill you." Hikari slashed her claws at Ryuushin's neck causing him to lean back and flip to avoid.

Ryuushin closed his eyes as he unsheathed Ryuuga. "Very well then." "If my beloved wife is trying to kill me then I've no choice, but to defend myself." "Prepare yourself Hikari-Chan." He said then rushed toward her.

"Executioner's Sword!" Alterum intoned blocking Ryuushin with a sword made from pure magic.

"You think you can bar me Alterum?" "Think again!" Ryuushin said knocking her backward.

The possessed Hikari huffed and caught Ryuushin's blade and buried her elbow into his stomach. "You conviction is too weak my husband." "You could never kill me with that." She then took Ryuuga and slashed him downward across his body and then stabbed it through his chest. Ryuushin began to fall to the ground only for Hikari to spin around and slam her leg into the side of his head. "Hmph so this is how the ShinkuRyuu No Ala Rubra falls?" "Done in by his own wife without putting up so much as a fight?" "How utterly pathetic." "Alterum let's go." "Nice to see that the first person on my hit list went down so easily."

Alterum took one last look at Ryuushin feeling something she had never felt before flashing away. "What is this feeling?" "Is this...regret?"

Ryuushin laid motionless on the ground as his own blood pooled around him. "Naze...Hi...kari...anata..ha...naze wa...tashi wo koroso utoshima...shi...ta..ka?" Ryuushin said as he blacked out. (A/N: Translation: Why...Hi...kari why have you tried to kill me?)

Two people walked near where Ryuushin was laying. "Nagi." "What's that over there?"

A man with medium length red hair wearing a tattered mage's robe and a black shirt and jeans looked over. "Huh?" "Whoa man that guy is bleeding badly we better go help him."

His accomplice or wife rather was a woman with long blond hair wearing a light pink dress got a closer look. "N-Nagi I think that's Ryuushin!"

"What? !" Nagi ran over to Ryuushin's prone body. "Ryuu!" "Ryuu!" "Wake up!" "Arika get Albireo out now!" "Ryuu's dying!"

"R-Right!" Arika unstrapped a book on her leg and opened it. "Wake up Imma you fool!" "We need your help!"

A blue haired man with effeminate features wearing a mages robe of his own appeared in the books place. "What is it?" He looked down and saw the state Ryuushin was in. "Oh my goodness!" "Nagi back away let me heal him!" "You and Arika-San go get help!"

"Right!" Nagi said. "Come on Arika!"

"A-Alright." Arika said taking off with Nagi.

Albireo intoned a strong healing spell and held his hand over Ryuushin's body. His other hand removed Ryuuga from Ryuushin's chest. "Ryuushin who could have gotten the drop on you so easily?" "What is this?" Albireo said getting a closer look at Ryuushin's face. "Tears?" "Ryuushin...were you crying?"


Next Morning

Ryuushin was lying in a hospital bed asleep when the sound of a door opening woke him up. He went to sit up only to groan in pain. "Ryuushin-San you shouldn't be moving around right now." "You had your body nearly cut in half and one of the chambers of your heart was punctured." "It's not often someone goes so far to commit suicide." "I must ask though...why?"

Ryuushin looked over and saw Will before turning his back to him. "I don't want to talk about it." "Let me sleep."

Will sighed. "Very well." He got up and walked out and turned to Arika who was waiting outside. "You wanna give it a shot?" "I don't think I'll be able to get through to him."

Arika nodded. "Alright." She walked into Ryuushin's room and heard him say. "I thought I told you to let me sl-" "Oh...Arika-Chan." Ryuushin said.

"Ryuushin." "Nagi Albireo and I all found you lying in a pool of your own blood last night." "I doubt you created a clone to kill yourself when you and Hikari were supposed to have kids last night." Arika stopped as she noticed Ryuushin getting up. "Ryuushin are you alright?" "Should you be up walking around?"

"I'm fine Arika I just feel like being alone right now." Ryuushin said.

Arika noticed a look on his face that she hadn't seen since their time in the infinite prion before their execution. "Ryuushin." "What happened last night?"

"I don't want to talk about it." Ryuushin said turning away.

"No Ryuushin your obviously hurting." Arika said stepping in front of him. "Let me hear you out."

Arika looked up and saw Ryuushin's eyes beginning to overflow with unshed tears. "Ryuushin...where is Hikari?"

"A-As much as it pains me to say this she's the reason I nearly died last night." Ryuushin said clenching his fists.

"What do you mean?" "Did someone kidnap her and get the drop on you?"

"No...she...tried to kill me!" Ryuushin said punching his left fist through the window.

"Wh-What? !" "Why would she do that? !" Arika exclaimed stunned.

"I don't know." Ryuushin said looking at his now bloody left hand. "The funny thing is I still love her regardless."

Before Arika could comment Nagi burst through the door with Albireo behind him. "Arika what happened are you alright? !"

Ryuushin batted an eye before walking past them. Nagi stepped in front of him. "Ryuu what the hell has been going on?"

Ryuushin said nothing and forced his way past Nagi and out the door. "Nagi don't follow him." Arika said.

"Why?" "Something happened last night and I want to know what."

Arika sighed. "Nagi...apparently Hikari tried to kill Ryuushin last night." "She would have succeeded if we hadn't showed up."

"What?" "No way!" Nagi exclaimed.

"Nagi he didn't seem like he was in a joking mood. "Albireo said. "And while I was healing him he looked as though he had his spirit broken."

"Wait so you mean he was crying?" Nagi said.


Nagi walked out of the room. "I'm going to go talk to him."

Nagi walked around the hospital before finding Ryuushin looking at the newborns. "Ryuu."

"What Nagi?" "I'm not exactly in the mood to talk to anyone right now." Ryuushin said not taking his eyes off the nursery window.

"Not so sure about that Ryuu." "If Arika tried to kill me and just left you'd be one of the first people I'd wanna talk to." Nagi said.

"She took one of the twins with her." Ryuushin said. "There was a boy and a girl." "The boy Kenshin is in there."

"Hm...there he is." "But Ryuu don't think something is a little off here?" Nagi said setting his hand on Ryuushin's shoulder. "Why would Hikari kill you?" "She loves you and you love her...it just doesn't add up."

"You think I haven't already thought of that Nagi?" Ryuushin said.

"You have?" Nagi said cluelessly. "Well that's good."

"But what other explanation is there?" Ryuushin wondered aloud. "It was obviously her and I couldn't tell if she was lying."

"What happened exactly?" Nagi asked. "Maybe we could figure it out if you told us."

"Yes Ryuushin you should explain what exactly happened last night." Albireo said walking up to them with Arika and Will.

Ryuushin sighed and recalled the events from the night before. Albireo stroked his chin in thought. "Well Ryuushin there is really only two explanations for this." "The grim possibility that Hikari has secretly been working with the remnants of the Cosmo Entelecheia and was planning to kill us all along."

Nagi shook his head. "Nah Al I doubt that is the case." "Hikari was always kinda of a terrible liar." "She could clean us out at a poker table, but she couldn't tell a decent lie to save her life."

"You never know Nagi." Arika said. "What about the other?"

"Well Arika seeing as one of the new big leaders of the Cosmo Entelecheia was involved in what happened last night it leads me to believe that after Will-San here left to go get a nurse someone slipped in and brainwashed her."

"That is actually plausible." Will said seeing Ryuushin's look toward Albireo. "After childbirth especially to twins or more the mother is so exhausted if someone were to cast a spell like that or lets say overshadowed her it would be child's play to do so."

"So...if I had...stayed by her side...she'd still be with me." Ryuushin said turning away.

Nagi put his hand on Ryuushin's shoulder. "Ryuu you were trying to make sure that she was going to be alright." "You had no idea what was going on till it was too late." "I'm sure she wouldn't fault you for it."

Ryuushin began walking away. "Yeah easy for you to say Nagi." "You didn't fail to protect those you love did you?"

"Ryuu." Nagi said seriously. "Meet me outside the village in about five minutes."

"Fine." Ryuushin said vanishing.

"Nagi do you think it's a good idea to fight him right now?" Albireo asked. "If you think about it he does have a legitimate reason to be like he is."

"Yeah Al, but he's also a father now." Nagi said. "He doesn't exactly have the luxury of moping around anymore."

Nagi walked out of the hospital and found Ryuushin standing in the middle of the outskirts. "So you gonna get your shit together?" "Or do I have to kick your ass?" Nagi said.

Ryuushin held his left hand up next to his head as it morphed into a dragon's arm. "Bring it."

"Don't worry I will!" Nagi said darting toward him swinging his staff at Ryuushin's head. Ryuushin raised his arm to block it. Nagi smirked and drove his knee into Ryuushin's chin sending him flying backward and hitting the ground. He then began chanting.

"Man Man Terro Terro: Come unto me O' 1000 spirits of lightning and strike my enemy."

Ryuushin sprung up and rushed toward Nagi slashing his left arm at him. "Ryuu Tsume!" Red streaks of energy shot out of his claws and cut through Nagi.

"Hmph." "Had to use Shundou to avoid...good for you, but you had to cancel your spell." Ryuushin said.

"Cancel my spell?" "Who said that?" Nagi said from behind him. "What you took out was a clone."

Ryuushin turned his head to look behind him and saw Nagi with one thousand light arrows surrounding him. "I merely cloned myself and had it chant for lightning for a distraction." "At this range even if you used Shundou I could still catch you."

"Wanna bet on that?" Ryuushin said.

Nagi smirked and fired his attack in a large beam like fashion which engulfed Ryuushin whole. "Hm." "Come on out Ryuu we both know you didn't dodge that."

"How right you are old friend." Ryuushin said as the smoke cleared.

Nagi saw the the scales on his arm had spread all over his body and his right arm had transformed as well. He held Kazeken and Ryuuga in his left and right hands respectively. "Staff Lightning Halberd!"

"Won't work!" Ryuushin yelled slashing Ryuuga at him. "Katensho!"

Nagi swung his halberd in an arcing motion as lightning shot out. "Raikou Nami!"

The two attacks smashed into each other and two met each other in a deadlock. "Heh." "All serious right from the get go eh Ryuu?" "Didn't expect ya to use Ryuujin's Avarice."

"Hmph." Ryuushin sounded.

"Y'know there is a good possibility that our old friend from five years ago is still out there." Nagi said.

"The Life-Maker?" "What about him?" Ryuushin asked.

"Well I was thinkin' what if he had the ability to overshadow people?" Nagi wondered. "Maybe it was him?"

"Maybe so." "But I wouldn't know the first place to begin looking for them." Ryuushin sighed.

"Then don't." "Make it known that your still alive." "He will come after you in Hikari's body eventually." Nagi said. "Besides your first priority should be to take care of your son shouldn't it?"

Ryuushin backed away and the dragon scales receded into an eastern dragon tattoo on his back as his arms returned to normal. Nagi looked at him for a second confused. "Ryuu?" "You OK?"

"Pfft ha ha ha ha ha! !" Ryuushin laughed heartily.

Nagi cocked his fist upward. "What the hells so funny man? !" "I'm trying to help you out!"

"Ah hah hah...ahhhh." "Nothing Nagi." "It's just it's kinda funny that out of all the people to talk some serious sense into me it was you that did." He then pointed at Nagi almost falling into another laughing fit. "Your like the most laid back nonchalant motherfucker in Mundus Magicus!"

"Shaddap!" Nagi said punching him square in the jaw. Ryuushin rubbed his face chuckling. "Sorry man it was just funny is all."

"Man whatever." Nagi said annoyed. "So you good now?"

"Yeah." "Let's head back." Ryuushin said.

Nagi thought of something as they made their way back to the hospital. "Hey Ryuu." "You wanna travel around with Al Arika and me?"

"You sure you want that?" "Unlike Arika-Chan I wasn't so lucky in the 'not getting noticed' department." Ryuushin said.

"Ah I don't give a damn what people think." "We'll always be friends and I feel like helping you out." Nagi said. "Besides I think Arika would agree that your kid's gonna need a mother figure until we find Hikari and knock some sense into her."

"Thanks." Ryuushin said. "So uh...ya think we should get the wings back together?"

"Nah." Nagi said. "I've kinda been enjoying it just being Al Arika and I." "Although there is a reason we came this way." "We were gonna ask you and Hikari if you wanted to travel around with us."

"We woulda probably taken you up on that offer until the kids weren't babies anymore." Ryuushin said.

"Hm." "Wonder what Arika and Al are doing right now?" Nagi said aloud.

Meanwhile back at the hospital Will was sitting at his desk having a conversation with Arika. "And all you do it say that incantation and your breasts will fill with milk." "I must ask though why did you want to know this?" Will said.

"Nagi and I were going to ask Ryuushin and Hikari to travel with us." "Seeing as Hikari isn't here to nurse her son someone will have to." Arika said.

"Ah and you are the only woman in the group right now." "Well if you change your mind there's always formula." Will said.

"Yes, but seeing as my friend was able to give birth to two children I was thinking of having my own one day." "Wouldn't hurt to have already nursed a child by then." Arika said.

"I see." "Well good luck and when you feel you may be pregnant come back." Will said.

"Thank you for the offer." Arika said.

"No Thank you." Will said confusing Arika.

"What are you thanking me for?" Arika said.

"Hikari-San mentioned what had really happened during one of her appointments." "Five years ago." "It takes a lot of selflessness to sacrifice everything you had for the good of the world."

"Oh.." "Y-Your welcome." Arika said slightly surprised. "Would we be able to take Ryuushin's son out today?"

"Well if you make sure he's well taken care of I see no harm in it." "If he gets sick or hurt bring him to me." Will said.

"Alright I'll be sure to pass it along to Ryuushin." Arika said getting up and leaving. She walked around and saw Albireo looking at the children.

"What are you doing here Albireo?" Arika asked.

"Oh I was just looking at the newborns." "Thinking maybe I could settle down one day myself." Albireo said.

"Ah I see." Arika nodded. "Well we can leave with Kenshin today if Ryuushin wanted."

"Huh we can?" "Heh there's some good news."

Arika turned around and saw Ryuushin and Nagi walking up to them. "So when you guys wanna head out?" Nagi said.

Albireo turned to Nagi. "Did he accept the offer?"

"Yeah at the very least until the kid is five or six." Nagi answered.

Ryuushin walked over to the door to the nursery and walked in seeing a nurse in there already. "Hey." "Could I take my son out of here today?" "I've already gotten clearance from the head doctor."

"Well if you've already gotten clearance sir then take him." The nurse said snappishly.

"OK...I was just being polite is all." Ryuushin said

"Oh..." The nurse smiled at him. "Sorry sir it's just been a stressful day with one of the other nurses ending up dead and one of the patients being kidnapped."

"It's cool I understand." "So uh the kids name should be Kenshin Kuroshi." Ryuushin said.

"Oh he's right here." The nurse said taking the one child with cat ears out of it's carriage. "For future reference Will put his name down on the birth certificate as Kenshin Kuroshi Tsuki."

"I see." "Well thanks." Ryuushin said leaving the room. "Well ready to leave when ever you are."

"Are you alright though Ryuushin?" Albireo asked.

"Yeah." Ryuushin said knowing what he meant. "I figure we will run into Hikari eventually and we'll handle it together." "Or I can do it alone I don't give a damn."

"Yeah he's back to his old self." Nagi said. "Well let's go already!"

And so the four adults and one infant made their way out of Kinsou.

(chapter end)

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