well im bk and i have this little story not long and a one shot so enjoy



"We did it." One of the wreckers said.

"But we lost Cybertron…for good." Mirage said.

"Which means Earth is now our home." Sideswipe said.

"Ratchet." Optimus said.

"Yes Optimus."

"Damage report."

"Well most of the city is in ruins, damage on most of the Autobots nothing that is hard to fix a few dents and minor injuries. You're the main concern Optimus your arm needs attending too and soon."

"I assure you I am fine."

"I'm the doctor here and I will say if your fine or not. And I say that your arm needs attending too so don't argue with me youngling."

"Yes but I'm the commander here medic so you will do what I say and I say I am fine no questions now go and fix the others."

"You are ssooo stubborn Optimus at times and I even out rank you when it is a medical reason so I SAY you need attending to first got it Prime or else I will put you into statis till we get back to base. And you know I will do it as well."

Optimus and Ratchet locked optics and tried to see if the other one will back down, it was Optimus first.

"Fine I will go back." Ratchet nodded "But I want some time alone." And with that Optimus Prime walked off down the street to find a quiet spot to think.

"GGGRRR, curse that Prime sometimes." Ratchet said angrily.

"Its ok Ratchet if you just killed your brother and mentor you would feel like him just give him time to get over it I'm sure he will." Sam said.

"But that's the problem he doesn't get over it he just locks it up inside and it eats him up over the vorns. And one day it will come back and get him."

"What do you mean?" Sam said.

"Basically it will get too much for him and he might have a spark attack or worse."

"Oh right, well wish him luck from me to get better and good luck Ratchet." Sam said solemnly and he walked off with Carly.

"Thanks Sam, (sigh) I wish though he wouldn't keep doing this to him self."

"Err not to pest you doc bot but what do we do now, the city is in ruin and the base isn't much better after Sentials little attack. And we lost a few good friends as well." Sideswipe said.

"Well seeing as our commander if off by himself, and we don't have a second in command I guess we gather up what we can of our fallen comrades and head back to base. Then we will think of something. Hopefully our leader will be back."

"Back to base and with us or back to normal." Topspin said.

"I don't really know. I just don't know." Ratchet said looking sad at the disappearing sight of their leader.

They gathered up what they can and thinking if their leader will return to them or not only time will tell.


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