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He would love her forever, no matter what everyone else said.

1. Follow.

He knows that everyone else thinks that it's pathetic, but he couldn't care less. He will follow her everywhere she goes without thinking it twice.

2. Perfect.

Most of boys thought that he was crazy when he said it aloud, but he doesn't care. Shintani still thinks that Misaki is perfect the way she is.

3. Stupid.

Shintani knows that it's kinda stupid considering that he knew it from the beginning, but he can't help it. It still hurts to know that Misaki isn't with him.

4. Give Up.

It doesn't matter what people says, he won't give up that easily. He'll fight until the very end to get her heart.

5. Smile.

He has seen many happy girls in his life, but none of their smiles can compete with Misaki's.

6. Arrogance.

Sometimes Usui is sweet and fair, but most of times he's an arrogant bastard. Or at least that's how Shintani sees it.

7. Jealously.

"I won't deny it, Misaki. I'm jealous of the way he holds your hand so easily. I'm jealous of him"

8. Wrong.

He always thought that she would wait for him, but his heart broke when he discovered that he was wrong.

9. Good-looking.

As a child he never thought of himself as a good-looking boy, being fat. His classmates bullied him, the girls wouldn't get near to him and the teachers would pity him.

That's why he felt so flattered when a pretty girl like Misaki chose to spent some time with him.

10. Date.

It sounded weird to most of people, but Shintani would o anything to have a simple date with her.

11. Others.

"You know, Shintani, you should hang out with other girls. I mean, they say you're cute. You should try with one of them"

He knows that he says it with good intentions, but he won't do it. He knows that the only girl he'll ever want to hang out with is Misaki.

12. First.

She always wants to be the first in all. Competitions, grades, acknowledge; she always fights to be the best.

He, in the other side, only wants to be the first one to hear his Misaki saying "I love you".

13. Optimistic.

Shintani liked to think of himself as an optimistic person, and most of his friends would agree with that theory. But in the moment he saw Usui and Misaki kissing he felt that he was the most depressed person in the world.

14. Nightmares.

The only way he was able to sleep without having nightmares about his parents was by knowing that he would see Misaki the next day at school.

15. Love.

"Boy, you're too young to talk about such a big thing as love" says the old man.

He doesn't care what older people say. He's sure that each time he sees Misaki he falls a little more inlove with her.

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