Title: What Happened to You?

Rated M for Gore, Violence, and Rape

It had been 5 years since anyone has seen the famous Sonic the Hedgehog, heck, the planet had started to forget about their savior. When asked, his friends could only reply one thing: I don't know.
But this wasn't enough for Shadow the Hedgehog. He grew tired of being the one to save the world from Eggman, he wondered how his rival could do it on a regular basis. Maybe he left because no matter how many times he saved them, the people never once even muttered a "Thank you." But maybe this only happened to Shadow. It seems Earth hasn't forgotten his past mistakes, but they can forget their old hero.
Humans only remember the bad, but can easily replace the good.
That is when Shadow decided to take a small vacation. To get away from this selfish world. He didn't tell anyone where he was going, lest they follow him, only to pester him with favors.
Once he got to his destination, far from anyone, except maybe the occasional hikers and explorers, he walked deep into the jungle.

But this wasn't where Shadow had planned to take his vacation, merely a place of transport. It wasn't hard to figure out where he was headed, but most people would think that he would never go again.
Good thing he didn't think like most people.
From his quills, he pulled out the famous Green Chaos Emerald that he always seemed to carry, and said the infamous words.
"Chaos. Control!"

Space Colony ARK.
Where it all started, where it all began, and where it all ended.
"Bring hope to humanity."
Maria's last spoken words still rung clear as a bell in Shadow's ears.
Unbeknownst to everyone, Shadow came to the forgotten ARK on a yearly basis, always coming to see if anything has changed, but just as often, never has.
Although, this time, it felt like something was amiss. As Shadow took his lone walk down the corridors to the observation deck, he felt a strange, but familiar presence around him. He paused, stopping to look around. The metal walls, and floor, all had indentations of a scuffle, ranging from scratches, to dents and bullet holes, and to the occasional blood mark.
"... it looks like a bear fight had taken place."
He didn't know how close he was to the actual truth.
As said, Shadow thought nothing of it, brushing it off as something that had long ago happened, and continued, his shoes vibrating off the walls and flooring with each each room, one by one, Shadow stopped, and looked inside one particular area that caught his attention. Upon inspection, he knew why it grabbed his interest.
It was a dead body surrounded by a pool of stale blood. A carcass of a fallen GUN soldier. The foul odor that it gave, one could describe it as gag inducing, suggested that it had been there for days already, if not weeks.
"Ugh..." Shadow covered his nose in disgust. What could have killed this guy?
Blood on the walls, and the ripped open chest gave idea to the bear attack he thought of earlier, but that was a stupid hypothesis.
He thought of it no more, finding that it distracted and put him in a bad mood, so he dismissed it from his mind, and backed away into the hallway.

Of the many rooms, there was one, where the presence that Shadow had felt came. Even though it felt familiar, it was... different. For this one had bloodlust radiating from its aura, as it slowly began to follow Shadow, silently.

As for Shadow, he wasn't unaware of the being following him. He heard its footsteps echo behind his own. Smart thing, taking steps simoultaneously with him. But it wasn't smart enough. In midstep, Shadow turned around and fired a Chaos Spear to the space behind him, only to hit the metal flooring.

Perhaps, it was all in his mind. Hallucinations, once again.

Shadow stared for a few more seconds, feeling a bit ridiculous. Regaining his composure, he turned back around, his destination in mind. Taking a step, he bumped into something. Something furry. Furry and big. Opening his eyes to the darkness around him, he saw it. Two bright green irises, surrounded by midnight blue fur, and pasty blue skin. Taking a step back, two more things caught his eyes: pure white fangs that looked like they could bite through steel, and vicious-looking claws, that he bet could rip through the metal frames of the ARK. A large, wolf-like monster that had a deadly aura around him.

Before he could react with an attack, the monster pounced on Shadow, its massive clawed hands pinning his arms to the ground. Shadow struggled to free himself, but to no avail. The pure size of this beast, felt about 30 pounds heavier than himself.

The beast snarled at Shadow, barring his fangs, angry at this intruder, but at the same time, curious, seemingly remembering him from a past life. Looking at the nervious black hedgehog in the eyes, he let out a low growl as he began to smell Shadow. Perhaps his scent giving a memory, but only succeeded in giving him a headache.

As for Shadow, he was thinking of a way to free himself, but as soon as he started to wiggle free. This... monster, turned his full attention back to him, his growling turning back to a snarl, and letting some drool get past his lips, falling on Shadow.

This, of course, wasn't a good sign.

Just as the beast was about to attack him, Shadow, using the energy he had left, unleashed a Chaos Blast, which sent the other flying into the wall, effectively knocking him out cold. For how long, who knew, and that's when Shadow decided it would be a good idea to get out of there and find someplace to rest and regain his energy. He ran past the unconscious beast, looking at it for one more second, as he made his way to his destination, the observation room.

Once there, he pressed his back against the wall, glad to be away from the monster that nearly had him for lunch. Although, something was bothering him. He knew those eyes. He knew the look of curiosity. He recognized it. He always saw it in his old former Arch Rival.

"... is that really him? Is that really Sonic?"

Shadow couldn't see how, if it truely was him, he managed such a grotesque and beastly transformation. Even more, how he could forget who his friend, in this case, rival, is.

"Perhaps... he had an accident, 5 years ago..." Shadow sat still, pondering of answers to the many questions in his head.

While down the corridor, the assumed Sonic, slowly woke up, having a huge headache. First from the strong scent the intruder had, and then because of the hard hit he had to the noggin when he hit the wall. He growled, wanting to find the stranger, and get back at him, but he had other things to attend to. Mainly his hunger.

He remembered the body, the one of the soldier still lying in one of the rooms, and how it got there.
It was a routine inspection gone wrong for the soldier, no one told him that there was an experiment on the loose, one with deadly power, even though the ARK has had no activity for years.

But this was no experiment.

Sonic wouldn't stand for intruders in his territory, and although this one had firepower, that didn't stop him from trying to get rid of it.
The soldier died where he stood.
There was no way that one human being could take on such a powerful beast. The only thing Sonic had to do was to watch out for gunfire, while he knocked down and mauled his prey.
Now, he's glad that he did. It was to serve as his food source.

He picked himself up, head feeling like lead, and slowly walked to the room where the disgusting rotting flesh smell came from. Sure enough, it was vile, but if his nose could handle it, so could his stomach, and he began to rip open the flesh, before feasting on the inards.

Shadow on the other hand, had left from his hidding spot, and decided to get to the bottom of this mystery. Before completely leaving the room, he looked back, and stared at the Earth through the large glass window. Sighing, he went, the metal door sliding shut.

Going back up the corrider, he saw that Sonic no longer lay there. As soon as the thought passed his mind, he immediatly put his guard up, keeping his senses on full alert. He wasn't going to get jumped by the mutt again.

That's when he heard something coming from the room he looked into before, the one with the dead body. Taking a peek around the door frame, he saw something he didn't want to see. There was Sonic, standing over the body, gorging himself on the rotten meat, his head literally in the chest cavity, Shadow's only guess was that he was eating the heart. And if that was enough, he heard him breaking the ribs, both with his hands and teeth, wanting to get to the marrow, gnawing and mashing through. Now, with the smell was twice as bad than before, Shadow gagged rather loudly and covered his mouth.

Sonic, disturbed from his meal by the noise, looked at the door, and locked eyes with Shadow once again. Shadow saw him, and almost instantly confirmed it as Sonic. Those green eyes never changed. Although it did bother him that Sonic's muzzle and fur was covered in the stale blood.

Staring at each other intently, Sonic started to get nervous, looking at Shadow's piercing blood red eyes. He lowered his head and flattened his ears against his head before sending out a warning growl at him, showing his teeth, prepared to fight for his food.

Shadow got the basic idea of what Sonic was doing, and he wanted no part of it. He stopped looking around the corner and pressed his back against the wall. Now that he knew that it was Sonic..

"What do I do now..?"

While Shadow just sat there, being quiet, Sonic knew he was there.
He felt like this intruder had challenged his dominance by locking eyes. Even though he had looked away, Sonic was still offended, and would teach this weakling who's the boss.
Now that he felt properly fed, he walked towards the door, putting a hand on the frame and looked down, to see the suspect sitting down against the wall.
Only a few things came to mind when he thought of ways to prove his superiority. But only one way to make sure he got the message.
He reached down, grabbing Shadow's face in his massive hand and threw him a ways down the corridor where he came, giving a low snarl when doing so.
Shadow tumbled, but managed to stop himself in time before he smacked into a wall. He quickly picked himself up, and saw a large and furry mass coming at him. He prepared an attack for when Sonic would get close, but completely caught off guard when Sonic's arm stretched to cover the distance and punch Shadow in the chest.
He had the wind knocked out of him from the attack, and fell to the floor, breathing heavily, trying to get the oxygen back.


Shadow knew that he was vulnerable now, having no way to protect himself from Sonic's being.

Before long, he was grabbed by the back of the head and had his face dragged across the surface of the metal floor before being thrown once again, this time, into a room. Shadow hit the wall hard, and opened his eyes. He saw the earth, it's presence calming him until he recognized where he was.

Back in the room that held his best and fondest memories.

Now, it was going to be a room that would either become another of those memories, or Hell.

Sonic came in and held him in place, against the glass window, and began to sniff Shadow again, his mind wondering on how to do his deed. He began with simple gestures, like rubbing against Shadow, much like a cat would do when he's fond of something, and licked him on the cheek. Shadow, of course, was a bit stunned. Sonic had gone from trying to kill him, to suddenly being so... loving, that he couldn't help blushing.

Too bad this peace wouldn't last.

Sonic roughly pushed Shadow against the wall, imoblizing him, and held him there as he made his way to Shadow's back side before immediatly mounting him.


There he was, the Ultimate Life-Form, created by a genius scientist with the use of alien DNA, about to be mated by his rival, Sonic, who probably had no idea he was doing this.

Shadow could practically feel Sonic's shaft hovering near his tight pucker, and as soon as Sonic touched it, Shadow struggled like his life depended on it.

"Get off, you stupid mutt!"

He didn't like being the one in distress, it didn't fit him.

Sonic on the other hand, understood the insult and growled at him, he also didn't appreciate the fact that Shadow was trying to free himself, so before he got any other ideas that could piss off Sonic even more, he rammed his enlarged shaft into Shadow, stopping his motions.

Shadow felt like he was just torn in half. The pain of it, radiating through his whole self, he couldn't help but to cry out. He didn't like it, this pain. It was too strong, and it only got worse when Sonic began to thrust. Looking back at his violator through the corner of his eye, he saw him relishing it.

He enjoyed this feeling, a hot tightness surrounding the most sensitive part of his body, it made him feel swell of emotion made him begin thrusting into his subordinate, each time, harder than the last. It wasn't long before Sonic changed position, so now he was in full doggy style on Shadow, and to do that, he had to relinquish his hands that held Shadow in place, giving him a chance to run or move, the thing is... he didn't.

There it was, his chance to run, and he didn't do anything.

'Why...? Why can't I...'

Simple. He didn't want to anymore. The burning pain he felt before was replaced by something more pleasurable, MUCH more pleasurable...

Sonic, sensing his acceptance of this action, quickly turned up the heat. He began to thrust much harder and faster, at the same time biting down on Shadow's neck, claiming him as forever his. The one being 'punished' felt nothing but pleasure in that bite, and on in the inside, he felt something forever change. Reaching down to his underside, he began to stroke himself, his member extending itself during the mating act. And it wasn't long before the both of them had the need to release.

Shadow was the first to let out, his yells of ecstacy echoing through out the Room and into the ARK, the walls of his insides, squeezing Sonic's hard shaft. Sonic growled, he knew he was going to explode, but he tried to keep going, ramming himself deep into Shadow, before letting out a loud grunt, and a roar that followed after when he finally let his seed out.

He claimed Shadow once again.

He laid there, spent and exhausted, while Sonic stood over him, his dominance over Shadow clearly apparent now. Then, he lied down, next to Shadow, keeping a wary eye on him. No one would take him away. He finally had someone to stay with him, to keep him company on this large, lonely place. With those happy thoughts running through his mind, it wasn't long before he fell into a deep sleep.

Shadow on the other hand...

"I have to get out of here..."

He grabbed the Chaos Emerald that was hidden in his quills and held it weakly.

He didn't want to leave Sonic, after finding him from his 5 year absence, but he couldn't stay here with him... he was a monster that needed to be quarantined. It pained him to do this, but he muttered those words...

"Chaos Control."

And in a flash of light, he was gone. Reappearing on the earth that Maria loved so much. Finally, his episode was over, now, he wondered, if anyone would believe him if he said that he had found Sonic.

He rather not take the chances of sounding insane. Rubbing the bite mark that Sonic had left him, he slowly went on, without looking back.

The same bright light had awakened Sonic, and found Shadow missing. Quickly, he got up, and looked around, sniffing the air, but finding no trace of his mate.

He went berserk. Hurt, betrayal, anger, and sadness reflected in his eyes, as he began to tear apart the ARK with his claws. He looked once more at the earth through the lookway and slammed his fists against it, before letting out a long, grief stricken roar, that no one but him would hear.

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