It was a nicely Friday afternoon in the Hogwarts fields. Some students were gathering around fooling or just chilling out. It was middle September and classes had been going easily so far.

By the lake, under the biggest oak in the grounds there were three young wizards relaxing out of the second week of their 6th year in Hogwarts. Kendall had his version of "Quidditch Through the Ages" and Carlos were polishing his brand-new broom.

-"I have a pretty good feeling about this year. It's my third year in a row as captain and our team has a new seeker. Pretty fly, right? Kendall"- said the tanned with a smirk.

-"I don't think so Carlos, see, this year I'm the Gryffindor's captain again and I'm the keeper ... so Hufflepuff has no chances" replied the tall blonde wizard with a very confident smile putting his book down.

-"You're a great keeper Kendall but I'm a better chaser"- said Carlos in a pretentious way with his eyes closed.

-"I neither like nor understand quidditch therefore can both of you keep quiet, please? I'm trying to read"- said Logan with a calm tone through his "Ancient Runes" textbook.

-"Oops, sorry Logie but I'm really excited about this year"- Carlos gently smiled.

-"I know you both are craving for this season, and actually I only go to your quidditch matches guys but I'm just asking to you to keep your discussion on a moderate tone-" said Logan without separating his eyes out of his book

-"Ok Logan. I'm gonna make Kendall shut up"- said Carlos meanwhile he put his hands on Kendall's mouth.

The three guys laughed at this. The sun was starting to disapear and a soft orange and pink covered the sky.

-"James' class is about to end and as soon as he shows up we can go together to the Great Hall and dinner" said Logan.

-"Awesome, I'm hungry"- yell Carlos.

-"You're always hungry man"- said Kendall.

The lights of the Great Hall was just beginning to turn on and its golden light shines right through his enormous windows.

-"That feeling never ends right"- Logan just let it slipped

-"What do you meaning?"- asked Kendall looking at his friend confusing.

-"What? .. mmm Not a big deal. I've just remembered the first time we were in the

Great Hall"-

-"You mean in The Sorting Ceremony"- when Carlos and Kendall said it at the same time they couldn't help to look at each other and laughed.

-"Yup!" Logan just said it without putting his book down pretending not to care but he was no longer trying to understand the celtic symbols on it. He got lost in his flashback meanwhile Kendall and Carlos just ignored the comment and return to their quidditch strategy for the year.

*Logan Flashback*

Logan suddenly felt like when he was 11 years old.

Logan were in a line with a group of scared and impatient kids all dressed up with robes.

-"Don't you worry Logie, I standing next to you. Don't be afraid, you see, every year there's this Sorting Ceremony for the new students. They do it because they need to place us in one of the ..."-

-"One of the four houses, I know it Carlos, they told me"-Logan interrupted Carlos.

When Logan said "They" he meant the three people that were in his house a month ago. By that time every was just a little more confusing that now. Everything just started with a letter delivered by an owl. Logan's mom just screamed by the bird. It was an afternoon like no one. In the letter was said something about a school for wizards and Logan acepptance since he was born, besides all those rare school supplies and the letter said that a group of wizards, send them by the school, were going to vist them to explain everything.

A week later two tall men with funny apparel and a woman with a pointed hat were in Logan's house.

-"I know this is hard to believe Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell but your very own Logan is awizard"- said one of the men. The one with black clothes.

-"Logan may I ask you something?"- said the other man. This one had an owl on his shoulder.

-"Sure ... sir"- replied Logie

-"Have you ever seen something inexplicable happended around you when you get mad, scared or happy?"- the man asked.

Logan got hit by these two moments. The first one that day when the power lines went out and he was home alone and how three candles just lighted up without the need of a match or any kind of fire. And the day when a toad flew away from his desk to the window on science class. Science oh there was the answer.

-"Well sir, I think science can explain everything" Logan said with daring tone.

-"Ok"- laughed the man -"So do you think science can explain why you threw a toad through your classroom's window on the discection day just because your classmate didn't want to the toad get hurt?"-

-"well that day Carlos was really sad for the toad. I just don't wanted he suffered because of a silly toad"-Logan just let that came out of him and looked how his parents get scared like if he had just said a bad word.

-"Jherom Mitchell was your grandfather's father right Mr Mitchell?"- asked the woman with the hat trying to break the awkward situation and Logan saw her dark eyes were on a paper which seemed to have a family tree.

-"How am I going to know?"- said Mr Mitchell with a big doubt face.

-"Yes, he was"- said the woman with a strange politeness -"Look at this parchment

Mr Mitchell. Jherom Mitchell. Order of Merlin, Third Class and a very wit wizard if

you let me say. He invented three configuration spells. Now if you see he married

Alana Jones and they had two children. If I'm not wrong this one is Terrence Mitchell, your grandfather-"

"-Sometimes a kid with muggle parents inherit his magic from a very long ascendent-" said the other man, the one with the owl on his shoulder.

-"Hogwarts is the most important school of Magic and Witchcraft and we'll be very pleased if Logan could attend to it"- said the man with dark clothes.

-"In Hogwarts he will sort into one of the houses and he could be along with his peers"-said the woman -"and if you authorized us we would buy all his school supplies and he could buy his very own wand. Remember the train waits for him on Sept 1st"

-"Sweetie, I don't know what you think but you're a very mature kid for you age. I only want you to be happy, but if you choose not going to that school probably you will never fit in any other place"- said Joanna Mitchell and she gave to Logan a kiss on his forehead.

The next day Logan met in the park with his bestfriend Carlos. Logan looked right at Carlos and the boy tried to articulate some words.

-"I'm here to say goodbye Carlos, my parents are sending me to a boarding school"- said Logan with tearful eyes to his friend whereas he hugged him as tight as he could.

-"NO THEY CAN'T"- yelled Carlos before breaking to tears -"You're my Logie, you are my only friend and I couldn't wish someone better to be with, you see, you can't leave alone, this is not fair"- as usual Carlos' frustation turned into angry. "I'm so mad" was the only thing that the little kid could say.

-"Please don't cry Carlitos. I'm going to be here for Xmas and we could slide down the hills like every year and I'm going to be here for summer too and we'll have camping nights in your garden like always"- Logan was making his best trying to calm Carlos down.

Carlos was still sobbing and it took him a long to put himself together. -"It's not gonna be the same without you here Logan, I don't care anything anymore if you go. If you are not going to be around I don't wanna be a ... "- Suddenly Carlos' waterfall of words just stopped. Carlos got pale and his eyes went wide open.

"You don't want to be what?" Logan frowned

-"My mom says I can't tell this to anyone but whatever if you are going I want you to know. Anyway I was dying to telling you, it's unbelievable"- Carlos send his hand into his trousers' pockets and got out a wrinkled piece of paper. -"Check this out Logie"-

When Logan read the paper he couldn't believe

-"Pretty awesome right"- Carlos smiled and jumped around Logan.

-"Take it easy Garcia"- said Logan

-"What? Aren't you happy for me?"- wondered Carlos.

-"Yes, I am"- said Logan -"but this letter isn't a big deal you know"- Logan just made a long dramatic pause -"BECAUSE I HAVE ONE OF THESE TOO! AHH"-

Logan's screams just got interrupted for Carlos' hugs.

-"We're both going to Hogwarts. We're both wizards"- yelled the two boys at once.

-"But your parents are muggles aren't they? the thing is that my mom is a witch and she knows all the magic people in the town"- Carlos looked at Logan.

-" 'Muggle' means without magic right?"- said Logan,

-"Yup!"- replied Carlos

-"Oh so yes they are, but in my dad's family there were wizards"- Logan explained to his friend.