Disclaimer: Do ya think I own any of these marvelous characters? Not even the unknown lady that kidnaps Ginny.

Oh God!" Thought Harry. He couldn't believe the enormous amount of people. He saw multiple newspaper reporters as well as friends, old and new. Standing out from the crowd of people, he saw Luna. In bright orange dress robes with green patterns on it. If anyone could pull it off, she could. That didn't mean she didn't stand out though.

Luna floated over to Harry like a butterfly. "Hello Harry. I just saw your baby. Congratulations. He's beautiful. Look!" She pulled out a small package. "I made him this. Did you know Ronald is signing copies of his autobiography? Goodbye."

She drifted off before Harry could register what happened. His lovely wife came up, her red hair a curtain around baby James. Ginny looked aghast. "He spat on Skeeter! Right on her arm! Not a small little bit of dribble, but a huge glob!"

"That's my boy Jamesy!"

An unknown lady grabbed Ginny's arm and struck up a conversation. Ginny had the baby. Harry decided to wander about, when he saw a line of people standing at a table. Ron's autobiography-signing.

He saw George at the front of the line. "Look git. Mom wants me to get one, so I'll give you this gift box of prankity stuff. Kay?"

As George walked off with a heavy book, Harry walked to Ron's table. "Hermione wrote it?'

Ron replied, "Obviously!"

Happy Harry. Yay.

Best ending ever. Writing this. Half asleep. Poop. Yuperdoodle. First one. I should now stop talking.