Story Title: The Storm Vault
Chapter Title:
Roommates (Or the time Jason slept with Percy. :P)
Skye/Silver (SkyeLight SilverNight)
Percy Percy & the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus
Full Summary:
Um, there really isn't one. . . . . . .
Pairings: Percy Jackson & Jason Grace.
Word Count:
Yaoi, sex, cursing, oral, some masturbation…
I don't own the Percy Jackson & the Olympians/The Heroes of Olympus. . . sad isn't it?
Notes: As said from my last update, I kind of have writers block, and couldn't think of anything to write. I came across this unfinished thing in my files as well and decided I just had to complete it. It doesn't have a real plot, and I doubt I'm going to write a sequel to this. But if it actually gets any responses I might just try. The idea for this is kind of random, nor is it really part of the series. But if it was I would say that it takes place either Post-Giant War, or Post-Mark of Athena. Both of them are kind of OOC, so I just wanted to give you a heads up. You Have Been Warned.


Jason Grace was incredibly nervous. This was his his 5th night as Percy's roommate, and so far he had avoided all the potential disasters he had imagined before even moving in.

You see a couple of weeks ago, Leo had gotten too excited while around his sister Thalia and had managed to burn down the Zeus Cabin. Needless to say, Jason was left with nowhere but the Big House to sleep in for a while before Percy offered him a bed in his Cabin.

That had been nearly a week ago, and so far things had been going: They spent some time together, but not too much. They didn't mind each others music tastes. The two even went to sleep around the same hour.

But not this morning.

For you see, Jason blamed Percy for the small bulge that ached beneath his blue cotton pajama pants.

It was an irrational accusation.

Jason should be able to control himself, because Percy had every right to come back from his shower wearing nothing but a towel around his slender hips. Jason should control himself because he was dating Piper, one of the most beautiful girls at camp (Or in the world for that matter). So the erection was his own fault.

This was a disaster that he had not been able to imagine.

Percy Jackson sat in the middle of his mattress reading a large, old looking book that must have come from the library and from what Jason was able to see the book was in Ancient Greek. His dark brow was furrowed in thought, so Jason guessed that whatever it was that he was reading it must have been some pretty intense stuff.

Percy was dressed now in a pair of blue pajama pants, but he he didn't have on a shirt. As Jason twisted with his own T-shirt, he really wished Percy would be more self conscious.

A pile of homework from Annabeth's class lay over Jason's crotch. He had been doing the work. . .before Percy had returned. Now he just chewed his fingernails, his pencil- anything to make the brand new potential disaster die down. He tried having non-sexual thoughts, but Percy would just make some sort of noise and Jason's eyes would bore right into the other boy's chest.

"Jason?" Percy said in a slow kind of voice.

The Son of the Sky God snapped his pencil clean in two. "Huh. . .yes?"

"Are you alright? Are you having trouble with your homework? I know I sure am." he dropped his legs off the edge of the bed, as if ready to help Jason with the assignment. (Not that he would have been able to help, seeing as they both had dyslexia. But it was a nice thought anyway.) The boy's heart began to pound hard, any remaining blood rushing to his face to form a heated flush.

"No! I'm good. . .just um. . .well," Jason had no idea what to say. He had been looking at Percy's abdomen. Well, less like looking and more like full on creeper stare. . .and drooling, lets not forget about the drooling. Imagining licking up the older boy's perfect chest. . .Jason blinked, his erection flushing along with his face.

Percy blinked, his green eyes expressionless & unfathomable. He stood up anyway and approached Jason's bed, his boxers strung low across his defined hips. "Are you sure? I mean Annabeth used to tutor me in this stuff, so I might be able to help you out a little."

"I-I didn't but I'm not having trouble!" Jason blurted out awkwardly, trying to adjust his homework so it wouldn't slip and reveal his true problem.

Percy raised one dark eyebrow. "Well at least let me have a look," and he pulled the homework off of Jason's lap.

In his desperation Jason sent a prayer to his Godly Father, Lord Jupiter, that his boner had vanished. But Jason guess that Jupiter didn't care much for the sexual issues of his hormonal son who was rooming with his straight, best friend. Because the boner wasn't just visible.

Oh no.

It was as bold as Imperial Gold and even more stiff than before, brightly outlined in dark blue cotton.

Jason had been expecting some sort of outburst from the other Demigod. If not disgust, maybe in rage at least.

But Percy said nothing. He gently, blushing like crazy as he did so, put the homework binder back over Jason's lap and calmly walked back to his bed. He plopped onto the mattress, and resumed doing his own homework as if the moment had never happened. Once Jason's breathing returned to normal, he thought that maybe, just maybe: Jupiter was watching over him after all.

... ... ... ... ... ...

Two weeks had passed after the small 'incident'.

And for Jason, being Percy's roommate had became more normal than he could have ever imagined: He didn't feel the need to watch the other Demigod as much, and that was even when Percy walked around in nothing but a towel or a pair black & blue boxers. Which isn't saying that he didn't still stare at Percyhe did. Just not 90 percent of the time

Annabeth's homework assignments had turned out to be so much more time consuming than his half naked roommate.

Percy had noticed the decline in the attention he was receiving from the blond-haired teen, and he was surprised to realize that he felt kind of offended. For him at least it was nice to be so openly noticed, even if it was by another Dude. Girls were beginning to get tiresome. They were really complicated, and tended to get mad him. Like, a lot.

Plus it really unnerved Percy when they would stop and look at him whenever he walked past. Their stares made the Son of Poseidon feel really uncomfortable.

Jason's stares didn't.

No, his stares only communicated pure & total appreciation for Percy's figure and form. At first, the (slightly) older boy was embarrassed. He hadn't really been thinking when he had opted for the Son of Jupiter to sleep with him. But he was the kind of person that grew on you.

It wasn't until two weeks after Jason moved in that Percy realized something was obviously wrong.

Maybe it was too much of Jason, maybe it was too much of seeing him strolling around in a pair of dark pajama pants, and a dark green T-shirt. Too much of having him blush and spark whenever he got overexcited, or surprised. Or how, and this was the part that really kind of annoyed Percy, he would talk about all of his troubles with Piper & Reyna. Or maybe, Percy slowly accepted, the problem lied within himself. He was somehow becoming attracted to the other boy. That thought didn't even make sense in Percy's mind. He liked girls.

Loved girls, actually.

Like, Annabeth for example: Witch her long legs, her soft honey-colored hair, how she usually smelled like lemons. . .he found most girls charming, especially ones with a natural flair to them. Then again, by male standards, Jason was a little girly. He was only a couple of inches shorter than Percy, he always smelled like a nice breeze & he was never seen wearing wearing ruffled or dirty clothes. His voice was even higher than Percy's, just by a little. However. . .Percy knew, quite obviously, that Jason was still male despite some of his traits & habits. Below those dark green pajama pants was something Percy could not wrap his head around.

In a way, enjoying Jason as a person made sense. He was an original person & he had a nice personality. But then there were times when Percy would wake up late at night, from dreaming of Jason. Of kissing him, of holding Jason's waist in his hands. . .well there was nothing wrong with those sort of thoughts, right?

'Just keep telling yourself that, Percy.' Percy said, talking to himself as he watched Jason write in a large notebook.

The older boy was sitting cross-legged on his bed as usual. Both were still in their regular clothes, having returned from classes only an hour before. Percy wanted to look busy, even though he did not have any assignments. So he took out a textbook and pretended to read. His eyes didn't move so he ended up reading the same sentence over and over and over.

Jason's head perked up from the notebook. "How do you spell abysmal?"

Percy thought for a few minutes, thankful for the chance to stop reading that stupid sentence. "Um I think, it's spelled. . uh. . . A-B-Y-S-M-A-L? I think that's it/"

"Oh! I kept putting the Y after the S. Thanks, Perc."

"Mm hm. . ." Percy gritted his teeth. He was acting so weak & strange, all just because of a sad little crush.

A crush on his male, best friend. Talk about pathetic.

Percy liked girls.

'Likes.'his mind grumbled while Percy pulled on his pajamas. He changed in the bedroom while Jason had changed in the bathroom. The blond walked out humming some (tuneless) song and settled down with big notebook again.

He also liked Jason. Really, really liked him. But he also didn't know just how he was supposed to even approach that situation, much less how to deal with it.

Percy's eyes began to swim in his confusion. As he brought his hands up to rub them, the book dropped to the floor. Jason looked up once again.

"Percy? Are you OK?"

Percy pulled a grimace. "Yeah I'm good. Just dropped my book."

Jason was looking straight at him, like in the way that he used to. This time Percy chose to look back. Each pair of eyes wavered in their owner's sockets. Each one daring the other to glance away. The Son of Poseidon swore he could hear both their heartbeats, and he could see tiny sparks of electricity running through Jason's hair and over his pajamas.

Percy wasn't sure if he was even breathing any more. Just paused halfway off the bed, clutching a stupid old textbook with his mouth open. The moment passed as quickly as it had appeared, and Jason looked away, biting his bottom lip. Percy looked to his bedside window, seeing the last few rays of Sunset poking through the silk curtains.

He stretched to add dramatics. "I'm getting a bit tired. . ."

The blond boy stared right at the wall. "Yeah, me too. . .we can turn off the lights then"

"If your not tired, I can sleep with a light on."

"No no!" Jason yawned a fake yawn. "I'm ready to fall asleep anyway."

Percy really didn't want to protest. But even though Jason was giving Percy a way out, he was obviously giving himself a way out too. And that double meaning made Percy. . . .upset. He didn't want to admit it, but it did.

This petty crush was kicking his ass!

"Good Night, Percy," Jason fake yawned again, his side of the room dimmed.

The older Demigod shut off his lamp and drifted into a rough sleep. The dreams about Jason woke him up every so often, with his blankets and sheets twisting around his limbs.

Finally, at around 11:00, he awoke to a silent dark Campsite. His body was too tired for sleeping so he sat up and stretched, climbing out of his warm bed. Percy padded into the bathroom, not bothering to flip on the lights & ruin the darkness that his eyes had become so accustomed to in these past couple of days.

Walking into the fist stall, Percy dropped his pajama pants and took out his hardened erection. Taking it into his hand, Percy began stroking himself.

The dreams were still fresh in his mind, dreams of Jason down on his knee's with Percy's cock in his mouth. Percy let out a low moan and began to move his hand even faster, as more & more images began to flash through his mind. Images of the both of them naked with Jason straddling Percy's waist. . . . . Halfway through relieving himself, the dreams were beginning to leave his mind.

That is until he heard two feet walk right into the dark bathroom, and a gasp escape somebody's mouth.

He wheeled around, and came face-to-face with his roommate. "Jason?" he asked.

"AHHHH!" Percy barely had enough to think before a pillow crawling with waves of blue electricity smacked right into his face & drooped to the side of the toilet, something that resulted in making the light that was right above the two adolescents, come on & flicker with bright blue light.

"Jason!" He said when his roommate tried to hit, with his fist crawling with bolts of electricity. Percy grabbed his right hand, just before it managed to mack contact with his face. "Its me!"

"Percy?" Jason asked.

"Who else would it be? The Boogeyman?" Percy asked, sarcastically, trying to ignore the tingling feeling in his arm.

Even in the darkness, Percy could feel Jason's blush, and it sent a warm feeling straight to his groin, making his cock twitch. "I-I don't know. . ."

Percy picked up the pillow and handed it to the other boy, at the same time pulling on his pajama pants and sending a quick Thank You to his Godly Father that he had kept his boxers on & that Jason had not yet noticed the huge organ yet, because who knows what might have happened if Jason had walked in on him naked & masturbating.

"Jace, look. I know that this isn't the time or. . .the place, but I. . .I wanted to talk about something that happened a little while ago. . .like the week of when you first moved in to be exact."

The blush got even deeper, and Percy had stop himself from just tackling Jason & let one of his many dreams come to play. "Just forget that, please…"


"Percy. Please. I feel bad enough already, as it is!"

"You shouldn't." The words were out of Percy's mouth before he could stop them.

Percy could feel Jason's electric-blue eyes on him. "What?"

"You shouldn't feel bad at all. . ." Percy took a deep breath, "And I don't want to just forget about it."

"W-why not…it was embarrassing!" Jason's hands flew up to run his hands through his hair, the pillow falling to the floor again.

Later on, Percy would decide that maybe he had been thinking too hard and he fried his brain, because that would be the only way for him to explain why he did what he did next. He grabbed Jason's wrists, hard at first then he slowly pulled Jason's hands off his face. He leaned in so close to the blond that their noses nearly touched.

"You have no reason to feel embarrassed." Their eyes locked steady within the thick darkness.

The blush on Jason's face warmed Percy's cheeks. "I-I…" But the older boy cut off his roommate's words by kissing him full on the mouth.

Percy held Jason by his jaw, deepening the kiss and not even caring if the younger boy was kissing back. But to the other Demigod's amazement, his roommate pressed his own lips against Percy's.

He couldn't just let it stop there.

No, Percy was going to wreck his reputation he should go all the way rather than half asked. Percy's hands slid down the boy's sides and held onto his hips. The pair fell back against the bathroom door and shut it with a small bang.

Jason was a pretty good kisser, which shouldn't have really surprised Percy, considering who his Father is. It was just that despite his appearance, he really didn't seem like somebody who had a lot of experience in these types of situations. But maybe it was just another mysterious piece of Jason that you had to unravel yourself. And Percy intended to unravel quite a bit of the blond.

A minute or so had passed and Percy easily slipped his tongue past Jason's parted lips. He could feel the boy take a shallow breath. Percy held him steady against the door, gently moving his hands beneath the blond's green T-shirt. Here he could feel that shallow breathing, every slow inhale and exhale Jason exhausted from his lungs. Percy stroked up and down his roommates fit form, getting a strange sense of arousal purely from how Jason's skin always seemed crackle & spark at Percy's touch. He figured it was safe enough to take another bold step and picked up the edge of Jason's baggy shirt, moving it up and sliding it over the boy's head. Percy dropped it to the tiled floor and blinked for a moment.

Jason was still breathing heavily. The other boy's eyes were adjusted enough in the dark to see that pale, half aroused, half frightened expression. It was the first moment since the whole thing began that Percy had paused to think.

"I-I don't know what came over me, Jason. I'm sorry."

The blond flushed red again. "W-why…"

"I dunno. I just. . . couldn't control myself. I don't know what's happening to me!" Percy said with a frustrated sigh.

Jason shook his head. "That's not what I was going to ask, Percy."

Percy looked at him. "It wasn't?"

Jason shook his head again. "No. And if you hadn't have interrupted me, then you would have known that I was going to ask: Why did you stop?"

Big, Sky-blue eyes bore into Percy's darker Sea-green ones. There was a shiny tint to them in the shadows.

Jason bit into his lower lip, which was red and slightly swollen from their kissing. If he were to look into a mirror just then, he knew that his eyes would have been darkened from the Desire he was feeling just then. His cheekbones were tinted scarlet, and he was still breathing deeply.

Percy knew that he had permission to continue. The question was, how far could he go? Percy, himself wasn't a virgin (Annabeth had taken care of that little problem) but he was certain that for all his looks, Jason was still innocent. At least with other males anyway.

Percy advanced on his roommate for a second time. The blond wrapped his tanned arms around Percy's torso, leaning up to kiss him again. It was more passionate, if even possible, than before.

Percy brought Jason down onto the floor, settling the blond onto his lap. He blushed as he settled himself over Percy's hips, and the flush deepened when he sat down too far and his cock had rubbed against the other boy's.

"Sorry." Jason mumbled, sitting up a little bit.

Percy just smiled, running his hands up and down his roommate's sides and hips. "It's ok…if this is…?" he slowly pulled down Jason's pajama pants.

The blond stopped him, putting his own hands onto the waist band of the green and blue plaid fabric. Panic began to show in Jason's blue eyes, as though he had just realized what was going on. Seeing Jason freeze up made Percy freeze as well, ending up with the both of them clinging to the blonds' pajama pants.

"Take them off."

Percy blinked a couple dozen times, before a smile graced his features at the sudden commanding tone that Jason had used on him .

He slid off the pants.

For some reason, Percy really wasn't all that surprised that Jason hadn't been wearing any sort of underwear beneath them. Jason was now sitting exposed, very very exposed, over Percy's hips. The tanned flesh on his body was blushing a dark pink. Never before had Percy ever felt so attracted to anybody in his whole life, not even Calypso. Nor had this type intimacy lasted so long. He felt as though he could spend days, if not weeks, just touching every inch of the boy straddling his hipbones. And with his rands resting on the young mans hips, Percy felt like he was in control, when during those night in his hidden daydreams, he hadn't. The sense of control, made him even more aroused. At least that is until Jason bent down, almost nuzzling Percy's crotch against his cheek.

Percy felt those sparks shoot up his spine.

Jason pulled down Percy's dark blue boxers and let them stay on his thighs. He kept his head inclined, and licked the underbelly of Percy's throbbing cock.

Several thousand more volts charged up Percy's nerves. It wasn't making any sense him. Annabeth had done the exact same thing to him before, but it hadn't felt this good. Nor had it made him feel so alive all those other times that she had done it. But those thought's were immediately discharged from his head when Jason began to lick the same path, up and down Percy's shaft. He flicked his tongue against the head, moving it back and forth against the slit, lapping up the pre-cum that had begun to pool around the head. This made Percy gasp slightly, which shocked him. He never made these types noises with Annabeth, not even once.

Jason just continued. Slowly he slid Percy's dick into his mouth, pushing more before having to stop. He got more than half of it inside his throat before pulling back. Jason looked away, sparks of frustration running through his spiky hair.

"W-what's wrong?" Percy whispered, still in awe it was even happening at all.

Jason folded his arms. "I can't do it. I've never done this before."

"You were doing just fine from my view point."

"No, I wasn't! I couldn't even fit most of it in!" Jason said

"There isn't a law that says you have to fit it all in." Percy said softly, but Jason wasn't budging. "Hmm…come here."

Percy was gesturing to between his parted thighs. Jason's sky-blue eyes nearly bulged out from their sockets. "W-why?"

Percy roped the boy in by his waist. Once Jason was rested up against his leg, Percy stroked his hand along the upper part of his roommate's thigh. He pushed it back a little and Jason took the hint, raising his hips and opening his legs more. Gently Percy rubbed the tip of his index finger around Jason's tight entrance.

It was then that something dawned on Percy.

He reached into the cabinet behind them and rummaged through it, pulling out a really old bottle of hand lotion. It wasn't either of theirs, if memory served correctly it belonged to Piper's half-brother Mitchell, but that really didn't matter now.

Percy coated his fingers with the scented lotion (rose, really?). Again he ran his fingertip over Jason's hole, dipping it in and out slowly. Every time Percy made his finger go in a little more. The blond arched his back slightly, wincing at the odd feeling. For some reason, that aroused Percy even more. For some reason, there was this strange kind of thrill in playing with someone who had never been touched in this way before. Knowing that he was the first, Percy felt even more powerful than he did before, insanely so.

He pushed his index finger into Jason completely before pulling it back a little so he could insert his middle one as well. The blonds' tight muscles nearly screamed at being stretched. But Jason didn't make any loud noises, just these small yelps every now & again that Percy found so adorable that he had to resist the urge to just take Jason right then & there. Three fingers seemed to be Jason's breaking point. The other boy began to rock his wrist, thrusting his hand in a little bit. The tips of his fingers pressed up against Jason's prostrate several times, making the blonds' eyes squeeze shut tight as he moaned softly into Percy's ear.

Very slowly, Percy took out each one of his fingers and wiped them on his thigh. He brought his best-friend in for another kiss. He went to lick at Jason's lips to kiss him deeper, but the Jason stopped him.

"Percy…" he trailed off.

"Erm…too far? I'm sorry-"

"Stop saying your sorry! Please. . .?" Jason closed his legs almost shyly, turning his head to look down at the tiled floor. Percy couldn't help notice the blondes stiff cock before his stomach shadowed it.

"So. . .not too far?"

Jason looked back up. "Not far enough."

"We can't do it yet, not in here." Percy looked around at the small bathroom.

The blond stood up and peeked around the Campsite as if expecting some stranger to be standing there waiting. Percy looked out too.

Without needing to agree, the two boys sprinted across the campsite, and into Cabin 3. The Cabin was as dark & empty as it was before. Ignoring this, Percy clapped his hands and some of the lights in the Cabin came on. Then, taking Jason's hand in his, Percy led Jason onto his bid, sitting down on the silk covers. Jason looked down for a moment, suddenly frightened of what he knew was about to happen. Then Percy sat up on his knee's from his position on the floor, and reached forward and grabbed Jason's cock.

Jason gasped when he felt the icy fingers grasp him, digging his fingers into the covers.

The room was as dark and as empty as before. He guided Jason to his bed, sitting down on the covers. The blonde boy looked down for a moment, frightened again. Percy sat up on his knees, reaching forward to rub Jason's cock. The blond gasped, digging his nails into his palms. He moved Percy's hand away and sat over his hips instead.

Percy touched his own cock, knowing he had to last long enough to make this at least OK for Jason. He pulled the boy's narrow hips closer, slowly edging him down while holding his own dick by the base.

He let go of Jason.

"You need to adjust yourself…" Percy said kindly, trying to hide the anxiety that he was feeling. Feeling how tight Jason was on his fingers just made the thought of Jason's tight ass on his cock insanely hot.

The blond nodded, opening himself up wide before moving down onto the head. He yelped and moved up. "I-I can't."

"You can Jace. . . I know that it hurt's but you have to. . ."

Jason bit his lip in pain, which was becoming a real habit, sweat beading on his forehead.

He slid the head back inside himself. Percy couldn't help the loud moan that escaped his lips, he hadn't ever felt anything this tight before! Jason slid down more, the precum on Percy's cock lubricating the ride a little bit. He let out a small groan as he stretched apart.

Percy rubbed at his lover's hips, murmuring at how well the blond was doing, how good it was going to feel if he just sat down. The moment felt like long hours instead of short minutes. Finally Jason had filled himself with Percy's cock. The feeling of it pulsating inside of him was completely unreal. His eyelids fluttered in pleasure when Percy hadn't even moved yet.

"It does hurt…but I don't c-care…" Jason whimpered, bouncing down a little for emphasis.

That small bounce had almost made Percy burst. "Easy baby…" he realized the slip, but Jason didn't say anything. In fact he just smiled.

Slowly the Son of Poseidon rocked his hips upwards, his cock moving deeper inside his lover's body. Percy only went faster when Jason asked. The heat that was clenched around his dick was enough him to cum, his whole body was screaming painfully for release. But he willed himself to hold onto the erection, at the same time pushing faster & harder inside Jason. The moans pouring from the blond only made Percy aim deeper, forcing the other boy's hipbones down with each one of his thrusts.

"Percy…" Jason murmured softly. His eyes blue were closed tight.

Just by watching that, hearing it, feeling the wave of intensity wash over him, Percy's release burst inside Jason. He made a mewling sound as the warm seed flushed out inside him. Percy kept thrusting for his lover, long soft strokes upwards. Jason began to moan sweetly again, cumming a few moments later against his own stomach.

They sat in the same positions for a moment. Percy was panting, his wide chest stretching to breathe. He let the blond slide off him. For a panicked second he thought that Jason was returning to his own bed. Instead, he cuddled himself up beside Percy. The other boy turned towards him.

"I honestly didn't think that we were going to take it that far."

Jason shook his head. He looked kind of high, still dizzy from the experience. "I didn't either."

"Are you happy that we did it?" Percy asked.

"Very. Are you?"


Jason gave a low laugh at that. "I didn't think that you were into guys."

"I'm not. I'm just into you." Percy wrapped his arms around Jason, pulling their bodies closer.

The blond turned red, and sparks began traveling over his body, making Percy shudder with pleasure. "But why me? Because I mean…look at you…well…Look. At. You. You could have anybody that you wanted. Boy or Girl. Why choose me?"

Percy smiled. "I'm nothing special…but thank you. I like you because. . .well you're are interesting. And different. And original. People wonder why I dated Annabeth, but when you get to know her, you learn she isn't at all what her outside leads people to believe."

"I'm not that interesting as her" Jason buried his head into the crook of Percy's neck.

The older boy's hold on his lover tightened. "You're right. You're way more interesting than she could ever be."

Jason smiled, before yawning slightly. "You know, you never did help me with that Homework assignment."

Silver: Soooo. . . .yeah, kind of Random ending. Um, this was in my unfinished files as well, so I had to finish it. Um, like I said before; this doesn't really have much of a plot to it. So yeah! Review, and tell me what you thought of it!