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"..." An unheard whisper flooded his ears, ringing.

He turned, seeing nothing but black, to face the direction it was coming from.

"You have to..." The mysterious voice flowed into his ears once more, growing softer with each word.

"Have to what?" He called, blindly reaching in front of him. Hearing no response, he stumbled forward, curiosity growing with each step.

"Have to find us..." The voice sounded strained. "Open your eyes! Search for us!"

"S-search? I don't understand...who are you?" The boy walked forward desperately trying to hear the weakening voice.

"There's no time...wake up! And remember: search for us! You must!"

"Please! I...I really don't-"

"Open your eyes." There was a commanding tone to the voice.

The boy stopped moving forward.

"Open your eyes..."

Then he realized why he couldn't see anything. He tried opening his closed eyelids, achieving failure. "They...they won't-"

"Open your eyes...open your eyes...open your eyes..."

"Ngh..." Beautiful, warm brown eyes fluttered open, blinking in the bright light.

He could hear voices, though not like those in his dream. They were in a foreign language, he didn't know what, but he knew he couldn't interpret it.

My dream...The boy shot upwards, looking wildly around his surroundings, until he caught sight of two men by the door, the source of the voice- a blonde and a man in a fedora. Their voices were low, and their words were just random sounds in his mind, but he could tell that they were clearly arguing.

"E-excu..." His voice died in his throat, and only then did he realizes how thirsty he was. A loud growl came from his stomach, and the two men stopped and looked over at him.

"Oh, sei finalmente sveglio!" The blonde ran up to him with a smile. "Qual è il too nome, kora?"

The strange words rang in and out the boy's ears and he unconsciously sank further back into the bed he had awoken from.

"Don't...I don't understand..."

"Colonello. Didn't you notice that he doesn't look Italian?" The man with the fedora stepped forward, eyes completely obscured.

"Sono ... I mean, are you implying that-"

Reluctantly, the boy rose up from his covers, interrupting the blue eyed man by grabbing his attention. "Can I get a glass of water?" The men were now speaking in his language, though his memory was fuzzy, and the name of his language he could barely remember.

"Sure, kora!" The blonde smiled. "Do you think you can stand?"

The young boy nodded, and slid his legs over the side of the bed. Now on his feet, he grabbed onto the bed for support, finding his legs weak and wobbly from not being used.

The blonde watched, amused and offered the boy his arm. "My names Colonello, by the way. And this is Reborn, kora." He gestured the seemingly uninterested man in the fedora. "Okay, I'll lead you to the kitchen. It's not that far away, and I'm sure the small walk from here to there will be good exercise for you."

Slowly, the Colonello and the boy, followed by Reborn, made their way to the kitchen.

He was captivated by how simple yet elegant the hallway was, with plain white walls and three renaissance paintings adding a decorative splash.

As Colonello had said, the kitchen was close to the room he had been in, and he was being seated on a chair and given a glass of water before he could really tell what was going on.

He drank slowly, the cool wetness of the water making his parched throat feel automatically better, and watched as the man named Reborn took a seat across from him, taking of his fedora.

"Do you mind if I ask you somethings?"

He nodded, placing his empty glass on the table and putting his hands on his lap, twiddling his thumbs.

"Who are you?" Reborn's eyes, a mysterious obsidian, stared intently at the boy.

"I...I don't...know."

"Start simpler, kora," Colonello inputed, sliding into a chair next to Reborn. "How old are you?"

The boy's shoulders slumped. "I don't know that either..."

"Hmm...Okay then. What do you look like?" Reborn leaned forward, placing an arm on the table to prop himself up.

The boy frowned, thinking for a second. "I...have no idea." And as the words left his lips, an overwhelming sense of worry spread through his body.

Reborn stared at the boy for a second, and turned to face Colonello. "He really doesn't have any idea who he is."

Colonello cocked his head, staring at the boy questioningly. "Can you recall anything, kora?"

The boy stood, biting his lower lip. "L-look. Where am I? Why are you asking such weird questio-"

Reborn stood and took a gun out from nowhere , pointing it at the male across from him.

"Oi, Reborn-"

Reborn put out a hand to silence Colonello. "Stop talking for a minute and sit."

The boy obeyed, staring wide-eyed at Reborn.

Reborn sat and returned his gun, taking a mirror out in its place, and holding it up to the boy.


The boy stared at his reflection, light brown eyes, pale face, brown hair. It looked so foreign to him. "Is this-?"

Reborn snorted. "That's you. That is how mirrors work."

"Can you remember anything now, kora?" Colonello asked.

He shook his head. "I'm sorry...Can I go back to the room? I...don't feel to well."

Colonello nodded and stood, beckoning the boy to follow him.

"...you can't rest. You have to keep moving..."

A whisper. It seemed familiar. Where had he heard it before?

"This way...Dreams can be watched, you know? You have to keep..."

The boy followed in the direction of the voice, his eyes now open, though nothing was nothing to see except black, empty space.

"You must search for us. Like I've asked of you before..."

"But...I don't even know who I am. How a I going to find you if I don't know who you are, or who I am?"

"...you must think of that yourself. I can't connect with your dreams much longer."

The boy stopped walking, frustrated. "Please...at least tell me what my name is! You should know, since you're able to stalk my dreams!"

A resonating silence followed his request. Then a different voice whispered.

"They say that dreams come from your experiences. Or was it your imagination? I can't really remember. Even so, experience can tell you your name, and so can imagination. Think about it, for a second, just a second."

The poetic voice echoed in the boy's ears. "What?"

"Dame, Loser, No-Good~ When you dream, try to open your memories. It's much easier to recall things that way," the poetic voice continued.

Dame. Loser. No-good... They sounded so... familiar. "Are those...clues to my name? Why can't you just tell me what it is?"

"Because, we won't be here forever. This will be our last visit. You have to learn how to unlock all the 'secrets' by yourself~"

"Secrets? What secrets?"

"The 'secrets'...those are the keys to unlock your memories. It's a punishment for your crime~ Now, you see, I've said to much. You have to wake up now."

"My crime? What cri-"

"Wake up~ And remember, the key to our freedom, and yours, are your memories, the key to your memories are your 'secrets', and the key to your 'secrets' are your dreams. Now, wake~"

"He-hey, calm down!"

The boy opened his eyes and jerked upwards, finding himself to be drenched in sweat.

He looked next to him and saw Colonello, looking at him with wide eyes.

"You were just turning in your sleep in a pretty abnormal way, kora." Colonello handed a bottle of water. "Here. It looks like you need it."

The boy nodded, taking the bottle. "Thank you," he said, uncapping it and taking a drink.

"You want anything else? Reborn said to take care of you while he was at work, so I just took the day off, kora."

The boy's stomach let out a long, loud growl in response, as if whining that they hadn't answered to its first whine for food.

Colonello nodded, an amused smile on his face. "Just stay here. I'll get you something, kora."

"O-okay," the boy said, blushing in embarrassment.

Colonello laughed and stood. "You definitely haven't eaten in a long time. After all, me and Reborn found you two weeks ago, in front of the burnt down Vongola manor. That was probably why Reborn wanted to keep you, so he could interrogate you, kora." Then he left.

"Vongola...manor." The boy frowned there was something in that name that sounded so familiar to him. "Like dame, loser and no-good..."

The key to our freedom, and yours, are your memories, the key to your memories are your 'secrets', and the key to your 'secrets' are your dreams.

"My dreams...I wonder...if daydreaming would work?"

He closed his eyes and leaned against the head of the bed, starting to daydream.

Bunnies and wolves, a toady frog, sleek, rubbery dolphins. How did you daydream anyway? Did you just think about happy things? Or was there something more to it?

The boy frowned and dismissed the thoughts from his head. He had to conjure pleasant thoughts, in order to daydream.

Cute things... cartoon characters with abnormally big eyes and heads, watermelons, hamburgers, lion cubs, twin dogs, a baby leopard, a beautiful, snowy owl, and a fluffy yellow bird. The bird stayed in his daydream, chirping something inaudible, its small wings keeping its fluffy, round, body. The bird swooped closer, and it's voice was clear.

Hibari, Hibari! Hibari, Hibari!

The boy's eyes shot open and he sat up, eyes wide.

"Hibari...Hibari...Hibari Kyoya." It was a full name, a familiar name, and it felt wonderful on the boy's tongue. Yet he knew the name wasn't his.

"So daydreaming does work." He stared at the white sheets on the bed. "But...who is Hibari Kyoya?"

"Hibari Kyoya?"

The boy looked over and saw Colonello, who was holding a bag of donuts, a container with pasta in a red sauce and a plastic fork.

"So you know who Hibari Kyoya is, but not who you are, kora?" Colonello looked at him, amused.

"I..well, um-" A low growl from his stomach saved him from further explanation.

"Here," Colonello said, handing the boy the container with pasta and the plastic fork. "It's puttanesca, and it's also the only thing we had that would be an acceptable meal for someone who hasn't eaten in who knows how long, kora."

The boy opened the lid and twisted the fork in it, taking it out for a small bite. He chewed and swallowed, then looked up to look at Colonello, who had walked over to sit on a chair across the foot of the bed.

"Colonello...who is Hibari Kyoya?"

"Hmm?" Colonello looked up. "Oh, Hibari Kyoya? He was an extremely powerful man. He was the cloud guardian of the Vongola family's 10th boss, and he did everything that required the boss or his other guardian's identity. So, to this day, no one knows who the Vongola 10th is, or who his other guardians are, kora.

About a month ago though, the Millefiore family came out of nowhere and wiped out everyone in the Vongola manor, and there were no known survivors. There were a lot of missing bodies though, so everyone suspects that those missing bodies were taken captive. Hibari Kyoya was one of the people filed under missing, kora."

"Vongola..." The name was dancing on the unreachable edges of his brain. "Vongola, Millefiore...Are these mobs?"

"Mobs?" Colonello chuckled. "Close. They're mafia. Two of the most powerful, though the Millefiore just showed that they are the more dominant mafia, kora."

"If the Millefiore took the Vongola captive, then why don't people just search-"

The boy was interrupted by Colonello's ringtone.

"Oh, sorry," Colonello said, looking at the caller ID. "I have to take this. I'll be right back, just finish your food okay? Donuts are over here if you want some, kora." Then he left the room.

The boy dug into the puttanesca hungrily.

Vongola, Hibari Kyoya, mafia... The four words were dancing on the edges of his memories, taunting the boy.

The key to your memories are your 'secrets...' What if Hibari Kyoya was a secret? That meant the boy needed him.

Colonello walked in, pocketing his phone.."Hey, I-"


Colonello stopped in his tracks. "What, kora?"

"I...I need to find Hibari Kyoya."

Colonello looked at the boy in bewilderment. "Really? You understand that if the Millefiore actually has Hibari Kyoya, you stand no chance, right? You can barely stand, kora!"

"I...I can't really explain. But I think Hibari Kyoya will be able to tell me who I am."

"How can you be so sure, kora?"

"I- I'm not. But if the first thing I remember is his name, then he probably knows me as well."

"That...actually makes sense." Colonello pocketed his hands and looked up at the ceiling. He sighed and looked at the boy.

"Well, I guess you should come with me, then. Reborn told me not to tell anyone, but he found a survivor of the Vongola family, kora.
The survivor might know something about Hibari Kyoya."

The boy sat in the passenger seat of Colonello's car, staring at the Italian city view.

He was wearing the smallest pair of jeans, t-shirt ad jacket that Colonello could find for him yet they were still baggy, and he unconsciously flopped the oversized jacket sleeve up and down on his lap.

"Hey, we're almost there, okay? No need to be so fidgety, kora," Colonello said, glancing at the boy.

"Oh...sorry." The boy sat on his hand, and looked down at his lap. He couldn't believe it. In a little less than half an hour, he would be able to be one step closer to finding Hibari Kyoya, the key to one of his memories.

The duo sat in silence for the remainder of the car ride, and the boy stared at the skyscraper they had parked next to. "E-a-ar-arka-arco-"

"Arcobaleno," Colonello finished. "It's where me, Reborn, and the other people who live with us in that house work. You'll probably be able to meet some of them too, kora."

They exited the car and entered and walked up the grand walkway to the building's entrance. The doorwoman smiled and opened the door for them. "Bentornato, il signor Colonello."

Colonello nodded. "Italian lesson," he said, facing the boy. "She just said welcome, Colonello-san. While you're in Italy, me and Reborn should teach you some words and phrases, kora."

They made their way to the elevator, and were met by a sitting woman, with navy blue hair and eyes.

"Lal," Colonello said, a big smile on his face. "Good to see you again, kora."

"I saw you last night, idiot. Why are you speaking in Japanese?"

"Oh, because of," Colonello grabbed the boy by the shoulders and brought him in front of Lal, "This boy, whose identity no one knows, kora."

"Oh, umm, hello..." he mumbled.

"The boy we found outside Vongola manor? Looks like a weakling. And why did you even bring him? Reborn said not to-"

"Well, it's sort of hard to explain, kora. Let's just go, okay?"

Lal scoffed and turned to press the up button for the elevator. "Fine. It's not problem if Reborn shoots you. Come on then. He's waiting."


The boy watched, eyes wide, as Colonello and Reborn were practically forehead to forehead, glaring at each other.


"Why did you bring him here?"

"Because he convinced me, kora."

"That's not a valid excuse. Lal, please go inside the conference room. The others are waiting."

The boy watched Lal walk to the large doors, uncaring, then turned his gaze to the two arguing men.

"Re-reborn-" He said, trying to grab Reborn's attention. He was met by a gun to his face.

"Oi! Put the gun down, kora!"

Reborn narrowed his eyes, but put the gun away. "Well, I called this meeting, and we both need to attend it. There's an important 'guest' inside."

He turned to the boy. "You'll just have to stay put here-"

"Reborn...can I please meet the Vongola you found?" The boy looked up with hopeful eyes.

Reborn turned to Colonello. "You told him about the Vongola we found! What if-"

"Re...reborn. Please let me see the Vongola...they might be able to tell me who I am."

"Yeah, Reborn. Come on, can you say no to those eyes? Stare at them for like 30 seconds, kora," Colonello added.

"You're an idiot," Reborn snapped at Colonello. He studied the boy for a while, then sighed. "Fine. Follow me then."

Colonello grinned and patted the boy's light brown hair. "Let's go, kora."

The boy grinned and nodded, walking alongside Colonello to go inside the door the Reborn was holding open.

Once inside, he was met by the stares of four males and the uncaring gaze of Lal Mirch.

"Oi, Reborn, who's-"

"Shut up Skull," Reborn said darkly.

The boy turned his gaze onto the man who had spoken up. His eyes widened at his wild looks. He had purple eyes and hair that was a different shade of purple, and his lips were painted a bright purple the was also a different shade than his hair and eyes. Bandages adorned his face and a chain ran from his left ear to his mouth, hanging loosely.

He flinched and looked down when the purple man glared at his gaze.

Reborn seemed to notice and cocked a gun at Skull. "Don't intimidate him, lackey."

Skull gulped and looked away. "I wasn't doing anything."

"Just be quiet, kora," Colonello said, shaking his head. "Come on," he said, addressing the boy, "you can take my seat. I'll just stand."

Lal raised an eyebrow at the act of kindness. "Something in the water today, Colonello? You seem to be acting much nicer."

Colonello grinned as he steered the boy to a seat besides a Chinese man with a long braid and Lal. "Hang around this boy for a while Lal. You'll start acting out of character too."

The Chinese man let out a twinkling laugh. "He must be special then," he said, smiling at the blushing boy seated next to him.

Reborn cocked his gun to the ceiling and fired a blank, getting everyone's attention. "Well, enough distractions already," he said, seating himself at the end of the conference table. Since Luche and her daughter are missing, I'll be taking over. Afterwards, everyone will be dispelled to continue searching for either of them."

He sighed and adjusted his fedora to cover his eyes. "So, I assume you all know why we're here?"

Everyone nodded and murmured in agreement.

"Okay then. Lackey, go get him."

Skull grumbled but got up, opening a small door to the right of the conference table and walked in, closing the door behind him.

Reborn sighed and rubbed his temples. "Just looking at him makes me want to kill someone." He shook his head and looked up. "Viper, repeat what you told me to them."

"It's Mammon." A large hood obscured the upper half of the man's face, and his pretty, airy voice was thick with disinterest. "On my search for the Varia, I stumbled upon a small hideout a little past the outskirts of Vongola territory. I didn't have any indication of who it belonged too, but I went inside anyways, and found a teenager about his age," he said, nodding is head at the young brunette boy,"and he kept mumbling things in incomprehensible Japanese. After he saw me, he glared at me and started going on about disrespecting Namimori dress code rules. I got annoyed, so I started to leave, but he asked if I was Vongola. So I took him here. End of story." He muttered inaudible things and sat down.

Namimori... They boy bit his lip. It was such a familiar name.

Before he could discern why it sounded familiar, the door Skull had gone through opened, revealing an annoyed Skull.

"He didn't wanna come out with me."

"Useless..." Reborn muttered. "Fine. Colonello, go get him."

The boy jumped up. "C-can I go with him?"

Everyone in the room stared at him. He bit his lower lip, looking down and trying to ignore the stares.

Colonello scratched his head and patted his hair. "Reborn. I'll be in there with him anyway, if you don't trust him."

Reborn leaned back in his chair, contemplating it. "No. I'll go get him." Reborn then stood up and walked through the door, leaving the the young boy with Colonello and Colonello's coworkers.

The boy sat down and stared at the sleeves covering his hand. He felt a hand ruffle his hair and looked up to see the Chinese man, instead of Colonello.

"It's okay. Reborn's trust is pretty hard to gain. It's amazing he even let you in the conference room during a meeting." His smile was calming and the boy couldn't help but smile back.

"I'm Fon by the way," he said. "You already know Colonello, Reborn, and Lal, I assume. And you probably learned Skull and Viper's name from previous discussion. So Verde is the only one you haven't been introduced to."

He gestured at the green haired man in a lab coat sitting next to him, who was writing in a notepad rapidly, ignoring everything that was going on around him.

"He's a scientist who's very into his work," Colonello explained, watching the boys wide eyes and confused expression. "Viper, or Mammon, is an illusionist, Skull is a stuntman, Reborn is...Reborn, Fon is an expert martial artist and Lal is my trainer, kora."

"Oh..." The boy stared up at Colonello. "If you guys have different occupations, why do you all have the same job?"

"It's not our place to say," Mammon's voice piped in. "Reborn will tell you when he feels it's safe too."

The boy nodded, his warm brown eyes showing more relaxed expression as he realized the people in the room were becoming more tolerant of him.

Just then, Reborn walked out of the still open door, a trace of a smirk on his stoic face. A black haired boy with blue-gray eyes followed him.

The boy felt his heart pound at the sight of the the black haired boy.

"He just explained to me who he is-"


He felt seven pairs of eyes stare at him in shock, but he couldn't tear his gaze from the disheveled boy in front of him.

Blue-gray eyes looked up and widened in surprise as it was met by a familiar sight. "Tsunayoshi..."

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