The morning rose in Hogwarts and all the students were excited because that day was the first match of the quidditch's season, the match would take place at the later afternoon when all the classes had ended, even though this was Ravenclaw vs Hufflepuff, students from the other houses were excited too, specially those who had friends in any of those houses, or in both.

Logan had a bittersweet taste about it, he loved to be in Ravenclaw and he was unconditional to his house but Carlos and Camille were in Hufflepuff. He was his bestfriend and she was his girlfriend. This feeling haunted Logan's chest all the day, he was making his Arithmancy assigment, but thinking about the magical characteristics of number 7 was overwhelming him. -"I'm going to be in the library, maybe there I can focus on it"- he thought. Quickly he put his scarf on, grabbed his quill and some parchments and he walked right to the library.

When he got there it was almost empty, just a few first year students, he walked into the shelves looking for "7 The Magical Number" but it wasn't around. Logan sighed, -"What am I going to do?"- after a moment he just sat, the time went by really slowly, Logan was lost in his thoughts, his relationship with Camille was stuck, -"I loved her but I don't love her that much .."- these words ran through his mind again and again. -"I know she love me but I can't love her that way and I don't know why"-. Logan was pretending that he was writting complicated operations but he really was just writting "C+L" all over his parchment. -"I don't feel like going to the match"- he thought -"I played quidditch like 3 years but I don't really like it anymore ...but Carlos and Camille, they wait to see me there and there are Kendall and James too, and I think I have to root for my house"-. Logan's thoughts were interrumpted by a red-headed Hufflepuff of second year named Tyler.

-"Logan, Flitwick is looking for you"- Tyler grabbed Logan's arm.

-"What?"- Logan frowned.

-"Something's wrong with the Ravenclaw team"- Tyler moved his arms

-"'k thank you"- Logan stood up and ran to Flitwick's office. Once there, the Charms professor jumped out of his seat.

-"Oh Logan, you're here, quickly, Stephanie needs to talk you"- Flitwick waved his arms in the air. -"She's in the quidditch court"-

Logan walked to the Hogwarts' grounds into the quidditch court, there was the Ravenclaw team. Logan was surprised of looking all the team gathered around in a circle.

-"Oh Logan you're here"- Stephanie King, the seeker and co-captain of Ravenclaw team, hugged him.

-"What happened Effy?"- Logan wondered -"why is everybody here?"- he motioned to the team.

-"Look, here's the thing"- Stephanie started to talk -"I can't play and we can't call-off the match, so you are going to be th seeker"-

-"What? why can't you play?"- Logan frowned.

-"My wrist is broken, I thought it'd heal but it didn't"- Stephanie extended her arm and showed her wrist to Logan.

-"I haven't played in years! Literally"- Logan shouted

-"C'mon Logan, you have to"- Stephanie begged

-"Do the Hufflepuffs agree?"- Logan just wondered

-"Well, I just talked to Carlos and he is cool with it"- Stephanie stated to Logan.

-"Isn't there anybody else?"- Logan moaned

-"Nobody else had been a Seeker before"- Stephanie explained

-"Ok I'll do it"- Logan spitted rolling his eyes.

-"Thank you, Logan."- Stephanie hugged him again.

Logan change his robe for a Ravenclaw uniform quickly, he took Steffanie's broom and walked to the court. Once in there, Logan saw the Hufflepuff team already in the sky making some exercise to warm up, he looked to his left towards the Hufflepuff seats searching for Camille but he couldn't find her because suddenly the sound of a whistle got all Logan's attention.

-"Ravenclaws, please soar now"- madame Hooch yelled

All the ravenclaws rode their broomsticks and floated upwards. The members of both teams made a circle and, there, Logan was face-to-face with Carlos, who looked shocked. Carlos was the chaser and the captain of Hufflepuff, his job was getting the quaffle and tossed it throught one of the three goal posts in the ravenclaw side; Logan was replacing Stephanie so he was the seeker, therefore his job was catching the golden snitch, he also was the co-captain of Ravenclaw along with Lucy Stone, the chaser and a student of 5th grade. In the ground Madame Hooch released the bludger and the snitch and then she put the quaffle on game.

Carlos flew right to the quaffle and grabbed it, regard his hunky body he was very agil, in the other hand, because of his hunky body he was very strong too, so when the ravenclaw catcher tried to stop Carlos, he just pushed him. Carlos could score 10 points to Hufflepuff, Logan was overflying the court looking for the snitch but he couldn't see it, -"man, I'm so rusty with these things"- he thought to himself, meanwhile Carlos kept fighting to get the quaffle, he was neck-to-neck with Lucy pushing each other trying to make their opponent fall from their broomstick. Lucy flew down a bit and quickly lost Carlos, she was moving right to the Hufflepuff side when she was hitted by a bludger tossed from the Ravenclaw beaters. She lost the quaffle but Carlos instantaneously got next to her and grabbed the quaffle again, he rushed to the Ravenclaw goal posts and scored another 10 points.

Logan just watched all those heavy things happening in the match and then he remembered how much dangerous quidditch could be, it took a while to him to recall why he was there. -"Oh the snitch, okay I need to focus"- he regreted, that day didn't seem a good day for Logan's mind, he never had felt this lack of attention. Logan was still drowned in his thoughts when he saw the hufflepuff seeker, Wayne, flying across the court. -"I'm sure he already saw the snitch"- Logan leaned over his broomstick, turned to his left and flew behind Wayne, just some feet later Logan saw the snitch himself. A whistle was blown in the distance, it seemed like Ravenclaw was finally scored 10 points because a blurry blue spot was moving in Logan's sightline, he couldn't distract otherwise he could lose the track of the snitch so he just ignored it.

The snitch was faster and it flew next to the bleachers, there Logan and Wayne was leaning their bodies next to each other trying to get the snitch, Wayne hit Logan with his shoulder and reached his hand but the snitch changed its way far from Wayne, Logan quickly moved towards the snitch leaving Wayne confused.

Logan and the snitch were flying very close to the land and then Logan felt a body against him, first he thought it was Wayne so he pushed but so he realised it was thicker than Wayne's body so he looked to his left just to see Carlos flying next to him.

-"What are yo.."- Logan started to shout but Carlos cut him off

-"Look ahead and trust me"- Carlos said flying a little away to Logan just made himslef impulse towards Logan's body again. Being Logan leaner than Carlos he lost control of his broomstick and he landed abruptly, Logan got scratched with the ground and felt some bruises on his arm.

He stood up and he looked up to the sky searching Carlos

-"Are you crazy?"- Logan yelled angry but his facial expresion changed immediately when he saw Carlos was hit by a bludger, right there he felt something tickilng in his chest. He put his hand inside his shirt and grabbed a little ball moving there.

-"Logan Mitchell has caught the snitch, Ravenclaw wins"- madame Hooch screamed. Logan heard the cheers from the Ravenclaw bleachers but Logan didn't take his eyes away from Carlos who was obviously hurt and injured.

Carlos barely could landed softly and once he was on ground he stormed out of the court, despite all the eyes looking at Logan he ran after his friend.

-"Wait, Carlos, why did you do that?"- Logan wondered reaching Carlos from behind.

Carlos looked back and pouted to Logan.

-"Good question, I have one for you, why did you do that?"- Carlos was upset

-"What do you mean?"- Logan was clearly confused.

-"Why did you get in the match?"- Carlos asked.

-"Yes I wanna know too"- Camille appeared from nowhere crossing her arms.

-"What? Stephanie was unable to play, her wrist is broken, she told me she'd told you"- Logan explained himself to his friends.

-"She told me she was to be replaced but she didn't mention a thing about you"- Carlos shrieked louder, he was even more upset.

-"Carlos, calm down"- Kendall and James also showed up in the scene.

-"Why are you so mad?"- Logan said so softly that it was almost a whisper with a confused look on his face.

-"That bludger was tossed right to you, I had to protect you, Logan and now, ugh"- Carlos placed his hand on his injured arm.

-"Now Hufflepuff lost and Carlos is harmed"- Camille stated.

-"Thank you, Camille, I'm fine"- Logan said sarcastically.

-"Don't you get it? that bludger was hit from a Ravenclaw"- Camille looked at Logan -"it was sabotage!"- Camille yelled

-"I didn't know"- Logan yelled her back

-"EVERYBODY COOL OFF NOW"- Kendall screamed louder.

-"You"- Kendall pointed to Camille -"be thankful that your boyfriend is ok"-

-"You"- Kendall pointed to Carlos this time -"do you think Logan knew about this?"-

-"No"- Carlos frowned -"I don't"-

-"So .."- Kendall moved his arm -"obviously the Ravenclaws knew that you were gonna put Logan before the match"-

"you're right" Carlos looked down

-"wait, you thought I was part of that set up"- Logan yelled this time -"never mind, I'm out"- Logan rushed his way right to the castle.

-"what?"- Carlos looked at his friend walking away.

-"Logan, wait a second"- Kendall was about to go after his friend but then he felt a grip on his arm.

-"Don't you worry, I'll talk to him tomorrow in class"- James smiled at Kendall -"when everybody is relaxed"-.

-"You're right"- Kendall looked at James -"Now, Carlos, go to the Hospital Wing, that arm looks very bad"- Kendall rose his eyebrows -"And I think that you owe an apologize to Logan"- Kendall looked at Camille.

-"Yeah"- Camille rubbed one of her hands on of her arm and walked away behind the same path Logan had gone minutes ago.