Izaya giggled as he looked at the blonde man who stood across the street. He hadn't noticed him yet, considering the fact that there was no vending machine flying through the air. His red eyes reflected the sunlight being cast down from the sky. Quickly planning out how to start the taunting, Izaya decided to simply just walk up to the blonde and catch him off guard.

"Shiiiizu-chaaaaaaan!" Izaya yelled a couple feet away. Shizuo's back was turned, and he didn't give any reply. 'I guess he didn't hear me.'

"SHIIIIIZU-CHAAAAAAAN!" Izaya yelled once again, and also, once again, no answer. The brunette's eyes lost their sparkly glint as he glared at the blonde's backside.

"Shizuo, you're starting to piss me off." Izaya grabbed Shizuo's shoulder, and pulled him so that he could see his face. 'Ne?'

"Shizu-chan! I didn t know you listened to music!" The brunette exclaimed as he took notice of the headphones in the blonde's ears, whose eyes began to narrow. Izaya quickly snatched one of the earbuds out of Shizuo's ears, and stuck it in his own.

"I get aaaaangry, when you're around, when you're around. I get naaaasty, when you're around, when you're around."

"Ah, how fitting for the both of us! But, I know one that's better!" Izaya grabbed his iPod out of his pocket, Shizuo let him, just because he was curious of what he would choose. The red eyed man pulled the cord out of the blonde's mp3 and inserted it into his own.

"A kick in the teeth may be good for some, but a kiss with a fist is better than none." Izaya quickly gave the blonde a quick peck on the lips, as he pulled the cord from his iPod and ears, and ran off.

Songs used, Metal Now by Say Anything, and Kiss with a Fist by Florence and the Machine.

Wow. This is my first fanfic I've written in three years! Crazy much. I think I got Izaya in character, Don't think I did well with Shizu-chan though. Sigh. I'll try again! I promise! :) I'm very sowwwrry for my bluntness, and unoriginality. And the fact that Shizu-chan doesn't talk.

Lessuh see. First Fanfic in three years, First Drrr! fanfic, First IzayaxShizuo fanfic. BTW, I have more in mind for these two. And they will mostly be IzayaxShizuo in that order! Well, more like IzayaxShizuoxIzaya. :p