Sirius held his tiny godson to him. He didn't need Severus to tell him how slim the chances were, he knew better than anyone. But he had to try, he had sworn the day Harry was born, he'd make sure he was safe. Harry may be tiny, but he had magic, and he would one day do great things. Sirius just had to make sure that he got the chance. Severus came with him, knowing where he was going, or to whom. It was the one person they shared in common, other than Harry though they once shared Remus too, and made them friends. He was thought dead by most of the world, though known to be alive by the ministry, and by his family.

The book store was to be found on Knockturn, but just off the main alley. It had no dark roots, not even in war time, a surprise to everyone else. It was a place no one would ever look for the man; no one would suspect the owner, to be a pureblood heir.

Sirius knocked on the door. "I hope this works."

Harry let out a tiny little wail in his arms. "Paddy."

Severus shook his head. "Even when he seeks comfort, it's from you, not his parents."

Sirius watched as the man went to bring down the ward. "I wish I could take him. But even if I left the country, they would follow."

Severus looked at his godson. "If this hair brain scheme works, you may still see him."

Sirius smirked. "Yeah right, I might as well send him of to Budapest."

Severus couldn't deny that, and it may be something to consider. He didn't think this plan would work, and they may need to look to others. Lucius had a lot of contacts, and surely he could take the child, and find him a home. But Harry deserved to be here in the country, and Severus could admit, he would miss his little godson, if he was gone as well.

The door finally opened, and they went through a dark passage, into the private home in the back. They found the owner working away. The shop had been a surprise to Severus, when his lover bought it, he never thought he'd be one for owning a book store.

The man turned to them. "What are you two doing here? I would have thought you'd be celebrating."

Severus kissed him. "Without you? You know that this means you are free and safe."

Sirius agreed. "You have a pardon, and it is safe for you to come back from the dead, little brother."

Regulus shook his head. "No. Regulus Black is dead. I'm quite happy as Elias Black, a distant cousin."

Severus looked at Sirius and back. "We have come, as your brother has some mental belief, that you may be able to help."

Regulus turned to his brother. "Whatever you want help with, I assume has something to do with whatever you're hiding in your robe."

Sirius revealed Harry who had fallen slowly back to sleep. "I need your help."

Regulus knew who the baby was. "Where do his parents think their son is?"

Severus smirked. "Shivering on a doorstep, waiting for his repugnant muggle relatives to find him with the milk in the morning."

Regulus was surprised, and motioned them in, where he offered them a drink. He listened to the story, of what happened that night, and about Harry. He and Sirius had been extremely close, not after his brother left home, but they grew back together. His brother had helped him become a spy, well so had Severus and Lucius, and fake his death. The Blacks knew he was alive, and they were the ones who helped with the shop. Orion and Wallburga were powerful old bloods, but Orion at least, did have a family side to him. Well sort of.

Regulus looked at the baby. "And what exactly are you expecting me to do with him?"

Severus smirked. "Take him home to Mummy and daddy."

Sirius shrugged. "We both know, no one would look for him, among our family."

Regulus almost could laugh. "Because mother would never allow a half blood anywhere near her manor."

Severus knew that all too well. He had never been welcome in the family. "He hopes perhaps you can persuade them."

Sirius nodded. "I don't expect them to raise him. But they have contacts, places for him to go."

Regulus looked to Severus. "So does Lucius."

Severus agreed. "But mainly abroad. And he is under too much watch right now."

Sirius looked at his brother. "I for one know you are going to a lunch tomorrow."

Regulus couldn't deny it. "You know if you stopped spitting in their face, you'd be welcome home too."

Sirius would never be heir again, though Orion was now short one as his son was legally dead, but he'd be welcome back. Andromeda was invited to the lunch, even her daughter, which she would. She was cut off, but she was still part of the family. Sirius would be too, if he returned, and stopped constantly being in their face about things. Both brothers, and their choice in partners, were a sticking point. Wallburga was not quite certain what was worse, a werewolf, or a half blood potions master, as a future son in law. At least Remus was a pureblood.

Regulus sighed and nodded. "I don't think this will work, but I'll take him. You owe me one big brother."

Regulus looked at the baby, and really had no idea what he was doing. His brother and Severus stayed with him the night before, with the baby. He loved his brother though, and he knew how much the child meant to his brother, and he would. If nothing else, Lucius would be there, and it would be a way to get the baby into his arms. Lucius would be sure to help, he was a good man, and a loving father.

He found he was the last to arrive, his brother and Ted were the only ones not there. Ted was welcome, but he was likely at work, he had a position with the ministry. People would never believe it, if they were told the man was allowed in the manor, though he got a cold welcome.

Orion saw his son and his eyes went right to the baby. "What is this?"

Regulus smirked. "I believe it is called a baby, father."

Orion snapped. "I know what it is boy, I mean whose?"

Regulus had no idea what possessed him. "Mine, father."

Wallburga had turned to look at her son. "Yours?"

The couple knew he was gay, well bi, as he had gone both ways. And they were fully aware of Severus, the man he loved, and intended to marry. They couldn't cut him off, he already was, and Severus was soon to be Lord Prince. But he knew if they thought for one moment the baby was his, with Severus, Harry would never be allowed in the house. He never intended to claim Harry as his own, it had just popped out, but he knew it was right. It was the best way to assure Harry was safe, and he was not opposed to fatherhood, he just hoped Severus would agree.

Wallburga looked at the child and she had no idea how to react. She was never a woman to gush over her children, or now grandchildren. They were nothing but heirs, to fulfill the promise of the family, and both her sons were a disappointment in some way. Regulus for his lover.

Wallburga shook her head. "If you're going to tell me that is the child of your lover, you can leave now."

Regulus shook his head. "He isn't."

Orion was eying the child who was asleep against his son. "Then who is his father?"

Regulus thought quickly. "Mother, a pureblood witch I had a short affair with."

Wallburga thought it perhaps acceptable. "And the mother?"

He shook his head. "Dead. A year almost."

Orion was surprised. "And how long have you hid my grandchild from me?"

Regulus covered. "Not at all. He was with a guardian, who delivered him to me last night."

Wallburga nodded curtly. "Your father will see to the forms. He will need to be legitimized, to be heir."

Orion watched his son and took a look at the profile of the baby as best as he could. "The child obviously has a name."

Regulus had to think, and think quickly. The woman would have known who he was, obviously, as she had the baby sent to him. The woman never told him, about the baby, before she died. She had told the guardian to bring him the baby, or his family, when the war was over. It was through his brother, that the baby had come to him, that day. Of course the world believed him dead. He had to be careful with this lie he spun.

He knew the sure fire way to win his father's support. "Orion. His name is Orion Regulus Black."

Orion for a moment had a flash almost a smile, briefly. "I will see to the papers tomorrow."

Regulus nodded. "Thank you father."

Orion motioned him to take the child. "Go show this new heir off to the rest of his family."

Wallburga stopped him. "That man will not be around him?"

He turned to her. "That man and I plan to wed. He will be Lord Prince one day."

Orion stiffened. "If he plans to have any part in my heir's life, he will present himself here for the next dinner. No argument."

Regulus nodded. "Of course father.."

Regulus would not argue, but he knew Severus would. Severus would have his family title, as he was not cut out of the will, and his Uncle was dying with no children. Severus hated that side, and other than Lucius, had no use for the Blacks. But he would have to come, like it or not. Well Regulus hoped he would. He hadn't asked the man he loved, if he was willing to raise the child. He had his hopes, he knew Harry meant a lot to his lover, who was also godfather to the baby. He was known as a cousin to the Black family. If the baby was known as his son, even with him believed dead, it would not be odd a close cousin may raise the child.

He kissed Harry, thinking on the name. "Sorry to shoulder you with that, but I have just won you the best protector you could ask for."

Severus thought Lucius had lost his mind, when he came and told him. Lucius of course knew, the truth about Regulus, and their romance. It seems Lucius had left the meal early, for business he had said, but it was personal. He had told Severus, that Regulus had brought his son to the meal, and showed him off. Severus of course knew who the child was, and though Regulus was lucky, the baby was sleeping. It seemed according to Lucius, the world would know baby Orion was Regulus' son. The family took him in, and a cousin was raising him, with his dad dead and Uncle in disgrace. Severus was surprised how fast his boyfriend acted.

Regulus saw him waiting when he got back, and he knew from the look, he knew. He could usually read Severus well, but he couldn't, and he quickly told him what had gone down. He suddenly felt like when he faced his father, when in trouble as a child.

Severus looked at him. "And this woman who is his mother?"

Regulus laughed. "You know there has only ever been one person in my bed."

Severus shook his head. "And his looks? He is a mini Potter."

Sirius was there and smirked. "For a potions master, that seems a foolish question."

Regulus looked at his brother. "Are you okay with this?"

Sirius nodded. "I know Harry will be safe with you. And I just want to know he is taken care of."

Severus pointed out. "He isn't the one you are asking to change diapers and do midnight feedings."

Regulus knew he was right but kissed him. "We both know how much you love him."

Severus couldn't deny it, and he was playing, he wasn't upset with his lover. He had a feeling, when Regulus took the baby, it may happen. Regulus wanted to do what he could for Harry, and there were few options, when it came to the Black family. Wallburga's reaction was no surprise to her older son or her future son in law of course. Or Orion's for that matter.

Severus looked at the baby, his beloved godson, and realized he would be the one to raise him. He had been looking to leave the school, and had bought a shop recently, to go into business for himself. And he was known to have some kind of lover.

Regulus looked at him. "Orion needs two dads."

Severus kissed him. "You know even if you didn't ask, I'd never say no."

Sirius smirked. "But what is with the horrible name for my cub?"

Regulus pointed out. "He obviously needed a new name."

Sirius agreed. "But for father?"

Regulus nodded. "Harry needs all the protection he can get. And I just assured him the best he can."

Orion was never dark, it was usually younger sons who had gone dark, but he was a power. He held a seat on the Wizengamot and the school governors, and there were other purebloods, he left shaking in their boots. The only one who ever went toe to toe with him, other than his own sons, had been Lucius' dad. No one would look at the Blacks, especially not among Orion's family, for Harry. And if renaming Harry for him, endeared him even more to his grandsire, all the more protection he was assured. Even Sirius had to agree.

Severus wondered as he was going about brewing a blood adoption potion. "Your mother hopes this will cause us to break up."

Regulus didn't deny it. "She tried to order us to separate."

Sirius snorted. "She should know by now, you will do the opposite."

His little brother snorted. "More like you. But father gave us his blessing to marry."

Severus practically choked on that. "Has your father lost his marbles? Next you'll say he played with his new grandson."

His boyfriend shook his head. "Not that far, but I saw a near smile, never seen that before. But you are expected at dinner next week."

Sirius smacked him on the back. "Marrying my brother, gains you a son, and entrance into my lovely family."

The potions master was pale. "Perhaps I should rethink this."

He was joking, he loved Regulus, and they planned to marry for some time. He assumed he could put up with them, Lucius was in it, and Andromeda seemed nice enough. There were very few family members who were still considered real family, even if the others went to dinners. Narcissa and Draco, and now little Orion, that is about it. Perhaps that would grow with time.

Regulus turned. "You will make peace with them. Our son will need you in his life, and for that, you need to make some peace with our parents."

Author note: So Orion and Wallburga will be alive, we need more Blacks. Orion is a much scarier version of Lucius, when it comes to his family. And protecting Harry/Orion. We will jump in age a bit next chapter.

And just in case you missed it last chapter, this story was adopted. So please stop accusing me of plagiarism.