this is my first story, i hope it s alright that it s a script i haven't seen a script 9 fanfic yet sooo ... it s only a script because im not very good at story writing but i promise I ll practice! Okay now i shall explain the Fic...
my first ever stitchpunk (for myself) was D and she is the character i use in my original not off track fan sequel to 9, when i imagined her i couldn't make it going any other way except her having rectangle eyes which was because of my rectangle glasses. so i thought of this little story completely unrelated to anything where something happens and somehow she is left verrrrry badly short sighted (like i will be when my eyes sink to the same level as my mums) so 6 ,with a little help from his elders, helps D see the real wonders of the world!
So as i heard my favourite fanficionairs say...
On with the Fic! (I ve always wanted to say that! in text form...)

[D is sleeping on a book about plants, she wakes up and looks around, squinting to try and see her surroundings but gives up. She leans back on her arms and a hand appears on her shoulder.]
D: What-who is it?
2: D, calms down, it s me 2.
[2 sit down next to her.]
D: oh, sorry.
2: what were you reading?
D: just a book on different flowers and plants. I guess it just makes me feel better not having to squint to see what i think the world used to look like.
2: maybe you won't be squinting for long.
D: what do you mean?
2: come here, try this (D turns to face him). Close your eyes.
[2 fix two extra lenses to D's optics that looks the same as her original lenses.]
2: There. You can open them now.
[D opens her eyes and looks around in amazement; she stands up and looks all around her. She turns round to see 2 struggling to stand; she helps him and starts looking around again.]
D: it s beautiful. Thank you so much! (She hugs him)
2: Your welcome but i can't take all the credit, 5 went and found the right glasses, and 6-
D: 6?
2: Yes 6, he had visions on the design and exactly where the glasses would be.
D: for me?
2: you mean the world to him.
D: Really? (Smiling)
2: Of course, when your around him he forgets everything that could possibly upset him, 1 and 8's constant torments, the world around him, his visions, everything ... You know he does the same to you ... it s as if with him you don't need or even want to see!
D: I have to find him.
[D runs off to find 6.]

Anyone else think that was really sweet! Sorry if that was a bit self-cantered but i wanted this to go right! That was also alot shorter than i thought it was ... Also i really love writing script because 1) tis fun. and 2) I m not that used or very good at writing description! I will practice as said above. Please give me reviews and stuff im new and i love fan Fic ... and 9 ... and definitely 6!