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"Hi-Hibari-san!" He wanted to stand forward and approach Hibari, but he couldn't. A pang of pain filled his head, and he held it in his hands, hissing. He heard questions of concern, but he couldn't answer. Everything had turned black.

"Hey, wake up. It's my turn to speak to you."

Tsunayoshi sat up, finding himself in a patch of dying grass. "Who's there? I thought you said you wouldn't visit me again- "

"I'm a replacement of the others... They were caught trying to help you. They weren't supposed to and now they are 'silenced'. I'm in great danger of being silenced too, since I am speaking to you. But if we ever want to escape, we need your help. And to receive your help, we have to give you clues."

Tsunayoshi nodded and stared up at angry gray skies, waiting for the speaker to continue.

"The first thing I should probably tell you is that when you wake up your memories will al-"

"Wait. How do all of you know so much about my predicament anyway?"

"Umm...well...that's a story for another day...you'll probably find out on your own. But, as I was saying, when you wake up, you're going to find some of your memories will have come back. The first set, out of ten. Everyone was so excited to learn that you accomplished finding the first one so easily.

Also, since Hibari was the first key, he won't remember anything you don't remember. Besides this, there isn't really much else to say. I suppose the only important thing left to say is that this is the last message you're gonna get from us, for real this time, since I'm the only one left who can help you who has not been silenced."

The speaker yelped. "I have to go now. He's back! Good luck then, Tsuna..."

"Hey, Reborn, he's waking up!"

Tsunayoshi groaned and lifted his head off an unfamiliar surface. He opened his eyes and was met by Colonello's pretty blue eyes.

"Hiiiieeee!" He shot up and backed away, blushing furiously as he realized he had been on Colonello's lap. "Wha-"

"Interesting sound you made there, Tsunayoshi." He turned and saw a gun being pointed at his face.

"You have thirty seconds to explain what went on in the conference room before you passed out. Your time starts now."

"Ehhh! But..I...I honestly, I don't...Reborn, please put away your gun!"

Colonello stood and dusted himself off. "Come on Reborn, he obviously can't think straight with you shoving a gun in his face."

Reborn growled but put his gun away. "Alright. Your explanation should be good then, since you aren't under pressure."

Tsunayoshi nodded, staring down at rainbow-patterned tiles, realizing he was still in the conference room of Arcobaleno.

"Well, I guess...I should probably start with the dream I had before I woke up that first time." He took a deep breath and began telling Colonello and Reborn the messages he had received in his dreams.

Afterwards, Reborn and Colonello sat in silence, contemplating in silence.

After a few minutes, Reborn nodded. "Alright...Well, since you have some of your memories back, what are they?"

Tsunayoshi sat and stared at the tiled floor. He took another deep breath and began to tell them everything knew from the top of his head. "Well...I remember my name is Tsunayoshi Sawada and I live in Japan, in a town called Namimori, and I went to Namimori middle school with Hibari-san."

"That explains the Namimori dress code thing Viper was talking about," Colonello commented.

"Let him finish," Reborn said.

"And...I remember most people called me dame-Tsuna, or no-good Tsuna, or hapless Tsuna, except for a few people, who called me Tsuna. I...I can't recall their names though. I also know that my mom was Nana Sawada and my dad was Iemitsu Sawada, and that I am-"

"The Vongola tenth generation boss," Reborn finished.

Tsuna looked at Reborn confused. He had taken the words right out of his mouth. "How did you-"

"Iemitsu. He's descended from the Vongola first generation, Giotto, and I remember hearing something about his son being the next successor."

"O-oh. I guess he didn't want my identity revealed in case other people tried to find me." Tsuna chewed his lower lip. What kind of an organization was Arcobaleno anyways?

Reborn nodded. "Well, that's all we need to know at the moment. We need to speak to Hibari Kyoya now. After you passed out, he refused to communicate. I suppose your presence will get him to open up to us."

Reborn sat in the driver's seat of Colonello's car, pretending to nap. He had directed the other Arcobaleno to take Hibari Kyoya to their residence before hand, and he, Colonello and Tsuna were now headed to meet them.

Reborn was frustrated. There was something about the name Tsunayoshi Sawada and Namimori that was taunting him. It sounded so familiar, but he couldn't put his finger on it.

He growled inwardly and lifted his head. He looked back at Tsuna, who was fidgeting with what the sleeves of what he realized was one of Viper's old sweaters, which Viper never used. He looked pretty adorable now, as Reborn studied him more closely. His soft, brown hair stood up in a messy manner, and his large, warm brown eyes were seraphic. His skin was practically glowing, despite not being washed in a while and his malnutrition. It was incredibly hard to believe this was the Vongola tenth generation.

Tsuna looked up suddenly, and stared at Reborn quizzically. "Um, did you need something?"

Reborn smirked and looked forward, ignoring Tsuna's question. He decided then and there that it would be pretty fun to mess with this fragile, innocent looking boy.

Colonello whistled softly to himself as he drove as fast as the law permitted to the Arcobaleno's household. Something was chewing at his memory, nagging him. He didn't even know what it was. But it did have something to do with the Vongola.

He glanced at the rearview mirror and saw Tsuna playing with the sleeves of his sweater again. He grinned, amused. Being the main person to take care of the boy since they had found him, he felt somewhat close to him.

His most evident feeling towards the boy was a feeling of protection. It was like he had to protect him from no matter what, and Tsuna's fragile features only supported the feeling.

"Hey Tsuna," he called out, earning the attention of Tsuna and Reborn.

"Yeah?" Tsuna responded.

"I was wondering, do you remember how you arrived in Italy, kora?"

He glanced at the rearview mirror and saw a look of concentration on Tsuna's face.

"I don't know. But...I remembered my age is 16."

"That's good to know," Reborn said to Tsuna, answering for Colonello.

"And keep your eyes on the road, Colonello."

Colonello imagined himself sticking his tongue out at Reborn. It felt good to be childlike at times.

He grinned and continued to drive until he reached a familiar fork in the road that led to he and the other Arcobaleno's home. Soon enough, he was pulled up into the driveway of the house and opening the door for Tsuna, offering him a hand.

"Th-thank you," Tsuna mumbled, blushing slightly as he took ahold of Colonello's hand.

Colonello grinned and pulled him out, releasing his hand when he caught a glare from Reborn. What was Reborn's problem, anyways?

But then again, Reborn was always like this. Colonello shrugged it off and walked up the front steps of the house, and was met by the door swinging open to reveal Hibari Kyoya.

"Where is he?" He hissed, pulling a pair of tonfas out of nowhere.

"Whoa, wait a second, kora!"

"Hey, come back here! The Great Skull-"

Colonello looked past the angry Vongola Cloud guardian and saw a fumbling Skull. Colonello felt a nerve pop. What was wrong with that stupid Cloud Arcobaleno?

"Hibari-san!" Tsuna slid past Colonello to hug Hibari. The act surprised everyone, and was evident on everyone's face, including a usually stoic Reborn who was now standing next to Colonello.

"Tsunayoshi..." Hibari dropped his tonfas and wrapped his arms around Tsuna, returning his hug.

Reborn scoffed and pushed past Colonello. "No public displays of affection, Dame-Tsuna," he said, cocking a gun to Tsuna's back.

"Ahh-I-sorry, Reborn," Tsuna said letting go Hibari and backing away at the sight of the gun, which caused him to fall on top Hibari and land on a compromising position.

"Hiiiiiiiieeeee!" Tsuna stood up quickly and jumped away from Hibari. "I'm so sorry!"

Colonello observed Reborn's changing facial expression in amusement. Was he feeling something for the boy he had just threatened to shoot a few moments ago?

"A-and, I'm sorry if my hug bothered you! I was just happy to see someone I recognize from my life in Namimori, and-"

"Save it, dame-Tsuna, and give us room to get in our house."

Tsuna gulped and moved away from the door, tugging on Hibari's sleeve when he saw he wasn't willing to move. Hibari glared but moved away from the door to allow Reborn and Colonello into the house.

Colonello grinned as he saw Reborn whack a neglected Skull hard enough to make the lackey form tears in the corner as he passed him. Why was someone as emotion-deprived as Reborn suddenly showing as much emotion as a regular person?

He averted his gaze to Tsuna, who was trying to calm Hibari who was raising a tonfa against him, and laughed when Tsuna broke into a run as Hibari started going after him. The pretty little Vongola Decimo, Colonello mused, was probably the one who was affecting his best friend's mood.

He blanched at his thought. Did he just call Reborn his best friend? He shivered and made his way to Hibari and Tsuna. It was time for Hibari to be questioned.

"Hibari-san, please cooperate! They're trying to help us."

The stubborn cloud guardian refused, and sat in silence, irking every Arcobaleno in the room.

"Oi, don't make me, the Great Skull-Sama, angry-"

Hibari threw a tonfa at Skull. "Shut up herbivore. You're pissing me off." He tucked his other tonfa away and crossed his arms, glaring at nothing in particular.

Skull yelped as the tonfa fell in contact with the side of his un-helmeted head. "Hey! What was that for?"

Hibari directed his glare at Skull, whose eyes widened. Skull grabbed his helmet off the kitchen counter and put in on, walking away from close proximity with Hibari.


Hibari shot a glance at Tsuna and looked away, glaring at the ceiling. "Why should I tell them anything, herbivore? I have no reason to trust them."

Tsuna looked back and forth between Hibari and Reborn. Though he hadn't known Reborn for more than, he knew that Reborn was a threat when pissed off.

'But then again...Hibari-san is pretty scary too...'

Tsuna grimaced and decided to take his chance with Hibari. He placed his hand over Hibari's left hand, which was still holding a tonfa. "I-it's okay, Hibari-san. Reborn and Colonello are pretty trustworthy. I mean...they took care of me while I was unconscious and they didn't hurt me in anyway."

Hibari jerked his hand away from Tsuna, but he sighed and directed his glare at Reborn.

"Fine. All that I remember is that I'm Tsunayoshi's cloud guardian, and that he is the Vongola Decimo. I'm head prefect at Namimori, which is where I met him. A few weeks ago, while I was on a business trip here in place of Tsunayoshi, Vongola got attacked by Millefiore. A few of us managed to escape. That's it. Now stop crowding and leave me alone."

Hibari averted his glare back to the ceiling.

Colonello raised an eyebrow. "Is he always like this, kora?"

Tsuna smiled weakly and nodded. "Yeah...that's Hibari-san for you."

Colonello whistled and picked up the tonfa Hibari had thrown at Skull. He tossed it to Hibari, who caught it and stared at him.

"You can go on to your room now. The lackey will lead you, kora."

Colonello looked at Skull and glared. "Don't provoke him."

Skull gulped and nodded. "Okay. This way then, cloud guardian."

Tsuna watched Hibari and Skull's figure disappear as they turned a corner.

He looked up at Colonello, who was staring at Fon and Mammon. His expression was priceless- it was completely void of any emotions, yet so full emotion. It was practically screaming "kill-me-now". He was definitely bored. Tsuna laughed inwardly and got up.


The blonde looked up, eyebrows raised.

"Can you take me on a walk? I wanted to get a feel of my surroundings more. Plus, some exercise would be good for me, seeing as I've slept the entire past two weeks."

Colonello jumped up and grinned. "Sounds like a good idea to me, kora! Let's go."

Colonello walked alongside Tsuna, who had his hands in his pocket and was staring up at the sky.

He glanced over at the shorter, younger boy and grinned. He had remembered Reborn's reaction when he saw and heard Tsuna ask Colonello to go on a walk with him.

Reborn's eyes had narrowed into the iciest glare anyone could possibly give, and he had hastily pulled his fedora down over his eyes as if to make sure no one would notice his glare.

It was pretty entertaining. Colonello smiled at Tsuna and ruffled his hair.

The brunette looked up at him questioningly. "Hey, Colonello?"


"Why do you always ruffle my hair?"

Colonello grinned. "You know how spiky your hair looks, kora? Yet it's so soft and silky. It doesn't make any sense, kora.

In other words, it's entertaining, kora."

"That's not really a reason..." Tsuna mumbled.

Colonello shrugged and led Tsuna to a park near the Arcobaleno's home.

Tsuna sat on a swing and laid his head on the metal chain and sighed. "Do you think Reborn hates me?"

Colonello sat on the swing next to Tsuna and resisted the urge to laugh. "Quite the opposite, I think, kora. Why you ask?"

"Whenever he's around I feel like I'm gonna get killed."

Colonello stared, bewildered at Tsuna. "He wouldn't really...kill you, kora. Seriously injure you maybe, but not kill you, kora."

"Ehhhhhh? Hows that worse? At least if I'm dead I won't feel the pain!"

Colonello stared oddly at Tsuna. "I wonder who was training you to be a mafia boss. If it was one of us Arcobaleno, you probably would have died a long time ago, kora."

Tsuna's eyes widened and he stared at Colonello apprehensively.

Colonello smiled at him and started swinging. "Been a while since I've been to a park, kora."

"Ehh? Why?"

Colonello stared up at the sky and sighed. This kid was so innocent. It was incredibly hard to believe he was to be the future Vongola boss.

"Because when you're older and are sucked into the world of mafia, you never have time to go to symbols of peace, kora."

"So you're mafia!" Tsuna stared at Colonello, slightly bewildered. "I guess I sort of saw this coming though...how else would you know about Millefiore and Vongola and my dad?"

Colonello grinned. "Nice perception, kora! Least I can see some of the makings of a good mafia boss in you," he joked.

Tsuna pouted and started swinging. "Hey Colonello?"


"I...wanted to ask you if you would help me get my memories back."

The blonde turned his head to face the tiny brunette and was met with serious eyes. "W-why do you think you'll need my help, kora?" he asked, slightly stuttering from surprise at Tsuna's serious expression.

"Well, when I got Hibari's name in my head, and asked you about him, you said that he might have been taken my Millefiore. I was lucky enough that he wasn't, but what if my luck isn't going to continue like that? What if I end up having to fight? I can't barely remember anything about myself, and I definitely can't remember anything about how to fight. So in the event that I do end up having to fight for my memories, I can't do it alone."

"So, you're asking for my alliance, kora?"

Tsuna nodded.

A large, amused smile grew on Colonello's face. "Alright. I give my alliance to the Vongola Decimo, kora!"