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Apocalypse Ch:2

Date: July 25th, 1998

Raccoon City Hospital


Currently, it is around four in the evening, five doctors were in the process of operating on the unconscious red-head, the clock on the wall continually clicked loudly, the sounds of instruments being picked up and or placed on tin plates could be heard, two security operatives stood outside the lab's entrance, the lighting was rather high illuminating everything leaving not a shadow to be seen, a slight droning noise could be made out from the ventilation ducts.

"Careful steady." the head surgeon stated while she and the gentleman to her right began inserting a brand new chipset at the base of Ranma's skull while taking great care to make sure it was installed correctly, while a nearby technician monitored whether the chip-set would indeed work this round.

After a few tedious minutes had gone by the technician too the far right of the room looked up from the monitor in front of her. "It seems to be working Dr. Kugi your new chip-set seems to have done it."

"That is excellent news." The female doctor called cheerfully, as she began working to close the incision, while the gentleman too her right let a slight breath of relief go.

Dr. Kugi took his mask off, giving the labs occupants a cursory glance. "It would appear we won't have to remove the new chip-set," he stated while walking over to the technician's station checking her findings. "And looks like they are fully operational all that is left is to program a human mind."

As he marveled at his work, the monitor displayed a malfunction message, his expression turning to one of puzzlement, then everyone inside the room had to shield their eyes as if a flashbang had been tossed in the room, a white light erupted from the red-head on the table.

A unified "What the hell!" erupted from the lab's occupants, as the light slowly disbursed they observed nothing that seemed too out of the ordinary.

Dr. Kugi soon as he recovered hurried over to the operating table to look over the girl. "Atsuko what did you do?"

"I did nothing honest.. just finished closing the incision!"

One of the other doctors surrounding the girl then spoke up. "Look her skin."

"That's normal...but this she seems to be glowing blue we must halt all operations until we know exactly what we are dealing with." Dr. Kugi replied as he watched the incision scar slowly fade away eventually vanishing altogether. 'What in Kami's name are you?' he thought of the girl of whom he had only met once through his son who attended the same school.

Atsuko looked to Dr. Kugi as if he had lost his mind. "Would you like us to proceed with a battery of tests Dr?"

"That goes without saying before we can go further we must ascertain what just happened. Let us hope she didn't fry yet another chip-set." Dr. Kugi stated since he hated unknowns.



Date: July 27th, 1998

Raccoon City Tabloid: "Monsters in Arklay Mountains? Some people claim they've seen monsters in the Arklay Mountains. The monsters are supposedly about the same size as large dogs and usually run in a pack as wolves do. This may sound like a group of ordinary wild dogs, but these monsters are surprisingly fierce and hard to hurt. They say these dogs won't bother you unless you wake them, so you smart readers should stay out of the Arklay Mountains for the time being. But if you're looking for adventure, check it out! You wanna try?"



Dr. Kugi a Japanese male in his late thirties with short raven hair, currently dressed in tan slacks, a white t-shirt, his feet bare since he had left them at the door of his hotel room, he currently was working on his laptop in the lower right-hand corner was a live feed which showed an image of Project R.

Letting out a long drawn out sigh. 'The Projects done for... no way she can be utilized so long as she is in a coma.. they'll have her disposed of soon as we turn in our findings.' he thought with frustration.

However he was relieved in the fact his new chipset was indeed working properly, now it was up to the red-head finding her way back to the waking world, or for him and his staff to find a way to wake her before the upper brass decides her and possibly their fate.

His attention was then called to knocking at the door, closing his laptop he stood up from his bed walking over to the door he opened it to find his wife a rather beautiful Japanese woman with auburn eyes, her hair brown made in a bun, dressed in a casual green blouse, with a black skirt, and black pumps, and their two children. "Honey, what are you doing here? If you would have called I would have sent a car for you."

"Children go watch TV I and your father need to talk."

"K" is all both children said, as they walked over to the bed sitting down to watch TV, while their parents walked into the kitchen area to have their conversation.

The eldest of the two children was a teenage boy around the age of sixteen, he had raven hair, his auburn eyes were surrounded by dark rings indicating the boy was either not in the best of health or he not getting enough sleep, dressed in a white button-up shirt, with blue slacks, white socks since he had his shoes off at the door.

The youngest of the two children a young girl of the age of thirteen with raven hair, tied back in pigtails, she wore glasses over her hazel eye's, wearing pink jeans, with a black blouse, at her side was a laptop case of which her father had given to her for her birthday which was a month ago, in that case, was her very own trusty laptop.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen area both Dr. Kugi and his wife stood across from one another, Kugi looked on with trepidation at what his wife wanted to talk about.

"I understand that what your working on is very important for you Eiichi.. but I feel you need to spend some time with our children.. what your working on cannot be more important than them "

Eiichi sagged his shoulders looking to his wife. "I didn't have much of a choice dearest I am the only one qualified enough to work on the project that was presented to us. And currently, I won't have the time to spend with them until it is over.. when I return home I will make it up to them and you."

"I don't think you understand this is not up for debate you are going to spend time with the children in your off time... they will live here with you for at least a month non-negotiable." the Matriarch said through clenched teeth, a red aura forming around her.

Eiichi looked to his wife, stepping back a little. "Dear you know my job doesn't permit children at the labs," he argued, while his wife gave him a menacing stare that nearly rivaled that of Major Timothy Caine the current head of Umbrella's North American Operations Director & Vice President in Charge of Operations.

"In that case when you are at work my suggestion is for you to hire a sitter. I have dealt with our children all throughout the year I think it is about time I got some time to myself." the Matriarch stated with an air of finality, as she left the room briefly hugging her children then left rather abruptly, leaving Eiichi speechless.

'Great just... great.. not only am I dealing with problems at children are here now!' he inwardly complained to himself, before walking back into the main room where his children were currently located.

"Hey Dad.. how have you been?" the elder child questioned when he observed his father enter the room.

Eiichi put on a falsetto smile. "Been rather well thanks for asking Hikaru how were your grades at school?"

"I got rather decent grades I guess since Mom hadn't yelled at me once... though that Saotome guy kinda didn't help considering what all he puts me through," Hikaru responded while retrieving a report card from his sports bag that was sitting to his right.

Eiichi looked to his son thoughtfully. "Well I am sure things will get better once school gets going again." he encouraged with the knowledge the boy in question would never bother his child again, taking his son's report card in hand he looked over its contents.

"And how are you Hiromi?" he questioned, while glancing over his son's progress report his features appearing pleased with the results.

Hiromi looked up and over the television to her father. "I am okay Daddy. Sorry about Mama I guess she is frustrated with us. I think she hates us."

"Oh, Hiromi-chan your mom doesn't hate you. She loves you very much. So much so she brought you here to spend time with me." Dr. Kugi stated since he knew the children were his wife's world however she wanted some time for herself it would seem.



September 6th, 1998

The Raccoon Today newspaper: A mysterious figure that has recently been sighted in the northwestern Arklay Mountains, and the frequent discoveries being made of bloody animal remains on the riverbanks of the area.

Some even insist that the mysterious man is actually the ghost of a former patient at the abandoned hospital. As a mood of hysteria and paranoia begins to sweep the town thanks to all of the unusual occurrences recently, many in Raccoon City become increasingly worried about their quaint, peaceful home.



September 11th, 1998

The Racoon today: sightings of a group of large insect-like creatures measuring approximately 6-feet in length and sporting formidable sets of pincers which were spotted in the west Arklay region by campers close to their tent.

Although the campers were not harmed, the creatures injured their hunting dog, which was forced to endure two-week veterinary care as a consequence



Some time had passed since Project R had been deemed a failure due to the redhead's long slumber due to an unknown coma the origin of which the lab technicians could not readily identify, Nor was Dr. Kugi able to identify the cause himself.

However eventually she did wake up, and though the news was quickly kicked up to the upper brass who soon ordered them to put her under and keep it that way until further orders.

Inside the lab, a technician was busy taking notes on the readouts on a nearby panel that monitored the redhead's vitals.

Dr. Kugi himself read the newspaper he was currently holding furrowing his brow with a grim expression to his features, his female assistant standing just to his right also looking over the paper her expression one of concern.

"Dr. Kugi you don't think these articles are related to our research?" the female technician inquired of her college.

Dr. Kugi considered her words a moment, "I don't advise raising questions about any research related to ours or otherwise." he advised though he himself had considered the possibility that an incident may have occurred in one or more of the Racoon laboratories.

One of which was the most concerning was the Hive since a college and friend of his who worked in the Hive had since gone silent and no longer answered his text's and the number had since been disconnected.

No sooner than he had finished his thought the double doors slid open, as several individuals dressed in black suits wearing sunglasses entered the room one of whom was pushing a large black munitions case which was branded with the umbrella corporation symbol and name.

This caused everyone in the lab to stop what they were doing to observe the spectacle, DR. Kugi tensed up as he realized things must be bad as he figured the men were there to evacuate him if an incident was ever to occur.

"Dr. Kugi sir there has been an incident we must go now, as for the rest you are free to drop what you are doing and go home." one of the men in black called, as he gestured for the door as many of the lab technicians quickly left,

"What about her we can't just leave her here?" Dr. Kugi inquired as he was concerned for the currently slumbering red-head as she had been the sole focus of his work for quite some time.

The black-suited man spoke once more, "She is no longer your concern sir, now please let us hurry we have to get you out immediately."

with that Dr. Kugi gave his lab one last look momentarily looking to the red-head before turning to leave with the men following him out the doors that soon after shut automatically, the locking mechanism activating.



At a nearby camp that also served as a base camp for the evacuation of Umbrella personnel, the largest of the tents served as a command post which sported equipment for communication to coordinate rescue and operations efforts within the city.

The occupants of the command tent were of six individual's three of which included Dr. Kugi, Morgan, and Elizabeth.

"Have my children been evacuated yet?" Dr. Kugi inquired, to which Elizabeth shook her head negatively not speaking a word.

Morgan also shook her head negatively, "We lost contact with the personel that were supposed to evacuate them, Doctor."

"Please you must send another team they are most likely still at the hotel I am sure of it." Dr. Kugi pleaded.

Morgan shook her head negatively, "Doctor I am-" she then found herself interrupted by Major Timothy Cain who entered the tent.

"Doctor it is most likely far too late and far too risky for us to send another team in for a rescue attempt since most the city is already overrun," he explained.

Shaking his head his knees buckled his features upset, "I-I can't abandon my kids my wife will never forgive me if I don't return with them." he stated.

The Major then stated, "I am sorry Dr. Kugi but the risk is far too great to throw away assets on your children who may in fact already be infected."

With a haggard sigh, Dr. Kugi realized the Major was most likely right, but he deep down knew he couldn't forgive himself if he didn't try something.

"Major if I may, I know Project R was a failure, but we did finally manage to revive her only for the upper brass to have her put under again and label her for liquidation, but she wasn't yet liquidated at the very least with your permission maybe we could send her to try?" he requested as it was the best option he could think of.

Major Timothy Cain seemed to weigh his request, "I don't know she is a failed asset I am not sure she is worth the effort."

"Major please she is the best hope I have at possibly seeing my children alive if in fact, they have died at the very least due to the chipset she is equipped with you will gain valuable combat data regardless of the results." Dr. Kugi offered, observing the Major was considering his words carefully he decided to speak once more.

"Please Major you will gain valuable data I am sure, and if my children have been killed, or she fails to get them and herself out of the city she will still be liquidated when the city is completely sanitized so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain." he finished.

The Major nodded his head, "Very well Dr. Kugi you may use that console over there to activate and give her a mission priority." he explained.

The doctor quickly started heading over to the console calling over his shoulder, "Thank you Major I really appreciate it."

"No problem doctor. No problem at all." Major Cain said with a slim smile to his lips.



The hospital now completed empty and devoid of all life, the lights still on thanks to the Hospitals very own power plant that was still active, in the underground laboratory the lights currently off Ranma slept soundly thanks to the drugs coursing through her system via IV-drip, a Nearby heart monitor kept track of her vitals on a nearby panel.

A panel green indicator light that read engaged suddenly switched red that read disengaged causing the iv-drip to cease function, as a result, a few minutes later the red-head started to stir as she shook her head slowly side to side.

The motion causing the lights in the laboratory to turn on, revealing a pure white sterile room, her eyes fluttering open briefly as she reached up to shield her eyes with her right hand which caused a sharp pain which caused her to let out a shrill shriek.

Slowly she sat up her hair freely hung loosely about her shoulders, her eyes adjusted to the light she looked to her right arm observing the iv-drip line had been inserted, she reached with her left hand taking hold of the medical tape holding it there, gritting her teeth as she proceeded to rip it out.

Which once again she let out another shriek as her arm felt on fire, she then took stock of the room glancing about her pupils seemed to change to that of the umbrella logo that spun in a clockwise rotation quickly returning to normal as she shook her head rapidly before swinging her legs off the table.

She then got to a standing position proceeding to rip the paper gown off tossing it to the floor, proceeding over to the black munitions case that still was on the cart it had been wheeled in on, opening it.

She reached in taking the first tray out setting it to the side, proceeding to reach in grabbing yet another tray sitting it next to the first, the reached in grabbing yet another tray repeating the process, before retrieving a pair of black cargo pants putting them on as well as a pair of black tactical boots, along with a black Umbrella issue uniform shirt.

Then she retrieved some tactical vest and webbing proceeding to put them on, before retrieving a samurai edge-Sp along with a clip from the first tray loading the gun pulling the slide back placing it inside her right thigh holster setting the safety to on.

Then she started retrieving weapons parts from the second tray proceeding to assemble them into their finished product which was a PDW Lancer CQBZ, proceeding to retrieve a clip loading the gun locking in place before setting it down on the floor.

She then retrieved a Katana, the sheath black on the hilt the umbrella symbol. Proceeding to hook it to her belt behind her, she then retrieved a tactical knife, placing it into her left thigh sheathe.

The last item she retrieved was tablet the size of a cellphone proceeding to turn it on, the panel lighting up then eventually then a set of orders appeared on the screen she quickly read before proceeding to pocket the tablet within her side vest pouch.

She then proceeded to retrieve several magazines placing them into a black tactical bag proceeding to shoulder it before picking up her PDW, along with a key card from the first tray, then made her way to the doors sliding the card in the key slot the door sliding open automatically.

She then proceeded to cock the weapon, as she walked through leaving the room making her way to the elevator proceeding to press a button on the elevator panel calling it.

Ranma stood there waiting patiently, eventually, the elevator arrived the door sliding open she stepped inside pushing the button on the elevator panel that would get her to the ground floor, the doors sliding shut.

Once the doors slid shut she observed herself in the mirror-like surface of the doors noting her hair was still loose about her shoulder some of which was still in the collar of her shirt, she reached up with her left hand pulling it out of her shirt letting it fall revealing it was quite long.

She frowned at this as something about it bothered her though she couldn't quite put her finger on it something was off.

Eventually, the elevator arrived at the ground floor, to which she proceeded towards the exit she observed drag marks of dried blood on the floor and the walls, she passed a reception desk briefly snagging a ball of yawn she found breaking off a piece to serve as a hair tie she observed proceeding to tie her hair back into a ponytail that was a little messy given she didn't readily have a comb available.

She then proceeded the rest of the way to the hospital exit one of the doors was broken down into the street she proceeds out observing a mess of wrecked cars and debris outside, but no sign of people of any kind which gave the area an eerie feeling.

Fires raged in some of the derelict vehicles as well as nearby buildings, smoke hung in the air creating a thick haze, Ranma continued into the street giving the area a cursory glance, proceeding in the direction noted in her mission parameters.

Notes: Project R is now on a retrieval mission what adventures await her? Only time will tell.