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Albus Dumbledore

Chapter 10: The search

"FAIRY BREAD, FAIRY BREAD, OH FAIRY FAIRY FAIRY, FAIRY BREAD!" Lisa sang to the tune of lollipop (sorry I forgot to mention that I don't own that song ) as she skipped happily down the corridors of Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry.
"Ahh!" She screamed, as a mysterious person pulled her into a storage cupboard where it was so dark you couldn't see your hand in front of you. The students called it the confronting cupboard because you could confront anyone in there and they couldn't see you even with a lit up wand.

"Why did you do such a thing?" asked a voice

"I'm sorry okay! I didn't mean to make Julia cry when I told her I don't like muffins!" Lisa cried guiltily

"Wait. What?" said another voice.

"You don't like muffins?" gasped a mysterious person

"You should be ashamed!" scolded a familiar voice

"Hi Fred, Hi George…" Lisa sighed

"Hi!" the twins said in unison

"Hey! You just blew your cover!" shouted an annoyed voice

"Hi Ron. Lemme guess… Harry, Hermione, Puck and Sabrina are here too." Said Lisa

"Hello Lisa. My partner in crime." hissed a voice

"Hey Julia!" cried Lisa happily

"Damn. There goes my cover… Hey is Erin with you?" Julia said

"No I thought she was with you!" Lisa shouted.

Somewhere either in a dark dungeon or in the forbidden forest…

"Lisa! Julia!" Erin shouted desperately

There was no answer.

"Damn. No answer. Wait! Cut!" Erin shouted

"What" asked the Cameraman

"Dude. Shut up!" said the director

I have just been told to shut. Up.

"Why would I say that if the narrator has already said that?" Erin asked

"Umm…. Well I don't know…" Said the producer.


"Ugh!" said Erin as she woke up.

She sat up to see that she was tied up to a chair and had a spot light on her and a now sore cheek from getting slapped across the face.

"Well that was a weird dream…" she thought out loud.

"Very." Replied Malfoy as he stepped into the room.

"What do you want Draco Malfoy?" Erin spat

"Just you to do me a favour…" He started

"Why would I do something for you?"

"Well… if you want Lisa to stay here and not go to America mysteriously… Then you will do what I say."

"Fine, but why me?"

"Not just you… everyone except Harry Potter and Sabrina Grimm…"

"What! Why not them!"

"You sound jealous… pity that you're not a pure blood like me… if you were you wouldn't be in this situation."

"What does that have anything to do with this?"

"You will see!"

Back in Hogwarts…

"So, when we finish these cookies are we going to look for Erin?" Puck asked

"Hmm… that depends." Answered Julia

"On what?" Asked Ron

"I wonder if they have to take the chocolate out of the m&m's to make a choc chip cookie healthy again." Wondered Lisa

"Uh… Lisa you can just buy choc chips… plus they're not healthy." Explained Hermione in disbelief

"Oh… Cool… Is fairy bread magical? Cause if it isn't then I won't ever eat it again." Lisa said

"No Lisa it is…" Hermione started

"Shhh!" Whispered Fred

"What?" Hermione asked impatiently

"Do you really want to live in a world with no Lisa and Fairy bread?" George sighed

"NO! Cause Lisa without fairy bread is like… Fred without George... Have you seen how sad that looks?" said Ron

"Okay…umm… yes Lisa it is magic!" Hermione stated

"Good! Phew. I was getting worried for a second there." Lisa sighed

"I'm going to go look for Erin." Said Harry

"Muffins anyone?" Julia asked

"No!" Lisa screeched

"Oh…Okay…" sighed Julia

"What kind? WAIT WHAT AM I SAYING? I don't like muffins…"

"Choc- chip?"


"Right…" said Sabrina

Back in the dungeon place that might not be Hogwarts…

"What are you going to do to Lisa?" Erin shouted

"Nothing… unless you don't help me." Malfoy seethed

"Of all the people in Hogwarts you had to choose us?"

"You were an easy target."

"In what way?"

"Gryffindor. You are a Gryffindor. So is Potter, Weasel and all my other enemies."

"But why won't you hurt Sabrina?"

"It's starting to sound like you want her hurt…"

"You didn't answer my question."

"Why would I tell you?"

"You like her don't you."


"It all makes sense now… You like Sabrina so you won't hurt her and you want to leave Potter till the end so you can hurt him the most!"

"What? Who have you been talking to!"

"Well… When I woke up I talked to Hermione and then she got annoying so I got dressed, went down to the great hall talked to Julia and Lisa, then went to first class and talked to Ron and Harry and on the way to 2nd class I talked to Fred and George and then I got knocked out and I'm talking to you…."


"Yeah… and that's not including notes…"

"You girls do talk a lot…"

"What do you mean by ' us girls'?"

"Anyway back onto subject… I will place this micro chip into your neck and it will record all of your conversations and will erase this whole experience."

"Wait I thought micro- chips were a Muggle things."

"Do you really think Muggles are that smart? Wizards made them so they work inside of Hogwarts…"

Back in Hogwarts… again…

"Okay now Fred and George you two search the east and North sides, Sabrina and Puck you search the west and south sides, Julia and Lisa the great hall and the dock and Hermione the Hospital wing and the Library and Finally Rona and I will search the grounds and the common rooms." Harry explained

So the groups went off and searched every inch, centimeter, millimeter and nanometer of the castle with absolutely no sign of Erin.

When they got back they explained where they had looked and they came to a conclusion. Erin was not in Hogwarts. They all had got their hopes up and there was nothing to do other than tell Dumbledore.

"Hey guys!" said a voice from behind them. It was Erin.

"Where the 'ell have you been!" Exclaimed Fred

"Yeah! We've looked everywhere for you!" shouted George

"I uh… well… I don't know…" Erin mumbled to herself

"Don't worry about it. We're just glad that we found you… err… you found us…" said Sabrina

Lisa and Julia exchanged looks. They had heard what Erin had said. They were suspicious. Why wouldn't she know where she had been for the past few hours?

They told the group that they would meet up with them later because they needed to tell McGonagall and Snape that they had been looking for Erin during the last two lessons but really they had gone up to the Gryffindor's girl dorm.

"I think I know exactly what did this to Erin." Julia claimed.

"Muffins!" Lisa replied

"No! Lisa where did you get that from?" Julia asked

"Well I knew that it wasn't fairy bread so… fairy bread, yum…" Lisa drooled

"Lisa! Back onto Subject! I think that it was a Slytherin who did this and who is the purest Slytherin of all? That's right Malfoy."

"I thought the purest was Volde… He who should not be named!"

"He's half blood."

"Oh… okay. So what are we going to do about it?"

"We should tell the others first."


They walked down to the great hall and pulled the group aside apart from Erin and said to them outside.

"Guys we have something to tell you. It's about Erin." Julia said