Chapter 5

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And that long ass walk was made even longer when it began to rain halfway to their destination. This was when Shadow found out that Sonic still had a fear of water.

This Werehog actually yelped when the first drop of water hit his nose and kept flinching every time a drop landed on him. Which was very frequently because of his large stature. And it wasn't long before they had to stop walking completely, finding shelter under a large tree for Sonic to recollect himself. Who knew that this massive ball of fur and muscle was such a scared puppy in a rain storm?

And in this moment of waiting it out, Shadow looked at the distressed creature and pulled his head to face his own, and proceeded to do something very unexpected from himself.

He gave Sonic a reassuring nuzzle on the left side of his face.

Sonic, stunned, but following instinct, calmed down and nuzzled back, albeit more powerful and nearly knocking Shadow down.

"Now... Will you stop being such a puppy?"

Sonic have Shadow a hard stare, which the other blandly ignored, and huffed, signaling Shadow that it was okay to keep going.

Even though it continued to rain, the thick rain clouds blocked out the sun, which made it inevitably faster to get to Shadow's home. The trees started to thin out and civilization could barely be heard. But at this change, the Werehog pricked his ears up, sensing new prey.

"I don't want you going out and killing civilians. Believe it or not, I'm supposed to protect them. And once they found out its you... I'll have to terminate you."

Sonic let out a chuckling noise. He thought the situation funny. He rolled his eyes, basically saying, "as if."

"Or they'll do it for me.."


After about half an hour later, Shadow could finally make out his home in the coming distance. Letting out a sigh of relief, he began to hurry themselves towards it. Sonic on the other hands, wanted to sniff around, get the lay of the land, mark his territory... He did his best by sniffing the air and calling it quits for now... This was going to be the only time that Shadow was going to lead him anywhere...

Making it up the steps, Shadow unlocked his door and swung it open. Sonic of course, hurried himself and took the first step inside, about half a second faster than Shadow, letting him settle his Alpha status, as subtle as the victory was.

Flicking the lights on in the living room, he promptly shut the door and let go of Sonic, who regained his quad walk and began to sniff around the expensive furniture, not caring about his injured hand.

Shadow, in the meanwhile, went into the bathroom dry his quills and to get his first aid kit. And then, his mind started drifting... He let Sonic, a feral canine like creature, roam his living room, filled with really expensive furniture (even the floor was imported wood), while being soaking wet. And what did dogs do, when they come inside after being caught in the rain?



Shadow grabbed the kit and mad dashed into the room, to find Sonic just about to shake off the water. He spread himself evenly on all fours and began to shake his head first.


Do it? Yes, okay!

Sonic continued, ignoring Shadows outburst and dried himself off, water literally spreading everywhere in the room, including on Shadow. Floor, couches, wall, paintings, tables, you name it, all soaked to the core. The only thing dry was a poofy Werehog standing in the middle. Shadow could only stare as Sonic made his way to leather couch, and rub himself against it, trying to flatten his fur, effectively shedding on it as well...

Dear Chaos, what has Shadow unleashed onto his humble home...

Sonic then jumped up on the not as wet master couch and proceeded to lick his injured hand, paying no mind to the seething hedgehog next to him.

Shadow had just about had enough of this...

Oh, how he was going to enjoy applying treatment to Sonic.

Approaching from the side cautiously, he took the beasts hand in his own and looked over it. That bear sure did a good job in nearly tearing it off... Sonic had cleaned the blood off himself, revealing nasty wounds. Exposed muscle and feeling some broken finger bones in the midst, Shadow would hope that Sonic has accelerated healing like werewolves have in the folklores...

Opening the kit, he took a cotton swab and soaked it in alcohol.

It was at this time when Sonic took note of the foul stench of whatever it was Shadow was pouring, and ran off deeper into the house.

Shadow quickly followed after, and cornered Sonic in his own room, on the bed before slowly approaching the huge furry beast.

Sonic swore he saw a malicious glint in Shadows ruby red eyes. He flattened his ears and growled softly at Shadow, to try and get him to change his mind.

He ignored the warning.

The next thing Sonic felt, was a strong pull of his arm and powerful, burning painful sensation coming from his mauled hand.

He yanked his hand back with all his might and clutched it with the other, whining softly. What the hell was that?! That foul smelling substance that could cause such intense pain to him, the mightiest beast that has ever set foot on this planet?

He turned his head slowly to face Shadow, who was grinning evilly at him, and gave him the hardest glare he could muster, while showing his fangs and letting out the low hungry growl.

How many more times will he have to straighten Shadow? Ah, fuck it. Who gives a shit when the mode of punishment was perfect? Then again, maybe Shadow did things like this because he knows that he'll get to experience pleasure through the punishment... Whatever. Sonic still thought it was a good idea.

He rushed at the black hedgehog and rammed right into him, hard enough to send Shadow flying into the wall, before picking him and slamming the ebony onto the floor, on his back.

Shadow struggled against the massive claw that held him still. Trying to push it off, but to no avail, for Sonic exerted a lot of force to keep him there, just look at his muscled arms!

It was then when Shadow's new instinct kicked in and overrided his common sense of fighting back. He found himself slightly moving, he exposed his soft body cavities, tucked in his hedgehog tail in between his legs, folded his ears back and looked to the side.

Sonic was a bit taken aback, his body language shifting to an Alerted State, but his instincts of Dominance quickly regained control. He began to sniff Shadow around the neck, when Shadow snuck out a surprise lick to the Werehog's mouth.

That's it.

Shadow was being submissive... And the Werehog needed to dominate.

Sonic let go of Shadow, curious to see what he would do. Shadow, sensing the freedom, got up and wanted to walk away, but... no... It wouldn't be right. He looked into the Werehog's judging yellow-green eyes.

... One time, willingly, wouldn't hurt..

Slowly climbing onto the large king sized bed, Shadow lied down on his back and looked invitingly at the Werehog, eyes half lidded with lust.

The Werehog could already feel his shaft sticking out a bit from its sheath as he jumped on the bed and nuzzled Shadow.

The moment when Shadow turned and stuck his butt into the air, well, lets say only a second was needed.

Werehog wasted no time in mounting the ebony and thrusting around. Still needing practice, he missed quite a few times, much to his frustration. His growing rod aching, needing to be in the inside of his mate. Shadow tried to help, but he only succeeded in the Werehog growling at him, apparently wanting to do it himself. Then at that point, Shadow returned to his position and waited.

Though not long, for soon the Werehog hit home and thrust his entirety into Shadow. The ebony arched his back, the pain of it great, and whined. Of course, Sonic didn't care. He just kept thrusting, keeping a good grip on Shadows waist (he could feel the others dick bouncing up and down as he moved) and keeping his head on the others shoulder.

Shadow toughed it out, seeing as he didn't have a choice, but the pleasure came much faster than before. Feeling the bloated wolf like shaft in him felt too good. TOO good. He wouldn't last much longer. Even with no stimulation from his end. His own rod was almost at its peak.

It was then when Werehog felt it. His instincts wanted out. In his final thrusts, he roared as pushed past Shadow's ring of muscle and settled his knot in place. That was it for Shadow. He let loose, grunting as a large amount of cum spraying out and staining the bed sheets, but who cared right now? A few quick yet powerful thrusts later, the beast exploded. The gush of seed, much much larger than Shadow's , coated the ebony's insides. Oh could Shadow feel it! Sure it hurt when the knot made it, but the amount of juices that came from Sonic soothed the pain. Looking down he could see his belly filling up with the mating result. Then his arms gave out, landing him on his own seed, panting but still in bliss. To add to the pile, the Werehog rested on Shadow, comfortable and unwilling to move as his rod continued to pump Shadow full of cum, he nuzzled his submissive and licked the side of his face. A sign of a good job.

Almost as soon as they had finished their mating, Shadow felt exhausted for some reason, and had quickly dozed off into a deep slumber. But in those moments before his imminent nap, he wondered to himself: What was happening to him?

Waiting it out for an hour, Sonic, having decided that his night was only beginning, carefully slid out of the comfortable position he was in with his mate. Little cum coming out in the process. He felt his hunger stir in that moment, and wandered to the fridge. He sniffed around, finding no meal large enough or pleasant smelling enough to satisfy his fast growing hunger, he growled starving frustration. He looked around the area and made eye contact with the door.

The door that lead to the outside world.

The scent of prey right before coming inside.

Slowly taking steps towards it, as if afraid of being startled, he lightly pawed at the frame, before recollecting what Shadow had done to get the damn thing to open.

Turning the round thing that stuck out.

Using his claws, he steadily placed them on the smooth metal surface that Sonic would eventually figure out to be a knob and rotated it clockwise. Hearing a click, he pulled the door in, and found himself staring at the near pitch black wilderness. His element in the fullest. He let go and took one solid step outside, and being the opportunist, took action and bolted out the front door.

He began following his nose to his next meal. So he kept on running. He didn't care that it was taking him out of the wild and into civilization. His mind was solely focused on getting some meat into his stomach. And what was the quickest way to do that? Going in city and to the one shop that quite literally only stocked frozen meat of all kinds.

It was probably a good thing that the sun had set, and no one was out and about after a rain.

And there it was. Heaven on earth.

A building filled to the brim with raw meat of all sorts. This made the Werehog's life much easier!

Making his way to the side of the building, in the alley, he found a door. Sonic tried to open it utilizing his newfound knowledge, but the knob wouldn't turn.

And in this Werehog's hunger, his frustration got the better of him.

With a quick pull back of his arm, he punched out the heavy door, sending it to the opposite wall, which had also triggered a silent alarm, unknown to the beast.

Taking his first cautious steps inside, the cool tile feeling weird under his paw pads initially, he sniffed the air and located his target. A giant metal door towards the back of the building. Behind it, the beast within knew and could already taste the meat inside. Pricking his ears into the alert state, Sonic tensed up his body and ran at full speed towards the gate of wonder, and RAMMED down the door. It completely came off the industrial strength hinges and bent the metal that was the door.

Shaking it off, Sonic got up and without a moments hesitation, began to eat. And eat. Going for the fatty meats first. And in 5 minutes time, the entire meat locker inventory had at least one bite in them.

Unfortunately for Werehog, it was around that time when the law had to step in, for it was when the faint sound of a siren emerged. Ears picking up on the high pitched noise, Sonic got to his feet, and feeling a sense of excitement and emergency, he bolted out the glass display window, with a string of sausages wrapped around his neck and with an entire pig leg in his mouth, and made a beeline for his new home.


Quietly entering Shadow's home, Sonic walked in and closed the door behind him silently so only the 'click' of it shutting was heard. Then after listening carefully for a few minutes, he deemed that everything was safe and proceeded to finish his meal on Shadow's couch.

Which, might he add, was probably his messiest meal ever.

Content with a full belly, Sonic slowly made his way to Shadow's room and curled up besides him, finally being able to rest.


Morning finally came and Shadow felt as if he fell from a 20 story building and landed on his ass. He groaned as he shifted and crawled over the sleeping furry. Damn, it hurt. But he rather not wake up something that could seriously injure him with a short fuse.

Taking his first step out of the room, the air smelled... odd, but he dismisses it as he walked towards the bathroom, still groggy.

Passing a side glanced to the living room, he made it inside the restroom.

And then he took a step back and really noticed the room.

"Oh. My. FUCKING. God."