"So, Jason, remember anything more?" Piper asked. The 'golden trio', as the Aphrodite cabin had taken to calling them (ignoring the Athena campers when they pointed out that that's really Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley), was sitting around a fire (courtesy of Leo) with Annabeth, the Stolls, Clarisse, and Thalia.

"Oh great," Clarisse rolled her eyes as Jason's pupils dilated. "Another one of those vision things."

Clang! The blades of Jason Grace and the Titan Krios met. "You can never win, demigod!" Krios laughed, glad to be freed from his burden of the sky. Around the two, Krios' measly demigod army and huge band of monsters clashed with Jason's legions. Jason glanced to his left, to his best friend, Dakota, holding the sky.

"I…have…nothing…to…say…to…that," Jason grunted, blocking a slash and making one of his own.

"At least try to be supportive, Clarisse," Thalia punched her shoulder. "He's only remembering piece by piece- just imagine if you didn't remember us."

"I wouldn't care," she snorted.

"Then what about Chris?" Annabeth asked quietly. "Or Silena."

Clarisse got really quiet real fast.

"You…will…DIE!" the Titan screeched, but Jason could tell that he was tiring. And then he saw an opening, one Renya, daughter of Hecate, taught him when they were five.

"….Someday," she had said, pointing to a pair sparring not five feet away when one of their swords flew out of its master's hand, who swore, and his opponent went in for the kill (most of the time figuratively), "we'll be doing that. Now, what you do is this….."

Jason thrust, then twisted.

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