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Chapter 1

James and Lily had only been married for a few months now. They were young, and in better times, they'd have waited. But with the war, they knew there was a chance, there would be no time. When they learned they were pregnant, they were shocked. For a moment the thought crossed their mind, the prophecy which had been announced only weeks before. Lily and James had defied the man three times, and they had been told the due date, their child was due at about the right time. There was another possible; Lily's good friend Alice was pregnant, with her first child. The Longbottoms had defied him three times, and they were some of the best aurors, they put James to shame.

Albus summoned the couple to the school a few days after their ultrasound. They had been shocked to learn they were expecting not one but two sons. Twins were not common, and neither of them had twins in their families, that they knew of.

Albus looked at the couple. "I need to speak to you about your sons."

Lily sat down across from him. "I wasn't aware you knew."

James laughed. "Albus knows everything Lily."

Albus offered tea. "I have wondered if you have considered the risks of having twins."

Lily looked at him confused. "Risks?"

Albus nodded. "Often twins don't have the same kind of magic, one or both may be squibs, or close to it."

James was shocked. "I have seen many twins who have come here."

Albus nodded. "But one is always stronger, and none have gone that far. And we need your son to be strong."

Lily stared at him. "You believe our son is the chosen one don't you?"

James smiled when he realized his wife was right. "I knew our son was bound to be a hero."

Albus stopped. "The problem is, he needs to be strong enough, to survive an attack."

Lily understood. "You want us to abort one of the babies?"

Albus explained as best as he could. A spell could be performed, to see which baby was to be born first, and had the stronger magic. They could do selective abortion, and abort the little boy who was a weakling. The longer they waited, the more of his brother's magic he could sap. Albus assured them he believed all life was sacred, but this was life or death, they needed to win the war.

Lily looked at her stomach, and thought of her two sons. She had never thought in her entire life, of having an abortion. How could she allow her baby to be killed? But how could she deny the world a savior.

James looked at his wife and whispered. "We have to do this. Our little one will go to heaven, he will be with our parents."

Lily shook her head. "I can't kill a child."

Albus sighed. "There is another option."

James looked at him. "What?"

Albus sighed. "There is a spell that can be used. It will ensure all the magic in the womb goes to the one baby, and not the other."

Lily was shocked. "The other would be a squib?"

Albus nodded. "He could be put up for adoption if you choose. There is a chance he would have some magic, he is already four months along."

James put a hand on his wife. "It is for the best. Our son will be a hero, and save our world, and the other will live."

Lily finally agreed. "But no one is to know."

Albus agreed. "I will be sending you into hiding. The twins will be born in hiding, and only the marauders and a few others will know."

James knew, the marauders would know, he would not keep his brothers away from them. He knew they would keep quiet if he asked, of the second baby. And would support him, putting it up for adoption. He agreed with his wife, they couldn't kill their own son, but he would be an outcast in their world. It would be far less cruel to allow him to be raised in the muggle world.

Albus stopped James and whispered quietly. "There is a chance the baby may not survive the spell."

James looked at his wife and back. "Don't tell my wife."

Albus nodded. "I wish it didn't have to be, but if one child must die for the greater good…."

James nodded. "My wife will know it was simply the fates. We will both mourn our son."

Albus would have a healer come to them and perform the spell. Poppy or Severus would serve to deliver the twins, they were the only one who could be trusted. He knew James didn't like Severus, but he was one of the few who could be trusted.

Albus smiled when they were gone. "I am relieved they agreed, as I performed the spell, a week ago."

July 31st, Alice and Lily both went into labor, both in hiding. Severus was summoned to Lily, as Poppy was busy with Alice. He knew James was not happy he was there, but Lily had been like a sister, and he was friends with Remus. Even he and Sirius had been on good terms, though not even James knew that, because of Regulus. He was there to deliver the twins.

The eldest came into the world, a healthy screaming baby boy, they soon christened Hector James. He was the very image of James, and one could tell he had magic, before a spell was performed. The second baby was tiny, and almost looked like he was dead.

Lily looked at the tiny little boy. "Is he alive? He is blue."

Severus put the tiny form down on a table. "He isn't breathing."

James looked at his son. "Perhaps it is for the best."

Sirius looked at his brother like he had two heads. "How can you say that about your own son?"

Severus managed to get the little one to start crying. "He lives, but he is very weak. I doubt he will even nurse."

Lily looked at her stronger son in her arms. "I likely only have milk for one."

Remus shook his head. "Mothers nurse twins all the time."

James looked down at his smaller son. "He will have a bottle I assume. Hector will need all the good milk to remain strong."

Hector was everything that the world needed. James knew his son would be the true hero when the time came. The choice to use the spell was hard, he hadn't wanted to kill his own son, and it seemed the only way. He knew Hector would be an heir he could be proud of. This little one would likely die, and if not, he'd be adopted out when safe. He surely had no magic, why he was so scrawny and small.

Remus and Severus looked down at the small baby, who remained bundled in a cradle, Lily had not even held him. Remus told himself Lily worried, that her son would die, and she was depressed. Sirius had his doubts about that.

Sirius looked to the couple. "Your son needs a name."

James smiled. "We have already named him. He is Hector James."

Remus shook his head. "He meant the little one."

Lily looked over to the cradle. "We never thought a name."

Sirius shook his head. "You have known you had twins for five months now."

James shook his head. "Of course we did. We just never settled on a name."

Lily said. "Harry, for my father I guess."

James looked at Sirius. "Alice will be Hector's godmother, and we'd like you to be his godfather."

Sirius shook his head. "No."

Lily was shocked. "What do you mean no?"

Sirius looked at Remus. "Choose Remus, I will be Harry's."

James was shocked. "You are my brother, you need to be Hector's. Remus I guess can be the other's."

Sirius took up his tiny godson. "He needs at least one person willing to fight for him. I will be his or none."

James agreed, Remus was his brother too, and was named for Hector. Severus was shocked, when he stood as secondary godfather to Harry. He thought it was a sure sign this baby was an afterthought, even if not for the rest. James would never have thought to honor him before. As he looked down at the baby, he had to wonder how long his godson would live. He wasn't that sick, just tiny, but he already seemed forgotten.

Sirius took a bottle and sat down with his godson. "Harry Sirius Potter, you will show them all one day."

James shook his head. "Look how sickly he is, he is likely some squib."

Severus performed an old test. "No, he definitely has magic in there, an odd magic, but there."

Sirius looked down at the little boy. "Drink little one, you need your strength."

Severus watched, he may have made peace with the man, but his respect grew one step more. He thought the child was lucky to have the man. He was somehow not surprised by James, he had always had an ego, and this was just another sign.

He went to leave but he thought. 'I just wonder how his size and health didn't appear on any scans.'

Halloween 1981, two attacks happened, as thought. Neville and his parents were attacked, not by Voldemort, but his stop supporters. Well loyal ones, as Lucius and Severus were of course spies. The couple was alive, but were left insane, from hours of torture. Neville had not been touched. The Potters had been attacked, Lily was home and knocked out, and her eldest son had defeated Voldemort. He was gone, the marks were gone, Severus had proven that, the war was over. The order had gathered at the private hospital in Wales for Lily.

Lily and James were shaken by what happened, James had been away. They had known their son would be the hero, but the danger their son had been in and how close they had come, was still running deep. They were proud though, that their son was the hero.

Albus looked at them. "I think it best you go to France for a year or so. Just until the remaining criminals are caught."

Lily looked down at Hector. "It will be safer for him."

James reminded them. "The public will want to know their hero."

Albus smiled. "Absence will make them grow more happy to welcome him home in a few years. But it is for the best."

Lily looked at the other boy. "And him?"

James nodded. "His health is still rocky at best. Surely it would not be good."

Albus looked at the boy. "Perhaps muggle technology would be a better choice."

Sirius spoke up. "He is no squib, he has magic, he has done it earlier than Hector."

Albus turned to him. "I meant his Aunt and Uncle. Petunia can take him, and if he is strong enough for school, he will come."

Even if not a squib, he may not get into school, they reminded him. The world didn't know about him, only the few order members here, and he would not be missed. The muggles had good technology, and he would be safe with them, while his family was in hiding. Albus had no trouble convincing the parents, to sign off on it, they had never been loving parents. The baby had been raised by an elf, and the marauders when there, they were his only real human contact. Sirius had loved that little boy with all of his heart.

He shared a look with Severus, as Albus went to take the child. He and Severus had one thing in common, well now two, their godson. They both cared about the boy, Severus not paternal to most, but he cared deeply for both godsons.

They followed and watched as Albus placed the baby on a doorstep. "He is not even going to knock."

Severus was as shocked as him. "What do you plan to do? You can't simply take him, Albus will take him back."

Sirius shook his head. "I doubt they will even notice."

Severus smirked. "They may not notice him gone. But if you have a child, they will."

Sirius waited till the man was gone and went to the house. "I don't plan to raise him myself."

Severus looked down at the little boy. "I agree, our godson needs to be away from here, but where?"

Sirius looked down at the baby, and he never thought he would say it, but there was only one place. There was one place no one in their right mind would look for him, and Sirius knew he would be safe. He knew he took a chance, and it might not work, but he had to take it. From the moment this little guy was born, and he demanded to be made his godfather, he had been his protector.

Severus was surprised when he realized what the man was thinking. "Will they even allow you in the manor?"

Sirius shook his head. "No."

Severus agreed with him. "And what do you plan to do? Sneak him in and hope they take him in as a stray."

Sirius went to apparate. "Albus seems to think that works, but I have an in, or so I hope."

The baby needed to be in their world, he deserved to be, and needed protection. He never in a million years thought he would choose them, but there was only one family he knew of, who could offer Harry the life he deserved.

Severus knew who he spoke of. "I'm not sure even if he will make this hair brain scheme of yours work."