Suddenly, the boys were interrupted when Professor Snape ran into the Room of Requirement, giggling and holding what appeared to be Blast Ended Skrewt Powder from Weasley's Wizard wheezes. "Ooooh, Filch is gonna be mad when he finds out where I put..." he turned slowly. "..hello, children," he said, in his monotone voice, "and what are you doing in a room such as this?"

Crabbe and Goyle immediately panicked and ran from the room, leaving Draco and Neville looking at each other in shock. Draco then dove behind the bed, squealing like a girl as he hid behind the headboard and Neville just gave the Potions master a sheepish grin. "E-evening Professor Snape..."

Snape looked at his star pupil, disappointed, and turned to Neville. "Well, it's obvious who the man in this relationship is." Neville looked down, expecting punishment. "Mr. Longbottom," the teacher said, "I will give you 30 sickles if you never speak of what you heard me say." Neville thought for a moment. "Hm...maybe it 40 and give me a passing grade on your next test." Snape stared "...Done deal, Mr. Longbottom. I must say, I'm rather proud of your negotiation skills. Too bad you weren't a Slytherin, I could have taught you well." Neville gulped, and watched the professor take the back exit out of the room and into the dungeons. "You can come out, now." he said to Draco, "And since when am I the brave one? Things are really getting weird around here..."

Weirdness wasn't the only thing happening at Hogwarts at this time. Back in the Great Hall it was Chinese food night, and many students were already sitting down and chowing on the delicious, high sodium food that the school's house elves had prepared earlier that evening. "This is delicious!" Ron Weasely said as he simultaniously shoved an egg roll in his mouth with one hand and reached for two more with the other. Harry Potter looked up from his bowl of shrimp fired rice and nodded his head in agreement, "We really should have food like this more often. It's not like they allow us to order take out at Hogwarts. And when was the last time I ate rice? Fuck this is awesome." Hermione just shook her head, "Watch your language Harry." Harry just rolled his eyes at this, prompting her to glare. "What's your problem today?" "Nothing. It's just that ever since we made Empathy potions in class I've been really moody latey. Is this how you girls get when you have your period? Jeez, if I had to go through this every month I would rip out my ovaries with Godric Griffindor's sword. If I ever had to fight a boggart again, I wouldn't defeat it with laughter, I'd just act like a priss and nag it to death." Givng a sigh, Hermione ignored The-Boy-Who-Lived-To-Be-An-Asshole and opened the fortune cookie that had been sitting on her empty plate of sweet and sour chicken. "What's it say?" Ron asked when he saw the confused look in Hermione's eyes. "That wasn't chicken." "What?" Harry and Ron both looked at her strangely. "That's what it says," she exclaimed, handing the small piece of paper over to her red-headed friend, "See?" He took it from her hands and examined it curiously. "That wasn't chicken," he repeated. Then he turned the paper over, "That was a baby." The trio stared in shock for a few seconds before Hermione suddenly jumped up, clutching her at her mouth and stomach while making gagging noises. As she stumbled out of the Great Hall and towards the women's bathrooms, Harry leaned closer to Ron. "Looks like your brothers got into the kitchen again and decided to mess with the fortune cookies. I wonder what other kinds of fortunes they came up with." Suddenly from across the Hall Cho Chang stood up and slammed her fists on the Ravenclaw table. "What the hell kind of fortune is this?"

The Great Hall suddenly became quiet at Cho's outburst. All eyes watched her as she stared intensely at the small scrap of paper in her hands. "What's wrong, Cho?" one of the other Ravenclaws asked. "This fortune cookie is filled with nothing but lies!" Everyone continued to stare. "What does it say?" she asked the Asian witch beside her. Cho took in a deep breath in an attempt to calm down. "It says," she began, "it says 'Chinese lesbians: pussy is a delicacy in their country.' But it's not true! I've never eaten a cat before!" Luna Lovegood, quite startled at her asian friend, said quietly, "Uhm...Cho...that's not the 'cat' they are referring to..." Cho thought for a moment, and scratched her head. Ginny ran over, and whispered into her ear. Suddenly, a look of realization appeared on her face. "Oh, you mean like that fivesome we had with Hermione and Professor McGonnagol?"