The idea behind this first chapter may be familiar to some. It takes place at the end of Fearful Lightening. However although the first chapter is similiar - I couldn't use the original because I lost it when my laptop crashed - the rest of the story is going in a completely different direction, which I'm not going to spoil.

So I hope you can bear with me and this repeatish first chapter until I get the next chapter up :)

And for anybody who has not seen the recent message I left on one of the forums I'm looking for ideas for a Halloween fic, any help would be much appreciated, because my mind is drawing a blank and I really want to write one, whether it be a one shot or a multi chaptered.

Robbie rubbed his hands together as he checked on the lasagne, making sure it was cooking properly. He needed it to look good but not perfect - after all it was meant to be homemade and it never looked spot on. He took a small sip of red wine as he surveyed his perfectly laid out table, he was feeling good about tonight. He'd spent months building towards this, he didn't normally get involved with work colleagues - in fact he never had before - but this time he was more than willing to make an exception for Jackie.

The doorbell went and Robbie took another mouthful of wine for Dutch courage, straightened his shirt and headed for the door. He smiled warmly when he swung the door open and he saw Jackie on the doorstep just as he'd expected.

"I brought some champagne," she told him, adding quickly, "Nothing too fancy but I thought we could take a step up from wine for a change."

Taking the bottle from her, Robbie glanced at the label. "Looks good." He looked back at her, his eyes roaming over her. "And it's not the only thing," he added.

She laughed softly. "I hope that that's not your best line."

"Course not," he replied smoothly, leaning forward to kiss her cheek in greeting and he was gratified to notice the way that small action caused her skin to flush an enticing shade of light pink, and he couldn't help but grin cockily at that reaction. Leaning slightly further forward than was strictly necessary, he murmured quietly, "I'll take your coat."

Jackie had to fight back the urge to shiver as she felt what felt like a strange smattering of sparks trail down her spine, the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end at his proximity to her. Her breath caught when the tips of his bare fingers brushed her shoulders as he slid the aforementioned coat down her arms.

"Thanks," she smiled at him over her shoulder, before glancing around the room and asking cheekily, "Do you actually have anywhere to hang it though?"

"Got a coat rack on the back of one the cupboard doors," he assured her grinning, "so you don't need to worry about it getting wrinkled."

"Oh I am so relieved," she replied, eyes twinkling, "because I was oh so worried."

Laughing, Robbie opened the opposite cupboard door and carefully hung up the coat before placing his hand on the small of her back and led her through to the living room/dining area. He pulled out a chair for her, telling her, "I'll just open this."

"You better watch," she warned him, "I could get use to all this fuss." She peered past him into the kitchen area that opened up from the living room. "Well it certainly smells good," she told him.

His grin widened. "What can I say, I aim to please."

Jackie laughed again. "What is it with you and those lines?"

Pouring out two glasses of the champagne, Robbie shrugged casually as he admitted, "They usually work." Placing one glass down in front of Jackie and sitting down at the table, he added, "I suppose this time I'll just need to up my game."

He raised his glass and she clinked hers with his, grinning as she told him, "I suppose you will."

Watching as Robbie gathered up the plates, balancing them carefully on one arm, Jackie remarked, "You're surprisingly good at that."

"Used to work part time as a waiter when I was a teenager," he grinned at her and then added, "Well until I was old enough to work at the bar."

Jackie laughed. "Why am I not surprised?"

"Because you know me too well?"

"That's probably it," she admitted, getting to her feet and following him into the kitchen.

"You know I don't expect you to help," he told her as he dumped the dishes on the counter and made for the fridge to get out the dessert. "Now go sit down and I'll bring this over."

"I don't mind helping," she reassured him, as she moved to scrape the remnants left on the plate into the bin.

Watching her out of the corner of his gaze, Robbie suddenly remembered that the packaging from the meal he'd brought in and was claimed as his own was sitting on the very top of said bin. He moved forward quickly, telling her, "Seriously Jackie leave it, I'll get-"

He died off when he realised that her foot was already on the pedal and the bin was already open. She looked into it and then looked back at him. "So…out of interest, just how long did that lasagne take you to make again?" She arched an eyebrow in mock confusion. "Because I'm sure you told me this took you well over an hour, and I don't think I've ever re-heated a meal that's taken that long."

His face twitched guiltily. "Ok, so it didn't take quite as long to make as I claimed."

Jackie tried to look stern and disappointed - and from the expression on Robbie's face she was succeeding - as she replied, "So all this time I was complimenting you on your cooking, it was bought in and re-heated."

"Very carefully re-heated," he offered hopefully.

"You don't seriously expect that to win me over, do you?"

"I do have a reason for-"

"Saying you could and would cook," Jackie offered, interrupting him.

"In all fairness I can kind of cook."

"Then why not just cook?" she asked, laughing.

"Because this definitely tastes better than pretty much anything I'd be able to cook," he admitted, "and I wanted to impress you."

Her mouth twitched with the hint of a smile that she simply wasn't able to hold back this time. "You do know you could have just asked me round for dinner anyway, you didn't have to make a point of saying you'd cook it yourself."

He gave a casual one shouldered shrug. "It sounded more impressive, and you definitely seemed more intrigued by the idea of dinner when you heard I could cook."

She laughed. "Yeah, because I couldn't picture it, and for good reason it seems." Stepping slightly closer to him she admitted lowly, "And you really didn't need to lie to get me here, I would have came anyway."

He took a step closer to her, his head bowing so he could look into her slightly flushed face. To be honest Robbie wasn't even sure if he was in trouble for this or not, he hoped that he wasn't though. "Really? Because I remember asking you out for a drink when we first met and you never taking me up on it."

This time her laugh was one of disbelief. "You invited everyone one out for that drink," she pointed out.

"Only because I let it slip out while everyone was there, didn't want to make it too obvious."

"So in trying to be subtle you just ended up screwing it up?"

"Pretty much," he admitted ruefully, his hand running agitatedly through his hair.

Jackie shook her head before looking up at him and with a wry smile told him, "Well I suppose with our track record so far it's not surprising that this didn't go perfectly to plan." She watched as a flicker of disappointment crossed Robbie's face before she added, "so we need to break the habit." She nudged him with her hip, smiling as she concluded, "I thought you said you were going to get desert."

His face broke into that cocky grin that made her stomach swoop pleasantly. "That I can do," he told her firmly.

"You're not going to claim you made it yourself though, are you?" she teased.

"Nah, think I'll give that a miss."

Jackie laughed as she walked back to the table, sitting down elegantly and taking another sip of wine before asking, "So what is for dessert?

"Banoffee pie with ice cream."

"Mmmm, that sounds good." She leaned over as Robbie brought the plate over to the table. "And it looks even better," she sighed happily.

He laughed. "I take it from that reaction you're a desserts woman."

"Oh always, what's the point in going out for a fancy meal if you're not going to round it off with dessert."

"Most woman I take to dinner barely eat their main course," he confessed unthinkingly.

She glanced up at him, asking unsurely, "Are you expecting me to put my fork down now?"

"No," he replied hurriedly, belatedly realising how that had sounded. "I prefer it when people eat, like you said it's the whole point of going out…or staying in," he added with a smile.

"I don't think the food is the main part of staying in," Jackie replied, the words slipping out before she could help it.

Robbie raised an eyebrow, laughing as Jackie's faced flushed when she realised what she'd just said. "Is that so DS Reid?" he teased. "So is this where the evening is headed?"

Her foot kicked his ankle lightly underneath the table. "You should be so lucky," she told him.

His cocky grin widened, his eyes flickering over her. "Yeah, I would be," he replied.

Jackie swallowed heavily and averted her eyes away from his, sometimes she hated being so pale, it gave away her true feelings on absolutely everything. Still avoiding his gaze, she dug her fork into the dessert and took a bite, chewing carefully before swallowing and telling him, "You know I have to admit that you did well in your choice of places to order in from."

"So I shouldn't even bothering pretending to have made this myself?"

Laughing, Jackie shook her head. "No, because unless I actually see you cook something with my own eyes from now on I'm never ever going to believe that you made it from scratch."

"One of these days I'll prove you wrong, show you I can actually cook," he told her cockily.

"Is this your idea of trying to secure another dinner date?" she teased.

"Is it working?"

She shrugged, "Maybe, although," she leaned forward, "like I said earlier you really don't need to go to such extremes, you could just ask me and see what I say."

"Ok then," he replied, and Jackie was somewhat touched to see him look momentarily nervous before he composed himself and asked lightly, "Do you want to have dinner with me again, we could even go out this time if you want?"

Jackie smiled widely and gave a small nod, "I'd like that, although I think next time I should get to watch you cook, get that homemade meal I was promised."

"Deal," he agreed, looking both relieved and proud of himself. Leaning across the table his thumb swiped against the corner of her mouth, and on hearing her sharp inhale of breath, told her easily, "You had ice cream there."

"Oh." Her hand went up to her mouth, checking for any more remnants.

"Don't worry, it's gone," he told her, chuckling as he did so before adding meaningfully, "You look perfect." She flushed again and smiling, Robbie asked, "Do you want anymore?"

Pushing the plate away, Jackie shook her head. "No thanks, I'm stuffed."

Nodding, Robbie got to his feet and began clearing the plates, this time Jackie simply leaned back in her seat and let him get on with it. "More wine then?" he called from the kitchen area.

"Anyone would think you were trying to get me drunk," she laughed as he reappeared with another bottle.

His mouth twitched. "Maybe I am."

"Now that's what I like about you," she told him, "you're always honest about your bad intentions."

"Best way to be," he replied, refilling her glass.

"I never actually said I wanted more," she protested half-heartedly.

"And yet you're not stopping me either."

"I am however going to insist that we get to move to the comfy seats." She nodded back towards the sofas.

His smile widened. "Now that I'm not going to argue with."

"We're sitting only," she told him warningly, shaking a finger at him as she got to her feet.

Robbie placed the bottle back onto the table and watched as Jackie stood, leaning forward to pick up her glass. Unthinkingly he stepped forward, his mouth dropping to brush against the bare curve of her neck, hearing her breath catch when his lips touched her skin. "What are you doing?" she asked breathlessly.

"I thought that would have been obvious," he replied, muttering against her skin as she straightened up, his hand flat against her stomach.

She laughed. "You're even more forward than I thought you would be," she told him as his mouth continued down the curve of neck, paying close attention to the spots that made her gasp.

He drew back ever so slightly. "And yet I don't see you complaining," he remarked.

"You're so full of yourself," she breathed out as she turned round, feeling both of his hands settling on her hips.

Robbie watched her almost warily, concerned that he might have pushed things slightly too far, moved too quickly. Soon though his cocky grin was back in place as her hands slid up, cupping his cheeks, her thumbs sliding along his cheekbones as her eyes met his. She leant forward at the same time he did, felt his hands tug at her slightly, pulling her inexorably closer.

Their lips met, lightly brushing against the others at first. Her fingers tangled into his hair as the kiss deepened, mouths opening, tongues brushing together. Jackie could feel her stomach swoop at the contact, the kiss was more than she'd ever even dreamed it could be, and she'd admittedly thought about this quite a lot over the last few months, wondered if he could possibly live up to the reputation he'd built up for himself. So far though she was pleased to realise he was doing one hell of a job in that respect.

He let her set the pace, didn't know how quickly she'd let him take this, although they had faffed about for months on end. Unable to help himself, Robbie let his hands slip underneath her top, touching the softness of her skin. He'd always admired her skin, loved the way it looked, so perfect and unblemished and he was ecstatic to find that it felt even better than it looked.

When he touched her bare skin though it was as though he'd lit a fire under her, her kiss deepened, her fingers deftly undoing the buttons to his shirt, pushing it to the ground. Her fingers ran over the warmth of his chest, tangling in the sparse curls of hair that decorated the tanned skin.

Moving her mouth down to his neck, she nipped at his pulse point, revelling in the groan that action provoked and ran the palms of her hands up over his flat nipples, causing a jolt of excitement to travel up his spine as her fingers speared into his hair again. He kissed her deeply, his hands sliding down her back to her ass, cupping the round globes in his hands and pulling her forward so her hips pressed against his, his arousal pressing into her. She moaned into his mouth, and it had to be the most gratifying sound he'd ever heard.

His fingers trailed back up her top, sliding tantalizingly across the bare skin of the back of her neck before finally pulling the zip down, irritated when he found that it only went halfway. Nonetheless though, his fingertips following it's descent as his mouth moved to teased her neck. Reaching the hem of her top, he pulled it upwards, bringing it over her head and throwing it to the floor before quickly unfastening her trousers so that they fell into a puddle at her feet, then he stepped backwards, simply so he could admire what he'd uncovered.

Robbie's mouth curved into a triumphant smile as he took in the pale creamy skin that was already starting to flush pink under his gaze. He admired the way the black silk bra contrasted so wonderfully with it and pushed up the full looking breasts, and dragged his eyes down to look at the perfectly nipped in waist and the slight curve to her stomach then onto the long, shapely legs. His hand curved round her waist, pulling her closer once more as he told her lowly, "You're amazing."

She laughed softly, almost breathlessly. "Do you think words of flattery will get you everywhere?" she asked him.

"I had hoped," he replied, his eyes twinkling as he caressed her spine, fingers circling the soft, delicate flesh.

"You're just lucky I'm feeling generous," she told him as her hands went to his belt buckle, kissing him almost chastely on his mouth as she pulled it free.

"Very lucky it would seem," he smirked as her fingers tugged nimbly at the button to his trousers, pulling it free with ease. He groaned slightly as she made sure she pulled the zip down almost agonisingly slowly. "Jackie…"

She laughed against his mouth, nipping lightly at his bottom lip as she pushed the material down over his lean hips.

His fingers stroking against the thin skin covering her hips, Robbie cupped her cheek, kissing her deeply as he gave a brief thought to his next move. Or to be more precise whether he had the patience to make it to the bedroom. It was then he realised that his living room curtains were open and that if they took this much further then they'd be giving his neighbours one hell of a show. He tightened his arm around her waist as he pulled her towards the hallway.

Jackie stumbled with him, laughing at his enthusiasm as he drew her into his bedroom. Once the door was firmly kicked shut, he began to slide down her bra strap, pressing a kiss to where it had been resting on her shoulder, before he unclipped it quickly. "Should have known you'd be good at that," she laughed.

"What can I say, I have skills," he replied, his hand instantly going to touch the flesh he'd uncovered, cupping her breast, his thumb brushing lightly across her nipple, smirking when it tightened and puckered as a result of his touch. Her back arched as she pressed herself further into his hands, her fingers running through his hair as his mouth lowered to her collarbone.

He kissed his way across her pale skin, before sitting down on the bed, holding her still so that she stayed standing before drawing her in between his legs. He ran his finger over the curve of her breast, fingers pinching the taut bud lightly, gauging her reaction before he lowered his mouth to one nipple, his fingers still toying with the other.

His tongue laved her nipple before sucking it into his mouth, listening to her moan, feeling the slight tightening of her fingers in his hair. Her head tipped forward and she pressed her lips against his forehead, and he could feel the rush of breath from her lips as she shifted on her feet, the pressure in her lower stomach building, spreading across in a low heavy pulse.

She moaned as he broke contact with her skin, letting out a gasped moan when he simply switched sides. Her short nails dug into his shoulders, his name escaping her lips on an excited plea. Leaning forward, she let out a breathless laugh when his hands tightened around her waist and he pulled her down onto the bed, rolling her so that she was underneath him, his mouth now on hers.

Jackie hooked her legs around his waist, fingers toying with the band of his black boxers, kissing her way down his neck, her tongue flickering out and briefly laving the hollow of his throat, feeling the groan he let out vibrate his skin. He caught her hands in one of his, pushing them above her head, kissing down her breasts to her stomach, fingers curling around her underwear and pulling them gently down.

She let out a nervous gasp, the reality of the situation finally rearing its somewhat ugly head, if she went through with this then there was no going back. If it all went wrong then would they still be able to work together? Those thoughts escaped her completely however when he lifted her leg and kissed her inner thigh. Her back arched as his fingers followed his mouth, stroking up her flesh gently, moving higher all the time, before he wrapped her legs around his neck instead.

Her breath caught as his fingers brushed over her, with him letting out a groan when he found her more than ready for him. Still though he was determined to draw out the moment. His mouth was on her then, fingers pressing inside finding a spot that made her hips buck. Her gasps turned into heavy, throaty moans as she pressed forward.

She shut her eyes, teeth biting down on her bottom lip as she tried to hold back the scream that was building, choking out his name as the pressure that was building intensified and spread across her body. Her grip on his shoulders tightened momentarily and then travelled upwards into his hair, her hips undulating. Then it was too much, and crying out her body stiffened, using his shoulders for balance as she arched off the bed, pleasure rushing through her, leaving her limp. She fell back against the mattress, letting out small whimpers when he eased her away from the previous intensity with a series of soft kisses and licks.

Smiling she ran her fingers through his ruffled hair again as he kissed his way slowly back up her body, a hand curving around one of her breasts again as his mouth met hers, fingers squeezing and stroking the swollen flesh, pulling a murmur of approval from her.

Shifting her weight slightly, she rolled them so that she was on top now, her knees digging into the mattress as she straddled his legs, running the flat of her palm over the tenting of his boxers, feeling his hand curve around her cheek as he let out a low groan.

Meeting his darkened gaze, she shot him a cheeky smile as she slipped her hand through the opening of his boxers, running her fingers up the length of him, enclosing them around him, gauging his size, a satisfied sigh escaping her at what she found. Impatient now, she pushed the boxers down, kissing him deeply as she did so, feeling him lift his hips, facilitating the movement.

His hands were around her hips again, pulling her up and over him. One of her hands curved around his neck, the other pressing against the wall behind them, she felt him press against her, eager, and another thought occurred to her, one they were perilously close to forgetting. "Condom," she got out. "Do you have one?"

There was a flicker of surprise across his features, he never, ever forgot protection but this time it hadn't even crossed his mind. "Of course," he replied, his hand reaching out, fumbling haphazardly with the bedside drawer, kissing her as he felt around the drawer, panic growing every second he couldn't find anything. When his fingers enclosed around the foil square he could have yelled out his relief, if they'd had to have stopped now he was pretty sure he would have went mad.

Jackie took it from him, her mouth still on his as she opened it clumsily. He smiled at her eagerness as she rolled it over him, his hand back on her hips. She drew back slightly, her eyes meeting his. "Are you sure about this?" she asked quietly.

"Never been surer," he replied, his tone confident, not even the tiniest of wavers present. She couldn't help but smile at his confidence, bizarrely although she normally hated arrogance she loved his cockiness, found it strangely attractive.

Her forehead pressed against his, she gasped sharply as their hips moved at the same time and he pushed inside her, filling her. They moved together, their pace increasing as the minutes passed, their moans and gasps mingling in the heavy air.

Robbie kissed her deeply, she felt so amazing and he could hardly believe how right it all felt, he'd had good sex before but this was in a completely different league. Their skin was damp and sticking to the others. He was so close to the edge already, could feel that familiar tightening in his lower back, but he was determined that he was taking her over the edge one more time, determined to hear her moan, scream his name again. His fingers were on her, pressing against her as he angled her hips slightly differently, hitting a spot that made the rhythm of her hips falter, a strangled cry escaping from her.

He kept his fingers against her, his other hand tightening around her waist, holding her in place as he thrust again, hitting that spot once more, the feeling so intense she tried to buck away, but he mercilessly held her to him, keeping up his pace.

Her skin was flushed, her fingertips slipping against the slick skin of his shoulder. She could feel her muscles twitching, knew she was close to the edge and couldn't quite believe it. Then he moaned her name against her ear, telling her how amazing she was, it was his breathless voice that did it, the need and want in his tone and suddenly she was falling over the edge, clinging to his shoulders, screaming hoarsely, this time even better than the last.

Robbie followed her, his fingers digging into her hips, probably leaving bruises as he pressed deep one last time, holding her as close to him as he could manage as the spasms wracked his body.

Once it was over they still moved together, small drawn out movements designed to eek out every last bit of pleasure. Her head was on his shoulder, mouth against his neck as she let out a contented murmur.

He ran his hand through the damp strands of her hair, tilting her head slightly so that he could lower his mouth to hers. "That was amazing," he breathed out against her lips, feeling her smile.

"Mmm, it really was," she agreed, the resulting kiss languid, full of unspoken emotions.

"I could do that again and again," he continued.

This time she laughed, happily and without a care. "Now that sounds like a very good idea," she replied, nipping at his bottom lip gently.

He rolled them so that this time his body was stretched over hers, admiring the pale pink flush that still covered her skin. Quiet post coital bliss had never been his thing before, but this time everything seemed different and although it sounded clichéd and slightly soft, everything seemed brighter, as though he'd spent years in the dark and had only now stepped out into the light.

Elegant fingers traced over his shoulders and chest, her eyes meeting his again, and he felt as though he could quite easily lose all track of time looking into the warm brown depths. Tucking one hand underneath his head, he ran his hand up and down her side, fingers stroking over her skin.

The peaceful aftermath was shattered however when there was the sound of the doorbell, followed quickly by heavy and rather insistent knocking at the front door. Robbie didn't move in the slightest, but Jackie frowned, lifting her head from his chest. "Maybe you should go get that."

"If it's important they'll come back," he replied easily.

Shifting onto her stomach, she looked up at him, her eyebrow arched as she told him meaningfully, "If you go and answer it now then they can't interrupt anything later on."

He grinned at her, finally moving. Leaning forward, he kissed her softly. "With that image in mind I suppose I could go and get the door."

She laughed. "Well I'll be here, waiting."

"I'll hurry back then," he told her, grinning as he yanked on a pair of jeans that were lying on his floor and pulled a t-shirt quickly over his head. Running down to the door, he pulled it open and his grin instantly faded, turning instead to a look of horror as he saw Francesca standing on his doorstep, clad in a long black jacket, her arms folded self consciously across herself.

Robbie bit back a curse, although he hadn't technically ended things he considered the 'relationship' between them as dead in the water, thought she felt the same way, after all it had really just been two people offering comfort to the other in a time of grief. Glancing over his shoulder anxiously, he turned back and asked, "What are you doing here?"

"I had nothing on so I thought I'd come round and see you," she told him, a small smile tugging at her lips.

Swallowing nervously, Robbie told her, "Actually now isn't the best time-"

"I think you've misunderstood me," she interrupted calmly, her smile widening as she drew the edges of her coat apart, revealing her naked body. "I said I had nothing on."

His eyes widened, and he quickly stepped forward, pulling the coat closed again. "I have guests," he told her quietly. "My Boss and a few colleagues, we're discussing a case."

Her smile fell. "Oh," she gasped, horror-struck, her own hands now pulling her coat closer around herself. "I'll go then." She leaned forward and kissed his cheek, with Robbie forcing himself not to recoil from her. "Give me a call when you're free," she whispered in his ear, biting the lobe gently before she pulled away and darted down the front steps. Robbie watched her go, letting out a deep sigh of relief as he shut the front door.

Jackie grabbed at her underwear, pulling it hurriedly on as she rushed around the room, swearing under her breath when she remembered that the rest of her clothing was in the living room, her cheeks burning in anger and humiliation as she relived what she'd seen about a minute ago. She'd stuck her head round the bedroom door simply to see what was taking Robbie so long, she'd expected him back almost instantly. Instead she'd found him leaning into a woman who very obviously had bugger all on underneath the coat she had on. Then to add salt to the wound she'd seen her getting even more close up and personal with Robbie, who didn't make even the slightest effort to pull away.

She'd felt sick to her stomach at her own stupidity, that she'd actually believed that she would be enough for him. She swallowed convulsively, trying to stop the tears of hurt and anger that were welling up.

Speak of the devil and he shall appear she thought wryly as he suddenly appeared in the doorway, the hopeful look on his face fading when he saw that she had started getting dressed. His mouth fell open in a way that might have been comical if she hadn't been so pissed off with him. "Where are you going?" he asked.

"Home," she told him firmly, as she pushed past him, rushing into the living room so that she could pull on the remnants of her clothing.

Bewilderment flashed across his face. "I don't understand, what happened to us enjoying some more time together?"

"I don't want to cramp your style, you very obviously have a queue forming," she replied bitterly.

Realisation dawned. "That wasn't what it looked like," he told her quickly.

"Really? Because what it looked like was a half naked woman turning up on your doorstep." Buttoning up her shirt she crossed her arms across herself. "So what is she? An ex trying to get your attention again? Because you didn't exactly look like you were fighting her off."

"She's not an ex as such," he admitted reluctantly. "We never said we were over but I did think that it was."

"So you're ending relationships telepathically now?"

"I just thought it had reached a natural end."

"Yeah well she doesn't seem to think so." Jackie let out an irritated sigh as she reached for her jacket. "I think this was a mistake," she told him. "I shouldn't have thought that you could change, that this could be anything more than a fling."

"It can be," he insisted.

She shook her head almost sadly. "No, it can't. You're not that type of guy and I think we'd be better off as friends, call an end to it now before it goes to far and we're not able to work together."


She shook her head. "Just forget it, Robbie," she told him. "I think that's the best thing for us both."

And without waiting for him to reply, she grabbed her bag and walked out of his flat, leaving him standing in the middle of the room. He kicked the coffee table angrily, yelling into the empty room, "Fuck!"