As soon as I get upstairs I go to my room, pull off my date outfit and throw it into the hamper.

I change into my sky blue tank top and cotton shorts.

Eagerly I take my turquoise-colored laptop off of my work desk and turn it on, then I sit on my bed and lean up against the headboard.

One of the other perks of my dad's new job, I for the first time in my life have a computer. I got a yahoo email address along with instant messaging.

I go and sign into my instant message account.

My yahoo account name is MelGirlSweetSixteen.

I am excited to see Rachel on there her handle is RacheEuroHottie.

I smile and type happily

MelGirlSweetSixteen: Hey Rache, have u been waiting up this whole time?

RacheEuroHottie: Guilty, so how did it go?

MelGirlSweetSixteen: Okay I guess.

RacheEurohottie: Oh pleasse Mel, it's me do you really think I believe that?, come on give me the dirt!

I sigh and roll my eyes patience has never been one of Rachel's strong qualities.

I answer

MelGirlSweetSixteen: Well we went 2 Baja Barrito. After he took me to the beach, he set up a entire spread. there was a pink picnic basket on a pink and white checkered blanket the basket was full of neapolitan ice cream and a can of Redi Whip. He had pink candles around the blanket and red tulips scattered over the blanket it was really cute.

RacheEuroHottie: Omigod Melinda that is SUPER Romantic, so... what else happened?

I hesitate not sure I can really confide this to her.

I mean we have reconnected so quickly after I told her about Andy, I am still not one thousand percent certain I can trust her.

Rachel types again impatient

RacheEuroHottie: Come on Mel, it's okay you can tell me I mean we're best friends right?

I sigh and realize she's right we are best friends I'm just worrying for nothing sometimes my paranoia goes into overdrive, Caroline says that this will pass soon the more counseling I get.

I square my shoulders and type trustingly.

MelgirlSweetSixteen: Well we almost.. got together.

RacheEurohottie: Really? Whoa, what happened?

I sigh again and type only one name

MelGirlSweetSixteen: Andy

RacheEuroHottie: Oh, I c was he ok with it?

I smile again and type

MelGirlSweetSixteen: Yea, I kinda freaked out u know bout andy & he um.. was just really cool bout it it's weird I mean most guys would of dumped me, he just kissed me and said told me that he luved me.

RacheEuroHottie: Aww Mel I am super happy 4 u David is a real great guy u TOTALLY deserve someone like him!

I smile yet again that night and type

MelGirlSweetSixteeen: Yea, thanks for listening Rache I really needed it.

RacheEuroHottie: Sure thing Mel, so u wanna go 2 the mall 2morrow, with the rest of the gang?

I smile one more time and type my answer

MelGirlSweetSixteen: Yeah, that would b really cool, can u pick me up 11:30?

RachEuroHottie: Defiantly doable c u then Mel and once again your welcome, well I gotta run my mom is saying it's WAY 2 late 2 b up, C u in a.m. much luv Rachel

I giggle and type

MelGirlSweetSixteen: K, talk 2 u soon luv ya!

I sign off turn the laptop off and snuggle under my comforter.

It's nearly one in the morning and I am really tired.

I close my eyes and am extremely relieved that I have a great boyfriend, and that my girlfriends are back with me.

I still have a long way to go with dealing with being raped but I know that with David and the Plain Janes support I know I am on my way to truly healing.