"The one selfish request"

Farnese was lying on the ground, unmoving, she coughed with blood. Caska was standing near here

-"Puck! Evarella! Come here quickly!" Young witch screamed.

-"Lady Farnesee please hang on for a moment." Serpico spoke quietly.

-"We're here." Evarella looked at abdomen of lying woman and freeze up for a moment. Wounds were severe. She recovered after a moment -"Quickly chestnut, we need to get to work in this moment!"

-"Right!" Puck answered
Both of them started fly above her making dust fall on her wounds.

-"It doesn't work, wounds aren't closing." Voice of Serpico sounded desperate.

-"Serpico…" Farnese said quietly

-"Lady Farnese, everything will be alright." Serpico answered

-"…I don't think so…"She answered calmly

-"….I shouldn't let this happen… I shouldn't let this journey to go on… I had numerous chances to end it, but when I was watching you lady, I… simply… couldn't" Serpico was about to start crying.

-"And for that I am extremely grateful… Serpico, could you ask HIM to come here?"

-"I am here." Man Clothed in black approached them.

-"Everyone… could you left us alone."
Everyone left a scene. First Isidro and Schierke took Caska with them, the elves left afterwards and finally Serpico walked away. As she wished only Gutts remained

-"I am sorry, I seems that most good people that are around me ends up badly." His voice was filled with regret

-"That's not true… following you was my decision, mine alone and I never regretted it…. The me who was cowering her entire life in fear finally managed to stand up. During this journey I truly was living." She spoke without any pain being heard in her voice and continued.

-"When we were in Vritanis you asked whether this is the last stop in my journey, I knew then it wasn't… but if it's here, then there is one thing that I want to tell you and one selfish request that I want ask of you." She paused for a moment then weakly at beginning and more certain afterwards.

-"Black Swordsman-dono… Gutts I love you…" Gutt's eyes widened a little, but besides this his expression didn't change.

-"I know that this nothing but one-sided affection on my part… a dream that has no chance of fulfillment. I know that you love another…. but for this one moment… I don't care if it's out of pity, or to appease an annoying woman… but could you…" She stopped when she his face coming closer and closer to hers, next thing she felt was his lips covering hers.

She closed her eyes and answered with her lips, in her thoughts she was thanking the God of the church in Vritanis, every pagan deity that she could think of and every higher being that she heard of during her magic training.

"Ahh, now I feel more alive than I could in my entire lifetime."