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Chapter 1: The letters

"Yeah, yeah. I know you're coming to live with us pixie boy." Said Sabrina

" Hey! Don't have that attitude! We're are going have sooo much fun!" exclaimed Puck

" What do you mean by we?" asked Sabrina

"Well, I meant ME!" laughed the pixie boy laughing his head off.

" What?" yelled Sabrina

"Phhahhahahahah!" he kept laughing

When Sabrina looked up she saw a huge vat of yellow goo dangling above her head by two almost snapped ropes on either side of the vat.

SPLAT! The yellow goo splattered all over Sabrina leaving her looking like an alien who just crash landed. Too her it smelt as if Puck had put his own substance in the goo. This made Sabina, Really. Really. Mad.

"Oh you are sooo dead meat now fairy boy!" exclaimed Sabrina

" Wanna bet?" asked Puck mockingly

Sabrina took some goo off of her head and flung it at him, narrowly missing.

" Miss me, miss me, now you… change that… YOU STILL DON'T WANT TO KISS ME! Heaps better than the original… AHHHHHH!" said Puck

He screamed as Sabrina took out something so terrifying to a young pixie boy it could kill him… a sponge full of soap and water.

"PLEASE Sabrina! Think about what you're doing!" cried Puck.

" Oh I already did and it's the best darn idea that I've had since I met you!" she screamed back

"I've got the… oh… you're busy… I'll come back later." Said Daphne Sabrina's younger sister walking out the door she came into.

"Libeling's!" screamed Granny Relda

She caught Puck trying to shove his licked hand in Sabrina's face and Sabrina trying to shove the soapy sponge in his hair.

"Hi Granny Relda!" said Sabrina sounding guilty.

"Bless me! Sabrina go and have a shower! Puck down here now!" Granny cried

"Yes old woman." Said Puck

"Okay Granny" sighed Sabrina

30 minutes later.

Finally after 20 minutes in the shower washing her hair multiple times and spending another 10 minutes brushing her hair Sabrina finally managed to get the yellow goo out of her hair. When she was finished Daphne suddenly burst into the room holding two envelopes.

"Brina! Brina… I have some letters for you and Puck… but Granny says that I'm only allowed to give it to you until you are at dinner." Squealed Daphne, who was biting her palm (which she always did if she got overly excited).

"Okay I'm coming just give me a second." Sighed Sabrina

"Are you done yet?" asked Daphne

"No!" said Sabrina impatiently

"But you said…" insisted Daphne

" Hilarious. Daph. No really you should get an award." Claimed Sabrina adding an eye roll.

5 minutes later

The whole Grimm family, the pixie boy and Mr. Cainus sat down at the table for another weird meal of blue meatballs and pink spaghetti.

"Can I give the letters to them Granny?" asked Daphne

" Yes." Answered Granny Relda

So Daphne gave Sabrina and Puck a small letter with a red wax seal on the back.

Sabrina opened hers first and then she gasped.

She had been accepted to Hogwarts.